Happy Clients: Paolina’s Story | Weight Loss Surgery | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

Hi. My name is Paolina and before coming here
to Blossom my weight was completely out of control. I was gaining 2 lbs a month while
exercising, going gluten free; nothing was working. I looked at several different surgeons
for gastric sleeve after being nudged in that direction by my husband and family. I found
Dr. Tom because, as my doctor friends back East say, “Always look for the man who fixes other surgeons’ issues,” and that was Dr. Tom. I came here and was completely well-taken-care-of.
It’s a year later; I’m not completely where I want to be, but now I feel like I’m actually
on the right path and in control for the first time of my weight and my weight loss. I will
get there! If you’re considering surgery, this is definitely the place to be; it’s a
family. They recognize you when you come in. They’re part of your weight loss. They are
there in the trenches fighting with you. I’ve really had a great experience here. I’ve picked
the right office and the right surgeon and definitely the right procedure for me. It’s
all going to be downhill on that scale. I can move around now and enjoy life and go
on vacations and not be the person everyone’s dragging through the parks, but be the one
running ahead saying, “What’s next?” Good luck to you and I hope you make this choice for you.

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