Handmade foam flowers. Overview of materials and tools. Обзор материалов и инструментов.

Hello friends! First, I introduce myself. My name is Galya I was born and raised in Russia but for the last four years I have been living in America. And four years ago, I started making flowers with my own hands from sheets of foam. During this time I have accumulated enough experience to share this with you In this video, I decided to start your acquaintance with this type of creativity and talk about the basic materials and tools that are necessary to create realistic flowers. This will be a brief overview. And in more details i will talk about everything in my next video already during the work on the flowers. And please forgive me for possible mistakes in my speech and for the strong accent. Because english is not my first language. So, the first and main material for create realistic flowers It is a sheets of foam. I will do a detailed review of the types of foam sheets in the next video since today there are many types of foam and each has different properties, advantages and disadvantages. So, i think this is too big a topic that should be considered separately. Next, you will need the wire. The wire is in winding and without winding Also, the wire varies in thickness. The wire needs different thicknesses for different purposes. You will also need a glue. You can use superglue, floral glue. And glue from a glue gun. So, you need glue gun too. The choice of type of glue depends on the tasks that need to be solved. I personally completely refused superglue as I was allergic to this type of glue and I would not recommend it to you since this glue is very toxic So, I completely switched to floristic glue and glue gun Then, you can not do without various dyes. It could be acrylic paints professional soft oil pastel I have a Mungyo company this dye i use to tint the surface of petals and leaves. To draw precise lines and spots on the petals, I use permanent markers. Also i use a colored gel pens, dry art pastels, acrylic felt-tip pens, oil paints and more. And, of course, we need a palette and brashes Then, for assembling branches you need a floral tape. Of the additional materials you may need flock powder fishing line household sponges Waterbased finish isolant matte and glossy realisric finished stamens high quality double-sided tape and various bases and decorative elements for making jewelry with flowers. When working with foam, you can not do without an iron and convenient scissors. Also, you will need a sticks with balls at the ends. And you will need nippers and pliers a ruler and a large number of different molds and viners These tools are used to give texture to leaves and petals. So, this is a plastic mold and it will help to make a realistic texture but a rose leaf will be realistic inly on the front side. And here is a silicone veiner And this is the best tool to give texture when working with foam. Since the leaf of the plant is realistic on both sides. And this veiner is combined. One side is silicone and the other side is plastic. Such a veiner is also very good at work. And this is another example of a plastic mold for creating a rose petal. When choosing viners and molds for working with foam you need to pay attention to the quality and realism of the texture. Also pay attention to the density of the silicone. For our purposes, solid silicone viners are suitable. I have listed the basic materials and tools. This list can be expanded indefinitely, but you can make gorgeous flowers if you wish, using the minimum from this list. In my future lessons I will show you different techniques for making flowers, from simple to complex. So, Thank you for your attention and i look forward to your like and subscription. Already love you. And Bye-Bye!

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