Handmade Flowers

Little flowers like these are so fun because
they can be used on so many things! From headbands and hair clips, to faux bouquets and home decor. Here’s how to make them. First off, you’ll need some material. I’m making my flower out of felt, but you can make yours out of just about any fabric. I’ve cut several pieces of felt using one
of the templates on our printable. Just click the link to get it for yourself. The shape of the felt will determine what your petals look like, so choose the one best suited for
your project—or you could even make your own template! Now, I’m going tie a knot and start making big stitches a few on each piece, that
run along the straight edges here. When you get one petal stitched, just add another,
making a chain of petals. You can do as few as three, but the more pieces you add, the fluffier and fuller the flower will be. I’m using embroidery floss for my flower,
which is great for felt, but you could use regular thread, too. All right, so this loose stitch we’ve done is now going to allow us to scrunch up the petals. All you have to do is take hold of the end of your floss and push all the felt pieces
down toward the knot. See how easy that is with that wide stitch holding them together? I didn’t take my needle off the thread so
that now I can just secure my flower petals together right next to my original knot. All right,
now I can add a button or gem to the center and it’s ready to go. What will you use felt and fabric flowers

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