Growing Local – Floral Displays

I am a floral designer and I’m also a wedding
consultant I’ve been in the business for 37 years believe
it or not I started when I was 14, selling flowers across
the street from a cemetery until I basically was brought in to a store to actually learn
floral design at that age, it was my first job and I’ve followed it through ever since
For Frederik Meijer Gardens I was given a certain dimension to work with as far as the
table space and then also a color palette, and since it became more of a fall theme,
that’s what I’m going more towards, more of a woodsy, woodland, when I think fall I
think outdoors, I think of taking a walk out in the woods, and enjoying the crisp clean
air, that kind of thing, so that’s where I kind of come up with my ideas. if a customer comes in and they just say,
“do whatever, be creative, designers choice” that is my ultimate favorite because I just
get to take that ticket and run and make it happen it’s like a blank slate. Every arrangement that Ball Park Floral and
our design team does actually has to have some sort of visual movement. Unity and harmony to pull things together,
I mean you can’t put carnations with roses all the time, but if you step it up a notch
and use that creativity as, like I said, your artist palette, it actually comes together
unbelievably beautiful. It takes time, it takes patience, we quesiton
ourselves, we overthink a lot but it actually works. Once you have that idea and you put things
together it comes out beautiful. Yay! I am so happy now! (laughter) I can sleep!

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