Grow Roses from Cuttings: Complete Guide

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  1. Jason,
    I love your videos.
    I did cuttings for my garden few years back and I had good success.
    I tried again lately but everyone of them failed.
    I did more just this morning.

  2. AWESOME VIDEO! Heck, wait a minute, why are you giving us your secrets when you're trying to make a living? Very unselfish! This is a real Rose Root class for Dummies…just what I need! Thank you so much.

  3. Wait a minute, why am I watching this, I don't have any mister! Now what? I'm going to your website and buy some plants!

  4. Amazing amount of info Jason. I have had 100% failure rate with roses but I don’t have fancy propagation system and like a dummy I was trying them in last winter. Even for Cali that’s too late in the year, I am now learning. I’ll keep trying but do it at more appropriate time. Btw what is the brand you use for slow release coated fertilizer ? N-P-K numbers ? And where does one find the soil medium you mentioned ? Composted bark

  5. I completely stripped Tea Clipper's leaves when I first got her bc she had Black Spot so badly. Surprisingly she survived and did well! She still gets black spot somehow wanted to think I was eradicating it:-) Japanese beetles are winding down! I am using the "throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks" method. Many cuttings are too thin and they dried out but still have green on the bottoms. I feel like a real pro ripping leaves off:-) I have an area in my buckwheat/mustard garden where I stick my cuttings. I can't push them down far bc de the thorns. I am putting them in about 1/2" at best. Floribundas have very limited lengths to their cuttings. I see the advantage to rooting in pots bc you can turn it upside down and check the roots. I can not do this using my outside garden area. Mine are dark on top but green at the soil line. What should I do?

  6. Do you air layer your roses? If yes, please make a video on it please. If no, why?
    Thanks for the detailed video on cuttings.

  7. Currently I have a big clear container with cuttings in it. I am trying to propagate a hydrangea, a smokebush and a rose. Its outside in shady area covered. I have a little of water in the container grooves on the bottom and it looks misty there. The plants are not sitting in water though. It just a tad to keep it moist in there. Should I leave the container in sunny area and open it a little or should I leave it where it is and keep it closed? What are your thoughts on it? Your answer would be greatly appreciated. I love your channel and watch it daily:)

  8. Respected sir ,As I was very much interested in roses. Pls explain how to grow roses successful. What are the treatments pruning manure, pesticides. How to get full color size. Iam eagerly expecting your positive response. Thank you.

  9. Hey Jason I just began a misting system for my rose cuttings and the timer that I have is very limited. Is 1 minute of mist every 2 hours good or will it kill the cuttings?
    Thankyou for your videos!

  10. Hi, i was given a rooted rose cutting today, its a climber to cover a arch, how long before it would flower and grow tall? Please

  11. WOW! Just WOW! I felt like I was in a class listening to one of the BEST HORTICULTURIST! June 12, I started my Rose Bouquet cuttings…..July 12, they were all dead with molds and fungus…..You explained everything so clear on what I need to know and what to do……Thank you so much!

  12. Another MASTERCLASS from a brilliant tutor! To show your support for Jason may I suggest that for those of you who can import roses without any government restrictions consider buying some roses from him.

  13. Thank you for clear tutorial. I picked up lots of ideas. I have greenhouse in country of GEORGIA. I do have mist system but so far killed most of my cuttings by over watering
    It is very hot temperature is 90F AT DAY
    so far I could not find balance between watering times but will take advise and make it short but frequent.
    Also we do not have perlite or composted bark. I was experimenting potting media by mixing sand + turf + saw dust but it is not working as well as think does not drain as it suppose
    Any recommendations?

  14. When your plants rot it is due to your composted bark soil mix. Please see nurseryman “Gary’s best soil” YouTube videos.

  15. Most comprehensive video on this .. Thank you! So far ive only managed to get a hydrangea to root but then it actually rotted. I guess these cuttings really dont need a lot of moisture after the first watering.

  16. What do you mean by "a few weeks"? Im kind of impatient with my rose cuttings. Wondering when i can expect to see first results of succes because so far nobe has worked?

  17. Hi. I cannot find a misting system that will allow a short burst every 5 minutes and then only during day time. The best I’ve found is 15 seconds every 5 minutes (then jumps to 1 hour) and it also runs all night. Think it’ll end up too much water. What’s the recommendation for the timer that I can connect to my hose. I’m in the UK by the way. Doesn’t appear to be anything that’ll do this.

  18. I am from karachi Pakistan, it has warm tropical weather. We grow roses but after few months plants die because of die back disease that is branch start to dry from the top and then whole plant dies. Could you suggest some cure?

  19. This video was OUTSTANDING! Your information you shared has given me the courage and excitement to grow roses as you do. Also, you have a calm demeanor and a nice voice. I subscribed to your channel and will also post this to my Facebook. Thank you very much for such an inspiring and in-depth lovely video.

  20. Thank you so much for this helpful video! It’s the most comprehensive and clear one I’ve seen. Hopefully my woeful record at propagating roses will improve with your technique. Meanwhile, my mother just cuts of a stem and sticks it in the ground where she wants it to grow and voila she gets her new rose plant! I’ve inherited her love of gardening but not her magical green thumb.

  21. Hi Fraser. I've taken cuttings of a few roses which I've been keeping in
    a greenhouse for a little while, to avoid rot from weeks of rain. My
    question is whether I should cut off any new growth until spring?

  22. This is just a copy of description; in the description clicks are disabled, but here user can click:
    1:07 Choose semi-hardwood sections
    3:35 Cutting supplies
    5:24 Leaf nodes (where to cut)
    6:50 Rooting hormone
    7:29 Stick the cutting
    9:02 What about smaller cuttings?
    11:02 Check for rooting
    13:08 Misting
    18:25 Humidity dome or tent instead
    20:07 Timeline / up-potting
    21:54 Am I allowed to propagate these roses?

    I am sure everybody will like this comment, right?

  23. I planted a cutting 10 days ago in a normal soil. It is isolated from any touches or movements from other people. I kept it under solar panel for shady area and no continuous direct sunlight. But still no any shoots is appearing. The leaf nodes i am constantly observing no any sprouts. I guess the nodes appearing brown now. What were the mistakes i did that it is dying now i think.

  24. Bravo! Very informative and your technique is similar to mine. I grow cannabis,but I've always enjoyed the process and aesthetic of rose gardening.
    Thank you very much!😎👍

  25. Best rose cutting video I've seen! Now I'm going to try rose cuttings again. I feel like I can do it this time. You are a fantastic teacher and your presentation fluid & professional, very impressive. Found you in my side bar, now I'm a subscriber. Thanks for taking the time to make the video!

  26. my rose cuttings 3 weeks out appear to have started rooting however the stem has started turning brown/black and the leaves dying. Is there a way to save them or do I pull them? Thanks

  27. I used the examples in this vid and in early September took 7" semi and hardwood cuttings as shown, but took a chance on rotting them by started them in groups of about 8 in an 8" pot of light dirt, placed outside in the shade in a plastic bag. I got a good return, roots in about 5 weeks and into 4" pots in the polytunnel with accessory light.

  28. I use a quick peroxide and colloidal silver dip to kill bacteria and viruses. Together they are 1000 times more effective than alone. Umma try a quick dip to seal the bottom with melted paraffin.

  29. Made a couple of mistakes removing the bark of the rose which never worked now I know better thanks for the info,much appreciated

  30. Usually I never finish any of the clip longer than 10 min. But your video is just brilliant that cover all about the rose. Thank you for the best knowledge of all. Newcastle AU

  31. Hi Fraser thanks for this wonderful video. As you said it may be longer than a lot but it could not have been shorter to give all the wonderful information back in the 80s I used to grow old fashioned roses using multilora under stock and budding on using chip budding but this method saves a lot of backbreakin and cuts down so much time

  32. Thank you so much I love Roses and burly start the idea of making beautiful my garden I have only one Rose plant and did some cutting to propagate them this will help me so much thank you again

  33. Thank you for sharing. I don't do commercial growing, so don't mist, per se. I fount that a clear liter soda bottle with its bottom cut off does the trick for y situation. Your explanation of proper moisture is great. Especially why rot happens. I usually do hardwood cuttings; now I'll try sei-hard. Thanks again.

  34. Would you like some cuttings of my great Grandmothers’s climbing rose? It is pink, about 3’’x 3D’ and smells heavenly. From California. I don’t know about customs but would be happy to mail it.

  35. Please provide the recipe of potting soil to grow cuttings, which you have used.
    How much temperature required to grow cutting ?
    How much Moisture required ?

  36. 6:30 you don't tell us why you remove all those photosynthesizing units, ie leaves, . The bottom leaves makes sense, but why the others? You state you have had good success but don't tell us whether you have compared results by leaving more leaves than what you do.

  37. Gday Jason, Propriety propagation mixes are expensive where I live, do you think moistened coir would be suitable medium to attempt your rose cutting method? Would adding a small amount of pearlite and/or home made compost improve coir? My thinking is the cutting will prefer some nutrient to root and grow that coir may not provide. Thanks for your advice Greg

  38. Great videos Jason. No waffle, no hype, clear and to the the point. You mentioned a particular type of disinfectant for secateurs. Its not clear what the word is. Sounds like 'cautionary'. Can you clarify. Thanks.

  39. I grew them under a transparent dome. Sprouted well. Removed dome after a month. Now sprouts have started to shrivel up and dry out. I try to maintain right moisture. Is it fungus?

  40. I will be doing a major prune of an heirloom climber and will try to root some of the stems I am cutting anyway. It is February, what should I modify to ensure best chances for success given the time of year? This is a small home project, not a commercial project. Thanks so much for sharing this information, so helpful!

  41. Do you have Sterling Silver? I haven't found any place that sells it any more. I am currently propagating 3, hopefully.

  42. Yeah lysol wins again beat the Corona Virus long ago. Don't believe the news . Thanks you got a new sub.

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