Gro-Sure Easy Flowers

Welcome to this short video on the Kiwicare Gro-Sure Easy Flower range of products. The Gro-Sure Range contains many products to help you make your garden beautiful. Gro-Sure Easy Flowers is a novel range of products for easy application flower seeds, feed and mulch to flowerbeds and containers. Add months of vibrant, bright colour to your garden the easy way with Gro-Sure Easy Flowers. The Gro-Sure Easy Flower mixes are all you need to bring splashes of colour to your garden and attract beneficial insects. Choose from the Bright Colour Mix, Pastel Colour Mix, or Wildflower Mix. Each with it’s unique combination flower seeds, plant food and mulch. There are 2 sizes; The 800 g packs contain flowers of a variety of heights from 10 cm up to 1.2 metres. Suitable for flowerbeds and borders. 300 g packs contain lower growing flowers from 10 cm up to 50 cm. Suitable for flowerbeds, containers, pots and hanging baskets. The combinations are selected to be suitable for all New Zealand conditions. To prepare the soil remove any weeds from the area ensuring there are no large clumps of soil or stones. And rake the surface so that it is smooth. Shake the pack. This is how easy it is to use Easy Flowers. If the soil is low in nutrients improve by adding organic matter and or general purpose fertiliser. Water regularly. It is important to keep the mulch wet at all times for best results. Watch our other short videos on products in the Gro-Sure range and make your garden beautiful.

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