Glow Recipe K-Beauty Tester Panel – Blossom Jeju Petal Sheet Mask

[Nedia] I really enjoyed using this mask. I liked the, like the idea of doing like an oil first and then a mask, cause that way it’s like “oooh!” extra nourishing.
[Crystal] It was nice, but it was different to put the oil on the first before the mask, cause usually when you sheet masks, you just wash, plop it on, and then leave it on and then take it off, but that was one a different experience – it was really nice So you gotta prep before and then you put
it on and it was really moisturizing and it stuck to the face nice, so it stayed
on for the full 20 minutes and when I took it off with like my skin was just dewy, smooth and I even had a couple little pimples where it seemed like they were kinda dry and they hurt, like dry patches. And they were kinda healed up, smoothed over, and it felt a lot better but I absolutely loved it! [Meghna] I literally put on a movie, put on the mask, got into bed, and I left it on for an hour! And I really liked that [Sarah] It stayed on for an hour !?
[Meghna] Yeah. It stayed on It was pretty dry by the end, but I don’t want to take it off after 20 minutes
and I really like how my skin felt after – I went to bed In the morning, my skin was really nice. [Gabrielle] I looked beautiful the next day – my skin looked amazing! [Sarah P.] I love this mask – this is like one of the favorite sheet masks that I’ve used in a long time.
It smells really good, [Darby] I wasn’t a fan of oils really, so it was like, I felt like it was too much on my face, but like after, you know, the last panel we had with the oil, I found out it actually is great for like super dry skin – my skin dries out so easily It get like flaky and you can see it under
makeup So like, when I was using this, it like, like you said, it was, it stayed on my face, but then like also all the moisture was able to penetrate my skin [Gabrielle] Definitely the fabric, and I like the two steps –
I’ve never seen that before [Nedia] The fact that like this one just comes as a set, and it’s just like “no, no, use these together~” [Nancy] One of the main takeaways that you get from the mask, it’s not just the effects on your skin, but it’s just this full sensory
experience of the wonderful fragrance [Nedia] I did the, the red one, the nourishing one,
and I think it did exactly what it said. [Darby] I used the red and the pink – I love, like the red one was definitely my favorite like I said, it was like my skin felt plump, it was
like so hydrated – hydrated in a way it hasn’t been in a while [Gabrielle] I believe I tried the pink one and red one. When I put my tinted moisturizer on during the week, it went on a little bit smoother, I feel
like my skin is a little bit brighter and clearer [Katie] The 2-step Blossom Jeju mask is comprised of 100% Camellia oil for the first step Camellia oil is really great because
it’s a dry oil, which means you can put it on your face and put something over it, and it’s not going to act as an occlusive barrier. And the second step is a super thin, super silky essence-soaked sheet that when combined, create this beautiful amalgamation and wonderful sensorial cocktail for the face.

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