Giant flowers in the hat box. Hydrangeas

Hello everyone! Today in my blog, I suggest you watch a video workshop on how to make hydrangea from craft foam I will also put this flower in a big hat box To create a hydrangea, you can use the remains of an craft foam You need to take a piece of craft foam Cut strips from 6 to 8 cm wide I will make flowers in three sizes And you are guided by how big the box will be And how big are the rest of the flowers The larger your flowers, the larger must be hydrangeas. So, let’s begin! Flowers will be in three sizes. 6, 7 and 8 cm The most convenient to draw with a toothpick Сraft foam I have a thickness of 3 mm. You can take 2 mm and 1 mm for small flowers Сraft foam 4 mm do not use – it is too thick Now cut the strips into squares How many squares do you need? I cut 120 pieces You will be guided on how many flowers you need Next you need to find the center of the square. Then make cuts on both sides, without cutting to the center of 1 cm. This is what happens Take small scissors and cut these corners here. Carefully, to get a semicircle Overturned to be more convenient And repeat the same steps with the remaining corners Done Showing once again! Take a heat gun to shape the petals 2 petals should look one way, 2 – the other Now take a floral wire with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Divide it into 2 equal parts. And at one end you need to bend the wire a little. Literally 2-3 mm Now take a semi-beads white and pink I have a lot of them You can take any If there is no semi-beads, you can take beads. But then the wire does not need to be bent I will show you two options Take the glue gun Take the glue gun Apply glue to the curved end of the wire Thread the wire through the flower to the end And glue a semi-bead on top Why drip glue on a wire? If you have a glue gun with a thick spout, then the drop will be thick Accordingly, the middle of the flower will not be neat If the glue is applied to the wire, the work will be neat! You can apply glue on the back side to firmly secure the semi-bead Option 2. To attach the whole bead, take a wire without a bend and a bead of the desired diameter Apply a drop of glue to one end of the wire and thread the bead Take a flower Put glue in its base And secure with glue The disadvantage of this method is that there will be a dark dot from the wire in the hole above You can remove it with nail polish Now take all the flowers and put them together. Twist the wires together Twist the wire in one direction so that nothing breaks Give a neatness to the bouquet I made 10 such bouquets If you need a more fluffy bouquet, you can connect them together Now we need to make leaves. Need crepe paper I cut a 10×10 cm square. Cut diagonally Turn one half over so that the corrugation goes in one direction. Apply glue Glue the whole wire, not half! Apply glue on top Glue the other half of the paper on top. Use scissors to shape the leaf. Fingers create sheet texture Screw the leaf to the flower Each flower can be attached to 2 leaves These are the flowers I got And so double SEE THE CONTINUATION IN THE NEXT VIDEO PART

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