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Hello. I’m Dr. Umbach and today we’re going
to be talking about the gastric sleeve, or the vertical gastric sleeve. We’re going to
discuss it a little bit–about what we do, how we do it, and, more importantly, what
benefits does it have for you. We’re here in an operating room because we do all these
cases under general anesthesia, so that’s the first important thing is people need to
know is you need to go somewhere where they have a highly experienced team. For example,
the anesthesiologist that we use–he has done thousands and thousands and thousands of bariatric
cases. He’s probably the most busiest–he is the busiest bariatric anesthesiologist,
if not in the country, definitely in the Western Unites States of America. He’s part of the
team. The crew I use in the operating room, here, is the same crew–every case–and they
know exactly what we’re doing before we even get up in the morning and that goes a long
way to helping you have a successful gastric sleeve. I, myself, have been doing bariatric
surgery for about 15 years. I started off doing gastric bypass surgery–laparoscopically,
which was extremely challenging. And so going to do something like a band or doing a gastric
sleeve is less challenging, but I’m able to bring lessons that I learned through those
hard years to your sleeve. So, I think that’s important to know. The gastric sleeve itself
it a very simple operation and concept. What we’re doing is we’re taking this stomach–we’ve
got our little foam stomach here–and we’re simply cutting off the big balloon part of
your stomach; so were converting it from a basketball, or a football, to a banana, OK?
That’s really all the gastric sleeve is, OK? The techniques and how we do it we’ll show
you another time, but the key things you need to know are it’s stapled, alright? And that’s
how we’re able to do these cases–is with a stapler. Now, as soon as I say, “Staple,”
people think, “Hand-held stapler”–It’s not the case. We have a very important device
that we use in the operating room called a stapler and this device is able to divide
this tissue and close it and seal it safely for us in the operating room. So, we couldn’t
do these sleeves without something like this to help us in the operating room. The benefits
to the sleeve are tremendous. What we’re doing is we’re actually taking away hunger. Ghrelin,
which is the hunger hormone, is produced right here, OK? And when we remove the stomach that
hunger hormone comes out. So, after surgery, you no longer have that hunger drive. And
that’s what gets us, right? Because as soon as we say, “Oh, I’m going to diet! I’m going
to lose 10 pounds!”–the minute you say the word “diet”–you’re hungry, and that’s thanks
to Ghrelin, which is right from this guy here. So, the sleeve takes away the hunger really
well, and the other thing the gastric sleeve does–it helps fill you up. With that small
banana, four bites and you’re typically full. So, you’re full. You’re happy. You’re not
hungry. And that’s what it’s all about with the gastric sleeve. That’s why people are
so successful with it and that’s why really most of the cases, nowadays, we do are gastric
sleeves as well. So please learn more about it. Check us out on the web. We’re at
Give us a call–we’d love to talk to you more about this procedure and, please, start today
on your journey. We’d love to help you here a Blossom Bariatrics. Thanks.

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  3. I have struggled with hunger my entire adult life. I was recently researching options to help me with this issue and I came across Blossom Bariatrics and this video on the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. 

    What I love about them (and this video) is how safe they make you feel about them as a medical group and the procedure. In the video, they tell you the doctor has over 15 years of surgical experience under his belt and has a highly experienced medical team for assistance. You really feel like they will take care of you during (and after) the procedure. 

    They have a fantastic, and easy to understand, explanation using a stomach cut out. And they literally show you some of the tools they will use during the procedure to put your mind at ease. 

    It is really amazing how the Gastric Sleeve Surgery will literally get rid of your hunger, because they take away the part of the stomach that causes hunger. And the removal and shrinking of the stomach (to Banana size instead of a football or basketball) will always make you feel full. That’s like music to my ears as someone who has struggled with hunger and never feeling full most of my life. 

    I would definitely suggest taking a look at this video, and all the others. As you can really tell they want to help change your life for the better.

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