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We are here! Hi you guys! Today we are out shopping for flowers pots. I want huge flower pots. I’m trying to beautify the outside of my gate line. It has been such an eye sore. So last night we laid down some beauty bark. And today, I’m looking for some huge pots that I’m going to plant flowers in. I really hope it makes a big difference. 5 for $10 alright, alright! Look at those, those are beautiful. I am in heaven! Look at all of these beautiful colors! There are so many to choose from. Oh my gosh! I LOVE IT! So here are the pots I came for. I was hoping to find something larger, but it looks like these are the largest they have in these colors. So I want to make a huge impact. So I’m starting out with 2. I think that’ll be good for each sides of the gate line. And then I’m going to accent them with the turquoise. I’m thinking maybe 2 or maybe 3 on each side. So…let’s see…should I do 2 reds and 4 turquoise? Maybe like 1 red and a turquoise on each side? I don’t know. Actually, I’m going to go with 2 reds and 1 turquoise in the middle. Hey, what about these? Oh those look great! Get those! Yea, let’s put’em in the cart. Those look good. Oh great! Now, those will go good with what we have. So, so far we have these and those…will go nicely with these. Now, I think we need something red….something red to pop. What do you think? Red’s good. OK! Let’s look and see what we can find. This is nice, but it’s got some short one in there. I didn’t want the short ones. I want something that’s nice and tall. So these already have 2 that are nice and tall. Looks like we have a little baby straggler. Lol, so we’ll take that one as well. This one looks perfect! So this is a good find. I’m known for going over board when it comes to flowers. So I’ll show you what I’ve got so far. So I have these pretty hello ones. These pretty…well, they’re kind of red…they’re kind of ummm…pink snap dragons. Jessica picked these bright pink flowers. I think those are nice. These will go nice in the turquoise container. And I still have that. I need a few more. I don’t have to get all of my flowers from here, but because there are so many to choose from…I’d really like to get all of my flowers from here if I can find some. So we’ll see what I come up with. Oh, these are nice. Wow! Dahlias! I LOVE THESE! I planted some of these in the backyard last year and they just bloomed, bloomed, bloomed all summer long. They were great! These are nice. WOW! OH MY GOODNESS! Look at this! This is a winner! We’ll definitely have some of these. Alright you guys. We’re going to wrap this shopping trip up. We’ve got 2 carts full of flowers. Of coarse I want more. But we have some bulbs at the house. So we’ll get back and plant those as well. So I’ll show you what we’re ending with. And then we’ll get back and plant these. So here’s what we’re ending with. I don’t normally buy white flowers. I like color in mine. And I always think of white as an absent of color. So I don’t normally get white. But I think it’ll help bring attention to some of the others. Especially if we have it low and maybe in the front with some color in the back. We also have this cart here. Full of flowers…and you see I’ve got some of these plants as well. These are so hardy; and they come up during early spring. So we’re going to take these back, get started with them, and we’ll come back later or another day and add additional flowers -when we see what we need. Now it’s time to see what the damage is. We have quite a bit. OK! These are almost $8 And $7 for these. I think the are like $11 or something. Arn’t they pretty! So many bright colors. And my favorite! Ok, we have 2 of these. And now the next cart. Ok, I’ve got 2 of these. 2 more of these. Oh here! Oh it’s ok. You got it? Yep! Ok, great! 2 of these. 2 of these. And I never buy white flowers. What do you think about white flowers? I think they’re beautiful. Do you? Ok. Alright! So I have all of those…and don’t forget about the planters. OK! I have 4 red and 2 tuorquise. Ok! Alright, so what’s the damage? $168.72 Oh $168.72 not bad at all! Great! It’s going to make such a huge difference! Now comes the real trick -getting it all in my little Pruis. It all fits! Everything fits. Looks like we have a wonderful wonderland of flowers.

4 thoughts on “Garden | Shopping for Flowers VLOG

  1. Love the music in background in the beginning of the video the music was nice and claiming music great job picking that out. Great video!!!!

  2. I really love the flowers and the color of the pots are cool! Tell your sister I said hello . I love see you both together. Take care Peace and Love!

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