Frilly Flowers – Floral Frill – DIY Flower Embellishments

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will show you how to make this fabric flower for baby headband embellishments Before we start, consider pressing the
SUBSCRIBE button so you won’t miss any updates This is the petal shape that I use to make this flower Prepare a chiffon fabric and to cut this fabric into this flower shape, I use a soldering iron Heat up the soldering iron and
start cutting with our template like this If you haven’t watched my tutorial
about cutting fabric using a soldering iron, please see the description below You can see the shape of this flower is
very nice Make five pieces of this and I will show you how to assemble this Fold like this and leave a space here Do this to the remaining pieces To arrange the flower, you can use hot glue or just sew it Our flower is finished! You can embellish this with beads or rhinestones I will just leave it like this because I usually use this as my baby headband embellishments Thanks for watching! If you like this tutorial, please like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE~

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