Free Standing Giant Flower | Giant Paper Roses. PART 1

Hello all fans
my blog on OBUSTROENO.COM. Today we move away from the topic of giant flowers and take up the paper
flowers for a photo shoot. We will create a large bouquet
roses. This will require:
scissors, ruler, glue gun, tape, duct
which is wrapped paper towels, foil and even
toilet paper (I have it wide enough,
so I will reduce it. And you will be guided
by the diameter of which you have). Also need crinkled
paper. I picked it up in pink shades.
They have me form a gradient, so we should get a rose
quite cute. Now you’re ready. Oh, and we need
paper towels, napkins or scarves, or even
toilet paper. It is not so fundamentally,
from it we will be doing the foundation. If the handset is very wide,
then do it already, but, the diameter is not less than
than the tube, which will be installed
flowers. Themselves flowers are light,
so therefore it will be enough tube 1,6 centimeters in diameter. let’s start
Let’s start from the middle of the pink flower. Measure out 1 meter pink
corrugated paper. Why one meter? fundamental difference
no. You can rewind and two feet,
but with the meters will be more convenient to work Now cut the strip
into three equal parts of 16 and a half centimeters. The following is to create a base. Here is the base turned out to
our small rosettes. Now, take one strip,
the sum of its one-two-three-four. Total we must have
12 petals. Now, not to cut
end and cut out petals. For this, we just
We need to cut corners. No special form or
the template is not required. Now collect her accordion
at the bottom and curl. Further, each petal stretch
In the middle. Now glue so
To get petal It was higher than our established
flower head. That’s the way it should cover
her. Now apply glue
glue gun, and the bottom part and the middle lobe
and glue. You can cut a whole
tape if you find it hard to create overlaps, but still leaves
You should go at each other In the case of a small rose
to do so is more convenient. Our main goal at this
point – to make to be seen midway. If the middle of a will is clear,
then we take and twists hands petals together. Now that’s enough. Next, the rest of the petals
we will turn down one side. To do this, drag a finger
that’s the way midway. As a result, you should get
all the petals on one side. Next glue similar
way. The next series of cut
as well as the previous one. Again divide into 4 pieces and
cut. If you want – you can cut all at once. Now we collect all the petals
together in an accordion and curl at the bottom. Stretch in the middle and one edge. Then paste the petals. The next series we will
secure, collecting in the bottom of the accordion If you are just hard to collect
in accordion at the bottom, Take the stapler and pre
fasten the bottom of the petals. Now we take a regular or
masking tape and wrapped with petals at the bottom. The next two rows of petals
our wider than the previous ones, so we will stick
them a little higher. Again, we add one-two-three. Then do everything the same way,
as before. Similar to the previous
rows of petals and stretch wrap the corners. Now we’re going to stick
pitch not on the pipe itself, and just below. Thus they will receive
slightly higher than the previous series. note that
for every row we go 5 petals. But first attach to the remaining
3 petals staggered, and two
missing – dorezhem. Now unrolling two feet
paper and likewise cut it to 16.5 cm strip
each. note that
we need only two and two more leaflets,
because they are just as is not enough, as in the previous
ranks. Since we have the bandwidth
only half a meter, the we add it once or twice. Thus each
strips turn on 4 petals. Next, add another 2 petal
a strip, which cut previous two lobes
to the previous row. In total we must have
10 petals 5 per each row. In sum, on a rose in
We went corrugated strip paper and a half meters long and
the width of half a meter. Cut the petals. These two rows of petals
we will stick convex side up. Like this. And a little gathering at the bottom
part. Here is a rose, we came out. Now let’s flatten
petals. Bearing in mind that the two
the last series we sprung reversed. As a result, we have a
this rose. Similarly, we
We will collect two more roses. One will be lighter, and the other –
a little brighter. You can not stick
each row of petals, and immediately cut all the leaves
and only after gathering a rose in its entirety. It all depends on how much
It will be convenient. The main thing – do not mix
where you have the petals must be. In the next part of the master class
I will teach you to do the bud, and we will arrange the foundation,
sepal, and leaves.

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