FREE Springtime Flower Arrangements!!! (Perfect for your Easter or Passover Table)

it is a few days into spring and we are
gonna talk about flower arrangements today and specifically flower
arrangements that will cost you nothing we have had a lot of rain here in LA and
I realize that we’re in a more temperate climate than some of you but I wanted to
talk to you about things that are growing in your own backyard maybe in
your neighbor’s yard maybe on the side of the road or in an alley or along like
a you know gutter of some kind I’m thinking about things like the Easter
holiday Passover springtime birthdays baby showers and all of those events
where you’d like to have some flowers in the house or as a centerpiece and it
doesn’t need to cost you anything so we are picking things that are naturally
blooming in our environment right now the only thing that we’re not picking
are wild flowers because wild flowers here especially in Southern California
are very precious and sensitive but anything that is a weed a cultivated
plant in your garden or an invasive species are free for the clipping and
I’m like scoping out the neighborhood looking for things I’m even like
checking out the side of the road on my routes that I drive daily for things
that I might be using this season if you’re looking for Passover ideas I will
link up little kosher lunch I am gonna have more Passover table setting ideas
on that channel for you but these are ideas that can work for any holiday or
event my favorite thing that we’re using today is weeds we picked these grasses
from the alley for my Passover table I’m planning a Nile River baby Moses in the
river aesthetic we’re gonna be doing an arrangement with a lot of water and just
a few clippings I’ve also gotten out this more Japanese Ikebana-style
raised holder with again a spiky flower frog so flower frogs can be
expensive but I pick these up when I see them at the thrift store a lot of
these oddball vases I buy them secondhand you don’t need to spend a lot
of money you don’t need to go to like a brand new store they already exist or
borrow them from a friend jars that we save from yogurt from jams these are
free vessels that you can be grouping or using for small arrangements on the
table so for our first arrangement we’re just
winging it I haven’t practiced this so we’ll see how it goes just like in like a riverbed I’m gonna
see yeah this is like a relative of papyrus I mean even if you do Easter
this is kind of like a fun biblical thing we’re gonna put a little bit of
papyrus in with these weeds these are clippings from the branches of
our pomegranate tree or a fig tree or a grape vine with the new beautiful buds
or olive branches all of those kind of evoke like Garden of Eden to me you
might be able to order through your florist or you might just find them in
the neighborhood these are things that you know are growing in Egypt it’s also
fun to put a really fragrant flower out we’ve picked this beautiful fragrant
jasmine from the back alley where it’s climbing up and kind of choking another
tree these might perform better like trailing out of a taller vase sometimes doing this without your
children might be better but we’re doing it together as my children will show you
you don’t need to have so much you can spend a lot of money on greens or you
can just go outside with your kitchen shears and go pick some free greens this
is very evocative of like spring in the Middle East with the high fragrance
jasmine you know Arabian Nights kind of feeling
if you’re doing a children’s table for some events I suggest doing some mini
arrangements and these can be done in a little jar children are fascinated by this on a
children’s table these little bouquets are so special I have found that they
really incentivize children to want to be seated for a meal and they’re
fragrant they’re seasonal they’re free they’re a lot of fun to do as a family
there might be a little bit of opinions and infighting but I think it’s worth it
I hope you had fun watching this video with me today thank you so much for
joining me and I hope you have a really wonderful spring season
take care

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