Flowers with Friends

– I think the most important thing about Brookdale is, it’s
very family oriented. We are always welcome
to come in at any time. My name is Allyson Arons
and this is my daughter, – Avery Arons. – I used to own a flower
shop and my daughter is part of National Charity League. And we just decided to come back and teach a fun springtime
flower-arrangement class, and let the ladies enjoy
some beautiful spring blooms. My grandmother was full of life. She enjoyed going into the garden here and looking at all the flowers. So there’s a statue with a little plaque that says Emily Platt, in
honor of her and her memory. And so it’s been a very
special place for us. There’s a lot of community
service going on, especially with these kids
in middle and high school. And so Avery wanted to
come back to where she had a connection, which was her
grandmother’s residence. And we knew that these
ladies would enjoy flowers. They’re so much fun and it’s
a fun and creative experience that we wanted to give
back and share with them.

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