Flower Ever After | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.10 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Whether it’s the day
you have been waiting for, or the day you wanted
to avoid so badly, the day that seemed would
never come… always… comes. (We are getting married.) (Flower Ever After) We would now like to start
the wedding ceremony. The newbie, So Young. I thought I should talk
about her at least once. I’m not interested in her
at all. Even if she has feelings for me, I’m going to reject her. So I hope you don’t mistake me
for doing anything wrong. But does this fully restore
our relationship? You know we have
another problem between us, right? Why are you like this today? You aren’t usually like this. What? You always make us wait because
you don’t reserve a table. But today you came here first
and waited for me. It’s been a while since I saw
you not wearing a tracksuit. What about you?
You’re dressed so well today. You told me to do so. Sure. You can’t look bad
on a day like this. A day like this? What? What is it? Is there something
to congratulate today? Is the sports center hiring you
as an official employee? Or are you going back to school?
What is it? It’s just… a day that we have
expensive food for once. Min Chae. Do you remember when we fought
the most while dating? I don’t know. I can’t remember. Now that I think about it,
we haven’t fought that much. You’re right. I thought we clicked so well. That’s why I liked you. But since we have
different opinions on marriage, I got a little confused lately. I kept thinking about it after
we had the argument yesterday. If we have such different views
on marriage, could we keep seeing each other? Or… should we break up? This might be a little early
for you, but this is my decision. Your internship… go do it. What? You told me not to a while ago.
What made you change your mind? I thought about it,
and I think you’re right. -Right?
-Yes. You can’t miss
such a good opportunity. And you wanted to go to that
so much. You’re all grown up now, Woong. -Then I’m really going.
-Sure. Go ahead. You should have said
that earlier. It’s good that you’re going, but could you grant me one wish
before you go? -A wish?
-Yes. Promise me, okay? Let’s get married. Let’s get married, Ji Hyo. Come to think of it, I haven’t
officially proposed to you. All I do is talking about it, so
you wouldn’t have trusted me. Is that what you wanted to say
to me today? Yes. I was thinking
if I could break up with you… but I couldn’t. I thought I wanted
to get married because the time had come, but actually… it was because of you. I’ll wait,
if you can’t trust me. I’ll wait, and persuade you
every day. But… if you trust me now, I’ll really… be nice to you. Are you crying? Why? Why are you crying? Do you
really not want to get married? It’s not that. I thought you were going
to break up with me today. But I couldn’t do that. I was so scared to marry you, but I’m even more scared… of breaking up with you. I don’t know what will happen
from now on, but if everything seems
so uncertain to me… I’ll just trust you. Then… is that a yes? Yes. But… aren’t you going to put it on
for me? What did you say? What did you just say? To be honest, I even thought about buying you
a ring and holding you back, but… I couldn’t even afford
to buy a ring for you. Why are they so expensive
these days? Why are you talking about rings
all of a sudden? When did I say I wanted a ring? I’m asking you what you’re
talking about right now. Min Chae. Giving up on the rehabilitation
of my injuries, quitting my career
as a professional swimmer, and living like this… I actually regretted it a lot. So I always think… I should’ve… tried a bit longer. You didn’t know, right? So I hope you don’t miss any
of your opportunities. I hope you don’t live like me. Have all the good experiences, and see a lot of good things
in the world. I hope you live a bright future,
that you always talk about. So let’s… break up. This is my wish. Woong. Hey, Woong! Hey, Woong. Then should I not go
to my internship? Then will you not break up
with me? Fine, I won’t go.
I’ll give up on it. No. Go. If you won’t, I’ll feel sorry
for you for the rest of my life. I don’t like that. Then what do you want me to do? You really want to break up? Yes. Woong. You never mentioned breaking up
for the past seven years. You never said that, no matter
how big or small our fight was. But if you really say it, it means we’re really
breaking up. Is this why you wanted me
to dress nicely? You were going
to make me cry anyways. Woong. How could we break up? How could that happen? I’ve never even imagined
it before. We were always together.
How can that even make sense? The bride will enter now. One couple got married. Marriage was a big step to take, but they decided
to take it on together. And the other couple… (Departure date
for the internship) couldn’t take that step. No… they didn’t take it. I’m leaving now. And… (I’m leaving now.
And…) Yes, professor. How are you doing? (I’m fine. How about you?) (How’s your girlfriend doing,
the one you can’t live without?) Woong, does this even
make sense? You don’t want to go overseas
because of your girlfriend? (Sponsorship offer
for Woong Choi by Revan Group) Do you think it’s easy for a swimmer to get
a sponsorship like this? I’m sorry, professor. I… won’t go. I can’t. (You should get married to her
if she means that much to you.) Oh, sure. (So why did you call?) Professor. I’m going to go back to school. (Application
for returning to school) Yes. I might not be able
to keep up, but I’m going to try my best. Please help me out. (I’m the only one taking care
of your underwear.) And… I didn’t break up with you yet. (Application
for returning to school) Let’s talk about it later,
after a year. (Departures) The two couples were worried
and hurt in front of an issue named
“marriage.” They made decisions
that had to be made, and grew more mature together. This is the ending
that I know of. And… just as
their flower-like stories ended, their next story began. Their real story,
that I don’t know about. (Just as their
flower-like stories ended,) (their next story began.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan, Jin
Ah Kwon, Ailee) (Place sponsorship: CommComm
Bakery, Snow, StarCity, Orzo) (Clothing sponsorship) Hyun Su. I told you to wash up
even if you come in late. Why do you keep
making me say this? Oh gosh. You made that? Wake up and I’ll stop nagging. People are coming
to visit us today. Right. I know. People will visit us. What should I do first? Cleaning up? Cooking? Just say it. You clean the house, -and I’ll prepare the food.
-Okay. I’ll start with the bathroom. (Food Delivery Service) Hyun Su,
what do you want to eat? Chinese? Western? Korean? Or street food? Whatever you want to eat. He must be feeling sorry. (Menu) Something that has
a big discount. This, and this. Purchase. Done. Hyun Su, I’m done with the food. What? Already? Are you sure?

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  5. Choi Wong is actually really selfish… in a relationship you can’t just think of yourself no matter how low your self-esteem you have. You have to be upfront with the other person, it’s not fair to make them suffer without even sharing your issues with them. Yes he made the decision for her but she never asked him. He never gave her a chance to choose. He is scared she will break up with him later on so he breaks up with her first… he tried to tie it all pretty like he is doing it for her but he is doing it for himself, and that’s fine but at least have a conversation about it don’t decide by yourself



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    Also Writers: “Let’s make a new series.”

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