Flower Arranging : Flower Arrangement Centerpieces

Hi I am Susan Paxton on behalf of Expert Village
and today we are going about decorating with flowers in your home. This is a centerpiece
that I made and it could be for a Valentine Party or a dinner party. You could put it
on your dining room table, you could have it anywhere in your house. It is very easy
to make. We chose a little plastic dish that is not really noticeable to put it in because
we want the flowers to be the focal point. We added a small brick of floral foam. We
have added our greens. We put in these cute little mums for contrast. We have added some
red carnations. We have added the red roses, some alstromeria or peruvian lillies in red
and white and then we put in a red candle. This could be something that you could give
to somebody or keep for yourself and decorate your home with it.

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