Flower Arrangements and Ideas for Mothers Day – How To Choose A Gift – Battle, East Sussex

Hello everyone and welcome to this short
video about some lovely floral, flowery ideas for Mother’s Day. My name is Jo
and I own a florist business based in Battle in East Sussex. Now it’s not all about bouquets at Mother’s Day and I want to show you some new ideas. So, the most important thing on a gift for Mother’s Day is that it’s appropriate to the
person. So, maybe she’s into vintage. How about this little idea, which is a pretty
little metallic bird cage with a little flower display inside? It’s the gift that
keeps on giving. When the flowers are finished you can put a little pot plant
in there and hang it up – absolutely lovely! Well, maybe she’s a bit more
modern in her taste here or a bit quirky. This is a teacup which has got a very
modern arrangement in it of green and yellow and who would have thought the
humble carnation would look so lovely there in a very unusual shade of green?
Beautiful. We make these in the shop and we can make them to design any colour way that you like or any particular type of flowers. Or maybe she’s really into her
garden? And here’s an arrangement – fresh in the trug. Looks just like country
garden flowers, plucked and put straight into the trug. Whatever it is, it will be
given with love I’m sure on Mother’s Day, and the important thing is that you can
customise anything from the shop. Now, maybe you do want to make something
yourself. Here’s a really simple, quick-to- do and low-cost idea. Take a plant from
your local garden centre or florist shop; find a really nice pot (we sell these in
the shot here in Battle); add some moss to decorate the service, which makes it look
very country, very pretty. Take a co-ordinating card. Write your lovely
message to your mother on Mother’s Day and pop it into the pot. There you go – a
low-cost idea for Mother’s Day. If you choose one of these or come into the
shop and ask us to design one specially for you, or if you want to make your own,
I’m sure your Mum is going to absolutely love it. Thanks for watching.

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