Flower Arrangement lesson 5 “Lau” Elementary level 插花初級第5課「流」M05

Hello everyone! Today I will demonstrate the Lesson 5 of the Elementary Course, it is a difficult style for new learner, I call it “flow” (Lau-shape), also known as S-type I used Matthiola as the accompany branch, Sasa Lily as the main flower, carnation as the companion, Sabah leaf and Aglaia Odorata as the grass, for Forget-me-not as fine Flowers We must first cut the foam before soaking into water We put the foam in the water, about half a minute after it has been completely soaked in water, you can see Having soaked in water, I pressed the foam into a container with my palm I use the companion to make lines. How do we decide the height of the work ?It depends the environment and their own preferences In the first class, the height of the work is about 22 to 24 inches I cut the Matthiola into 24 inches and smoothen the foot position with my scissors or knife,for inserting into the foam easily remove the leaves, and then put it in the foam surface at 12 o’clock,let it slightly to the left I cut the other Matthiola into 21 inches and put it at 10 o’clock I put a 15-inch Matthiola in front, so that the above lines are clearer, they are slightly to the left Line is formed ,now comes to high branches, I cut the first carnation into 18 inches, put it in the middle I cut the second carnation into 15 inches and put it in front Then I will put the main flower, the first one Sasa Lily ,cut the stems for the three inches, I put it in the middle The other Sasa Lily’s stems are two inches, and I put it in the foam at five o’clock, Then I will put a nine-inch carnation, its length is just half of the high branches I first remove the leaves near the feet, and then put it on the foam side of the four points, let it slightly forward I have placed good lines, high branches and main flowers Then I will put three large Sabah leaves, respectively, in the foam side at 6 :00, 3:00, 9:00, and finally placed two smaller in the corner Now I continue to be placed in the line with flowers I put an 11-inch carnation behind the Sasa Lily I chose a larger carnation, cut it into five inches, and placed it on the side of the foam And I put a seven-inch carnation on the left I put a five-inch carnation at the corner I put here another five-inch carnations I put a 6 inch in the foam side of 3:00, and then placed a five-inch in the foam surface at 4:00 Then I put a nine-inch Sabah leaf on the back as a back leaf, and then at two and 10 o’clock placed Sabah leaves I placed two smaller Sabah leaves on the foam side at five and seven o’clock I cut the Aglaia Odorata into four inches and placed them between flowers In order to strengthen the lines of this work, I will put the bear grass I picked some of the more curved bear grass , the five composition of a bunch, cut into 17 inches, and then placed in the side We can also add a few bear grass placed in the above or relatively straight bear grass are also suitable here Bear grass , when placed, you can let it naturally hanging down In addition I will use Forget-me-not as fine flowers First of all I will choose a more curved Forget-me-not, put it here Then, I continue to put some more Forget-me-not between flowers so as to keep the flowers facing to the front Some more Forget-me-not here Forget-me-not is about four to six inches, so that the whole potted flowers look richer In fact, we placed about 10 sticks is enough Everyone has seen that I have done this work “Lau-shape”, it seems like S-shape We should pay attention to, when doing this form no need to bend the flower, I just put the above lines slightly to the left On the contrary, the lines at the bottom right are bent forward, causing this main line In addition to Matthiola, you can also use Contorted Willow or Genista instead We must remember the flower arrangement of the seven steps, respectively, with branches, high branches, the main flowers, grass, fine flowers, grass and fine flowers

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