Flower Arrangement inter-Level ” horizontal-style” 插花中級程度第8課 Arrangement floral,フラワーアレンジメントM08

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) Welcome to the 8th lesson of Intermediate Level.As in the 1st lesson ,I have demonstrated the Horizontal-Style.Today I show you another Sample of Horizontal-Style I will use thicker Versorted Willow, Leucadendron, rose, Sabah leaves, Aglaia Odorata, Pearl Grass and Orchidee Mokara. I will first put the lines The two pieces of foam are about 20 inches apart, depending on the length of the Contorted Willow, but their distance should not be less than 12 inches I will first put the Contorted Willow which are 20 inches long , we should pay attention to direction of the Contorted Willow ,keep it parallel to the table I first put these two Contorted Willow into the left side of the foam and then I put the other end of Contorted Willow into the right of the foam We do not need to put the Contorted Willow too deep into the foam Because this work is the design of Horizontal-Style, I will put the flowers shorter, so I will first put the Sabah leaves In general, if we put the flowers near the table ,it is convenient for us to place the leaves first I put some larger pieces of Salah leaves on the bottom, at the side 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock and two corners, let them slightly sag We have seen that I have placed Contorted Willow and Sabah leaves Today I will use Leucadendron. I first cut them into 5-7 inches and maintain their stems I picked two branches of Leucadendron, cut them into 10 and 12 inches, and then removed the leaves near the bottom I put them on the left side at 12 o’clock and two o’clock, causing a line Then I will put the main flower. I first remove the leaves near the bottom, and then smoothen the end for easy insertion of the foam Horizontal-style design does not need symmetry. I put 7-inch and 5-inch Leucadendron placing on the right side of the foam at 12 o’clock and 7 o’clock I put another 5-inch Leucadendron in the middle of the left side of the foam Now I will put the roses, I first remove its leaves which can be used later to cover the foam I first choose a smaller rose, cut it into 10 inches, and then place on the right side of the foam at 9 o’clock Then, I cut a 7-inch rose, put it on the side 10 o’clock, they are pointing to the left I put a 5 inch rose at 5 o’clock. When doing the Horizontal-style , we should place the flowers on left and right side at the same time I put a 5-inch rose on the left side at 4 o’clock In addition, I put a 4-inch rose at 6 o’clock In fact, besides the first two longer roses,the rest of the roses are 4-5 inches I put a 4-inch rose on the right side at 7 o’clock, I then place another rose at 8 o’clock, extended to the left At this time, another 5-inch rose at 8 o’clock In addition, I put a rose at 3 o’clock On the right side of the foam , I then place a 5-inch rose at 10 o’clock It seems that on the right ,the flowers are more than those on the left I have placed the Leucadendron and roses,completed the main lines Next, I put the large leaves on the back as back leaves In addition, I also place in the side some Sabah leaves. I put the smaller Sabah leaves in front Then I will put Aglaia Odorata. I cut them into 3-4 inches I put the Aglaia Odorata in the foam between flowers Finally, I will put fine flowers. This time I will use Orchidee Mokaras and Pearl Grasses I cut an 8-inch Orchidee Mokara and put it on 8 o’clock In addition, I cut a 9-inch Orchidee Mokara,put it at 10 o’clock Then I cut out Orchidee Mokara one by one and set aside one inch of stems to insert the foam I put the Orchidee Mokara between the flowers, placed as much as possible to make the petals towards upward I continued to put Orchidee Mokara to fill the space Finally, I cut the Pearl Grass one by one, each about 10 inches I put the Pearl Grass on the right, let them stretch out Pearl grass stems are relatively hard, so it is easy to insert into the foam, but we have to place more so that they can be seen more obviously When placing Pearl Grass, keep in mind to keep them bend down I demonstrated for everyone the Horizontal-Style furnishings. Horizontal-style works, mainly to extend horizontally I used today with Contorted Willow, Leucadendron, Rose, Sabra Leaf, Aglaia Odorata, Orchidee Mokara and Pearl Grass, When we practice, pay attention to the height of the work,which should not exceed half of the horizontal line. This work is suitable for the table or conference table

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