Flower arrangement by Joan of Art – 1st tutorial

hello flower lovers this is Joan of art
and welcome to my channel for today’s video I will show you how these flowers
will turn in a very beautiful arrangement so we will be needing a
flower foam and we need to soak this in water for 10 minutes or more a cutter
blade to cut the foam a flower cutter because we will be
dealing with top stems and last but not least the flower cleaner just in case
our flowers are not yet cleaned over a protective plastic we put the wet foam and now you are about to see the power
of this cutter this is Vincent he’s my colleague he
used to deal with this tough stems we use also brown twine to keep things in
place before starting we already planned of what design we will do so vincent is
working on this stems which we call Salix and he’s making sure that
everything will not fall and it’s safe so this will be our base and from this
we will make a very beautiful arrangement I prepared three pieces of
flower foam and I soaked it into water push it in the branches so we already
prepared three then put one is each i think you are wondering what is that
hole well that is our secret trashcan cool yeah?! so let’s start the process I’m going to
use a Singapore fern but I see there’s a little bit of impurity about it so I’ll
just cut it out and throw it then continue with my greening excuse me I
just need to cover this up I like putting greens so I know where to
stop I’m putting my flowers can you imagine now what will be our finished
product so keep watching now I’m here in the chiller and I will be picking up the
flowers that I will be using for the arrangement I choose an open Lily
I really have an allergy with this… spray roses another spray roses or what we
call baby roses mixed color Fushia Rose and a magenta barbatus
cute! and last but not least this beautiful
eucalyptus it’s one of my favorites so classy cut your stems on a slanted
position so your flowers can drink more in this way it will be easier for you to
tuck it same thing that I will do with hydrangeas beautiful always make sure
that you put it in a steady position if nothing it’s okay to change it as you
can see I cut it in a slant way and I cut it again in the middle I do this
process because I feel like the hydrangea is a little bit weak and needs
more water later on we will put the flower spray to preserve its moisture
and it will not die on the arrangement I would love to hear your thoughts so if
you have questions comments just write it down below if you want me to do more
just let me know I would love to do it on my next videos yes I’m a woman and most of the time I
changed my mind so in this video you will see me changing my mind and trying to make it more beautiful on the left side I combine fushia roses and Fushia baby
roses I kept the lily in the center so there will be a contrast on the
different kinds of flower combination and matt is rolling and he is taking the
video now so you can see the other side of the arrangement Hes cool now I’m
going to use the magenta barbatus so if you need flowers we are here in
LOSCLARITA just come by and we’ll help you out I will link our Instagram and you can
call us at our number it’s written down below check it out when I work it’s
always a mess and that’s how I create beauty I think so I feel like something is missing so I
decided to add asparagus leaves to add more texture on the arrangement
I didn t use the eucalyptus because it doesn’t match on the arrangement that I want
to achieve we love teamwork we are always like this we are helping each
other and my client is about to come so we need to be fast and for the final touch is to put
accessories I know it’s dirty but we will clean it later on this is a one
phase arrangement so we just put greensat the back TADAAA here it is & this is your first
arrangement from me —– I hope you love this video so give it a thumbs up share like
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