Floral Wreath Valentine’s Day Cards

Hello there! This is Yana Smakula for WPlus9
and thank you for joining me today. In this video I’ll show you how to hand stamp
beautiful Valentine’s Day cards or simple Love notes. This card design can also be used
for a Wedding Card or even to create unique Wedding invitations. I’m going to be using several WPlus9 stamps
today, and the first one is Fresh Cut Wreaths. There’s a beautiful heart-shaped wreath included
here that works great for any love-themed project. Its nice and elegant with some leaves
and flowers and makes up for a stunning floral focal point on a card. I’ve used this stamp set recently for a different
project – I used a round wreath from here to create simple everyday cards. There’s a
video tutorial available for that project if you’d like to check it out as well. I’m going to stamp several cards today simply
because I like to make multiples. When I create multiple cards that feature one design I can
make slight alterations to each card and see what works best and what doesn’t. Because I am stamping multiple cards I am
using my MISTI today, however you can stamp these just as well using a clear block. I’m
going to start by stamping a heart first and I arranged it in the center of my panel somewhat
closer to the top. Instead of using traditional green for the
leaves I used gray. Pink, white and gray is my most favorite color combo for Valentine’s
Day so this is the combo I wanted to go with and I also added a bit of yellow later on
to spice things up. I am using Silver Lining Pure Color Dye ink
from WPlus9 to stamp the leaves and I am double stamping them just in case. You don’t have
to do this, one impression is more than enough. This wreath consists of 3 layers or 3 images
– there’s the leaf layer and two layers with different flowers. Plus there are additional
smaller images to add color and definition to the flowers. I’m using Shell Pink ink to stamp the 3 smaller
flowers here and I’ve positioned them perfectly onto the wreath- I love how these flowers
seamlessly blend with the leaves. To stamp the second flower cluster I am using Hayride
ink. You can go with more intense colors, but I wanted to have a very soft and pastel,
almost muted look on my projects. Finally I’m going to use the second flower
layers and will add flower centers to my wreath. I’m using Little Piggy color for my pink flowers
and Wild Mango for my yellow flowers. The pink flowers also have an additional third
layer, but I skipped it this time. I wanted to add some stamping to the background
of my panels so I used one of the background stamps from the Dockside Backgrounds set – the
interlocking rope and I already have it mounted on the door of my regular size MISTI. Again,
you don’t have to use MISTI here, you can stamp this using a clear block, but MISTI
does make it much easier to align the pattern and make it look seamless. To stamp this image I decided to use Fairy
Dust Pure Color Dye ink – this is a very light gray color, I love using it for shadow stamping
and subtle background stamping like this here. To stamp this pattern onto my background I
am simply moving the paper inside my misti and keeping the stamp in place, so I’m not repositioning the stamp, I’m simply repositioning the paper I am aligning the paper, making sure the pattern matches nicely. Now I started by stamping 4 panels and I messed
one of them up – I dropped a yellow ink pad as I was doing my stamping, so to somehow
try to hide that ink pad mark I used Hayride ink to stamp the pattern in the background,
it didn’t hide it completely, but it did make it less visible on the project. I also wanted
to show you how this background pattern would look when stamped in a different color. IF
you are using the same colors of ink you as I am doing here could also stamp it in Shell
Pink, so that lighter pink color for a nice and feminine look. To create sentiments for these projects I
used Whimsy Alpha set – this is my current favorite Alphabet stamp set, I love how big
and playful the letters are; the size of these is ideal for stamping large sentiments. I went with different sentiment for each of
my panels and I stamped Love, Adore and Kisses using Hayride and Shell Pink colors of ink
– so same colors I used for my flowers. I also had an idea to stamp love you messages
in different languages but it was too late for that, so maybe I’ll try that some other
time. To finish my sentiments and here you can see
all 4 of my stamped panels, I used For You from the Fresh Cut Wreath stamp set, there’s
also a little handwritten You in there that could work great with these and also a large
beautiful You from the Hand Lettered Thanks thanks set and I stamped all of these using
Silver Lining Pure Color Dye ink. So the same ink I’ve used for the leaves. I trimmed my panels down slightly and adhere
them onto A2 top folding card bases made out of Coal Mine cardstock from WPlus9 I used a white gel pen and added simple white
dot details to the centers of my flowers. I also decided it would be a good idea to
adhere several clear droplets to add some unexpected detail to each card. By the time I finished my projects I noticed
that the background pattern stamped over the hearts became somewhat visible on the hearts,
in other words, I could see the light gray ink over the dark gray ink – here’s a closeup
of the two cards where one has a pattern stamped in the background and the other one doesn’t. That bothered me a bit and I brainstormed
some ways to fix this problem. The simplest and the most obvious way would be first stamp the background pattern and than stamp the heart. So if you would like to re-create this project, be sure to
do background stamping first. If you look at the sentiments on these panels – the background
pattern doesn’t show there because they were stamped after I stamped the background. So
stamping the background first and the heart latter will eliminate this problem altogether. Because I had already stamped these I needed
a different solution so I decided to try to use my Prismacolor pencils and simply color
over the sections where the pattern was showing. I picked gray, yellow and pink pencils that
best matched the colors of ink I used for my stamping and simply colored over my stamped
images. The coloring fixed the problem really well and now looking at these cards I can’t
even tell that I had the background stamped over the heart to begin with. You might be
able to see the difference in color in my photos here, but that is only I upped the
contrast on these on my computer, its pretty much invisible in real life. So this finishes my today’s video featuring
simple Valentine’s Day cards. I hope you like this idea and will give it a try. Thank you so much for joining me today. Be
sure to check out wplus.com for more creative inspiration. See you next time, bye!

15 thoughts on “Floral Wreath Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. This is gorgeous! So gorgeous that I'm tempted to buy everything you used Hahahah maybe I can substitute some of my inks but everything you chose is perfection!

  2. Gorgeous cards & I love the soft color combined with the gray! You do such beautiful work, Yana, thank you for sharing!!!

  3. What a lovely set of cards! Great tip on how to fix stamped images with colored pencils! Thank you for the inspiration. Hugs!

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