Floral Tag Card

Hello Splitcoaststampers friends, this is
Becky Roberts at Inking Idaho. Today I’m going to do a really pretty floral card
for you using some products from The Stamp Market. We’re going to use the
Blossom Party kit which is just full of fun flowers and leaves and parts. I’m going to use
that one… I’m going to use a die cut from the Hugs and Hello – the Hello right here –
and then I’m going to use the Jumbo tag which I absolutely adore from The Stamp
Market. I’ve done a little pre die-cutting already. I’ve cut the Jumbo
Tag which as you can see is pretty much card front size – I love that it’s just
there and I don’t have to cut it out myself. I’m going to take the hello and
the parts and I’m gonna get this part all punched out – I’ll get all that together –
alright, and then I’m going to take just a second and assemble this hello. It’s
layered letters on top of the silhouette background. I’m going to take just a
minute and put that together and get it ready to go so it can dry for just a
minute. We have that ready to go
now, isn’t that cute? little hello layered on top of a Hello background. I’m going
to just set that aside for a minute and we are going to go ahead and do some
stamping. I’m going to stamp some flowers on the back of the card, or excuse me on
the card front that will be actually on the back and then I’m going to stamp some
flowers on the front which will be on the tag. So that’s what we’re going to do
next. I’m using some Altenew inks. I’m using Blush, Rouge, and Velvet and then
I’m going to be using Olive and Moss. I’m going to get all these open, and not mix
them up, and get ready to go. Now we’re just going to do some stamping. I’m
just going to take a variety of the flowers and the set and just start creating. That’s the first layer. I’m going to go
ahead and do this bottom portion as well. they don’t really have a right and left
or an upside down – I just like for things not to all be exactly the same. So I
believe this is my second color – yes – so this is just the inside of the flower, and then on this side I have a little
teeny tiny center that I’m going to do in the darkest color. Now before I put
down any more flowers I’m going to stop and put in some leaves, and this just
kind of hugs up around the flower …not really gonna see this one underneath but
we’re going to go ahead and complete it. Thank goodness you won’t see that either.
Now I’m going to take some Banana Cream and Pineapple Smoothie and
do this other flower in the very lightest color, and then this has a
little center piece to it. This just adds a little darker color. And then I’m going
to take the darker of the greens and put some veins in the leaves. Then we have a little one of just
leaves so I’m just gonna kind of fill it in where I think it might need it. I think that’s all for that one now keep in mind that that’s all you’re
really gonna see around there – yep all right, we’re going to stop there. So
I’m going to keep out the Rouge and the Velvet and I’m going to put all of the
others away. We’re going to put a sentiment on the front of this card so
I’m going to use my MISTI, put it in here and put the magnet on there, and then I’m
going to put the hello on the top and then the friend and then miss you so
much. Maybe we’ll go just a little bit more. all right so I am going to close the lid
and capture that word on there and I’m going to take the Rouge color
and ink this Friend, stamp it, I’m going to do it twice just so it’s nice and
covered. Then I’m going to clean
this off and remove it and I’m going to take the words ‘miss you so much’
and put them right underneath of here. Then we will close this and then I’m
going to take the ink called Velvet which is the darker of the blush colors and put that down. there we go. All right,
let’s get these all covered up. This tag has a cute little reinforced piece on it
so I’m going to put this on the tag, put that on there, and then I’m going to take some ribbon
and put a knot in it. This is Fun Stampers Journey Special Day Organza.
I’m going to cut some, put it through here, probably have enough for
three bows but hey, why should you take a chance right? Then before I go any further
I’m going to measure this and make sure I get it on straight about right here. We’ll go ahead and put that
down and there we have our tag. Then we will put the tag on top of here with
some foam squares. So there we go, there’s our hello friend
miss you so much! Thanks for joining me today. For more creative ideas you can
tune into InkingIdaho.com. Thank you!

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  1. Becky, thank yo so much for a wonderful tutorial, and I LOVE the card with the tag on it! Sweet flowers and a wonderful "hello" die! Hugs!

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