Floral Parade

LOTS OF ACTION DOWNTOWN TODAY! FOUR PARADES ROLLED DOWN ROUTE “A” TODAY, STARTING WITH THE FLORAL PARADE AND KNIGHTS OF MOBILE, MOBILE MYSTIC LADIES AND ORDER OF ANGELS. I WENT TO CHECK THINGS OUT AND I MET TWO INTERESTING PEOPLE—A SEASONED VETERAN AND A NOVICE. ROAMING THE PARADE ROUTE, I FOUND JULIANNA O’BAR SITTING IN A CHAIR DECKED OUT IN A MASK AND A PRETTY GROOVY UMBRELLA. THINKING SHE WAS A SEASONED REVELER, I WAS SURPRISED TO FIND OUT THIS WAS HER VERY FIRST MARDI GRAS PARADE. SUPER: Julianna O’BAr “I’ve been told that people are going to throw things at me and I need to catch them! I’ve heard something about moon pies, but I don’t know if those are actually thrown, if they are, that’s going to be interesting!” says O’Bar. SHE AND HER FRIEND, CARRIE JENKINS CAUGHT ON QUICK THOUGH ONCE THE PARADE STARTED ROLLING! THEIR FIRST CATCH-MOON PIES! AFTER COLLECTING A SCARF OF BEADS, O’BAR HIT THE JACKPOT, CATCHING A HUGE STUFFED TEDDY BEAR. “So much fun! It was a little different than I had originally thought it was going to be.may have accidentally elbowed my friend a couple of times!” says O’Bar. BUT ELBOWS ARE ALL PART OF THE GAME HERE, UNLESS YOU’RE THIS GUY! SUPER: Jim Fulford “Well, it’s a New Orleans thing if you did Mardi Gras in New Orleans you’d see these ladders lined up side by side and there’s rules and regulations and all that stuff,” says Jim Fulford. JIM FULFORD BUILT THIS CUSTOM-MADE LADDER TO FIT HIS GRANDSON WHO

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