Floral Mix & Match Nail Art Tutorial

Hey everybody! In this video I am showing
you how to create this floral mix and match nail art design. Start by painting all of your nails white. On my ring finger I am creating a half moon
with light pink. I am free handing mine but if you want to use a nail vinyl or some latex
you can do that as well. On the same nail I am using black and a dotting
tool to create some polka dots. I am putting the floral pattern on my index
and middle finger nails. Start by using light pink and create some irregular circles. Then do the same thing again with a darker
reddish pink color. Then using a darker green create some stems
and leaves. Using periwinkle I added these berry looking
things. You can skip these if you want. I just wanted to add a little bit more color. Then using black add some irregular circles
to the center of all of the flowers. I am also adding a tiny little black dot to
all of my berry things. They kind of look like blueberries. Then use a slightly darker color for each
flower and add some little curved lines for some details. And I am also adding little green stems to
my berries. On the pinky nail and thumb nails I am creating
black and white stripes. I am using striping tape to do this. You can find it easily online
through a Google search. Or, if you want to freehand it you can do that also. Using a black nail polish I am painting right
over the striping tape. And peeling off the tape while the nail polish
is still wet will give you a cleaner line. When you are finished with all of your nails,
you can apply your favorite top coat. I hope you guys enjoyed the design and the
video. If you did, do not forget to give it a thumbs up. Also, if you are new to my channel
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button. Thank you so much for watching and I will
see you guys next time.

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