Floral frenzy

Hey everybody, It’s me. (OMG, I’M SO CRINGEY.) And uh… (EW.) *Typing noise* Today I’m going to be playing with um… ( Yesh?) Pheonix. (FINALLY.) *More typing* Pheonix. (Again) *BiIiig sIgH* And um, ( TALK LOUDERRRRRRRR) Let’s see… ( PLAY THE GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEE) ( Oh my gawds) ( ??????) *What ever I just said* * Mouse banging the table* I’ve kinda done this a little bit. ( GURLSHUTUP.) *Mouse baning table again* And um… ( STOP SAYING UM.) ???. One thing I really need to do… ( Mhm?) That I’m litterally SO mad at. ( Yesh? ) Is the um, This one. And it’s just not. Working. (OH. That’s what u had to say.) * tYpE* * MoRe TyPiNg* It’s a medium chance… ( Kewl.) OH. ( Hm?) ( Why are u soooo quiet?) *Something about Demeter* The greek godess of farming. (OKAY?!) * Biiiiig SiGh* YES. (WHA?) Oh mah gosh. .-. (STOP TYPING) oH cOmE oN. I fOrGoT, EhHhH Let’s see. NoW. oH. WhAt? oK. UgHhHhHhhHhh i LoVE- um, ????? REE I’ll Stop! I’ll stop! * LONG QUIETNESS* ( OH!) 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR! *Agressively hits keyboard* ( TALK BISH) No. NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO T^T WHY U TAKE MAH PERICOUS METEOR SEED?! That’s alot of clicks. Bruh. I love this. ??????. ( R U AN ALEIN???) UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OK WAT. oNE GOOD THING ABOUT NOT TALKING MEANS I DO LESS WORK MAKING THESE CAPTIONS. cAN U? CaN u LiKe. WhErE aRe U? oH. hI. Hi. OKAY. I’m cOmInG O.o. Yeah, no one cares. *Wonders how she made it* I don’t have ???? yet. I HAVen’t got that yet. OH. Meteor’s will crash into you’re…. thingy. And you’ll get a meteor seed. YeSh. YeSh. YeSh. The meteor’s ??? In flora frezy right now. *INHALE* *EXHALE OBNOXCIOUSLY* Thank the gods. UM. HiGh ChAnCe?!!!! UGH. I really hate this, like. …. quicker if I water it. (ORif IT DRIEs UP) UM. Where am I going? Go to trade hub… DOOT HmPh! *INHALE* So let’s go back. AND UM I guess I have to wait, TwO hours Just gonna, oK oK! yAy! oH mY gOd D:

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