Floral Dots and Stripes Tutorial

Hey everybody, this is Hannah from thedalailamasnails.com
I’m going to show you a tutorial today for how to create these floral nails over dots
and stripes. Hope you enjoy it! Here’s everything you’ll need: a base coat and topcoat, I only
have 1 green shown here but I ended up using 2 different shades, a nude color to do your
art on top of, 2 different blue polishes for the dots and stripes, and 3 different kinds
of pinks or roses for the flowers. You’ll also need a dotting tool with a large and
small end, a small detailing brush, and a striper. Start by prepping your nail with
base coat and then polishing with 2 or 3 coats of a nude shade. I’m using OPI Don’t Pretzel
My Buttons. Once your base color is dry, go in with your stripes. I’m using OPI Can’t
Find My Czechbook. Use a striper brush to draw stripes, pretty much at the center of
your nail. I like to let the brush do the work for me by laying the brush flat against
my nail and then dragging it to the free edge. It makes a pretty straight line. For this
look, do 2 stripes, that’s what I could fit on my nail. Next we’ll do the dots on the
other side of the nail. I’m using OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw for my dots. You’re also
going to need a dotting tool. I’m using a double sided dotting tool, and I’m using the
smaller end. I blobbed a little bit of polish onto my work surface off to the side and then
dipped the end of the dotting tool into it. Then I lay the dotting tool against my nail
to create round, even dots, and I’m doing 2 staggered rows. Next we’ll work on the flowers.
I’m using OPI A Definite Moust Have as the base of the flowers. Ideally you should wait
until the dots and stripes are dry, I didn’t really and it caused a little bit of problems,
but it worked out ok. Take the larger end of your dotting tool and kind of just blob
on the base of the flower. It doesn’t have to be even or perfect, you’re going to paint
over it anyways. Next grab a lighter pink, I’m using OPI Mod About You. We’re going to
add some definition to the flower starting with some highlights. I ran into 2 problems
here which you can totally avoid by: choose a highlighter color that isn’t thick and goopy,
and wait for your blob to dry a little bit before you try to paint details over it! Load
up a fine detailing brush with your lighter pink, go in and add some swirly petal shapes.
It doesn’t have to be even because you’re going to go over it with one more shade, you
can always go back to add the kind of definition you want. Next you’ll need your third flower
color, I’m using OPI Schnaps Out of It! Draw in some more swirly petals. The idea is to
create a little depth, so it looks a little more like a flower. If you end up with something
more blobby than flowery, like I did here, you can go back with some of your other flower
colors to lighten it up. I went back in with A Definite Moust Have because it looked too
dark compared to the other nails. Grab the lighter of your shades of green, I’m using
Zoya Josie for the base part of the leaves. Create 2 blobby leaf shapes – the motto of
the day is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, since you’ll outline it next. I’m using Zoya Shawn to create the outline of
my leaves, using a detail brush to outline the edges of the leaves for more definition.
Funny story, as I edited this video I accidentally deleted the last part of the video where I
show you how to outline the leaf I just mentioned. It’s very simple, just use your detail brush
to outline the leaves, add topcoat, and you’re done! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and sorry
about the part I deleted!

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