Felt Flowers #DIY – How to Arrange Felt Flowers in a Vase – Tutorial Felt

Hi! Welcome to S Nuraeni channel. A channel serving a variety of attractive felt flower tutorials that you can practice it by yourself. Do not go anywhere.. Stay tune… If you find it useful. Please support. By clicking the subscribe button below And activate the notification so you will not miss the other attractive felt flower tutorials. How to Arrange Felt Flowers in a Vase. Okay, let’s start… Take some chamomile felt flowers with the various kind of size. Put in the vase. Repeat the previous steps. And arrange. Put the rest into the vas. And set the height. Then make one camomile felt flower bend down. which will form L shape. Then insert the tea rose felt flower. One by one. Set the height. Make one tea rose felt flower bend down. Like this. which will form L shape like previous step. Then insert the fern felt leaf. One by one. And arrange in the bottom of the felt flowers. Done. Thank you for watching. See you later in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE…

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