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– Hey guys, Sullivan here! So I think this is gonna be a little bit of a different sort of video. It’s gonna maybe feel
a little bit like one of those get ready with
me from a beauty vlogger or something like that, I think. But I have beautiful stuff
to make into a bouquet, kind of just for myself and I’ll tell you why sometimes I do that. And then talk about just
being over-scheduled and over-extended and making
time for things that feel good. So all right, let’s see what I make with all this pretty stuff. I had bought this preserved oak, I don’t actually know if it’s preserved,
dyed, tinted, something. It has like a waxy texture to it. I think it’s dyed just looking
at the inside of the stem. But I had bought it thinking maybe I could get some
orangy bits out of it to use in my wedding
that I had a week ago. And it just ended up feeling too fall, they were still going for this kind of fresh
white-blue-orange palette, and it would have made
the bouquet too dull. So I decided to put it aside
and, because it’s tinted, preserved, whatever, magic, it has lasted. It’s like almost two weeks old now. All right so since this
foliage was really the basis, (scissors snipping) I’m gonna spend a little
time prepping some pieces. But I just loved the mustard-golden
color of all of this. And I find very interesting
to do a fall pastel bouquet which I think everyone sorta
gets hung up on harvest colors and pumpkins and orange
and all of that stuff, and that’s really fun
but it’s only September and even though Pumpkin Spice Latte is like the new Christmas season, they just push fall
forward, forward, forward, which I love ’cause I love fall weather, I love jackets and boots and scarves. But there’s still so many pretty kinda summer things going around. So this is probably gonna be
a rather over-sized bouquet and I think I’ll make it
a bridal bouquet shape because I can always just
pop that into a vase. I hear a cat under here eating grass. Yeah, stop. So not me chewing, the cat. This stuff kinda smells. It would probably wouldn’t
make a great bridal bouquet. Maybe for editorial,
it’s got some tape on it. Yeah, I know everyone thinks
flowers are so, so beautiful, but I gotta say, there are
lots of things about flowers that are really quite gross. Slimy, smelly, mushy. There’s really nothing like
the smell of emptying a bucket that’s been forgotten in
the corner for a while. All right, that looks like
a good amount of foliage. All right, so it looks like a beech. I don’t know, I grew up in an apartment so I’m not so great with the tree names. But this is a piece that would
be too short for the bouquet but I like to save all the little bits and I will make something out of them. I cut some basil that has
flowered, it’s really pretty. And I cut some butterfly weed. This leeches out a milky sap
that is sticky and gross. When you’re making a bouquet you wanna make sure you clean off, just like if you’re making an arrangement, you wanna clean off any leaves that will be where you’re gripping. Come up here. This really pretty brown Lisianthus. There are a few of these going around. I can’t remember what
region this one’s from. But I would say rather than
thinking of it as a brown, it’s more like a smokey purple. I know that my videos have
been a little less like how-to and more just kind of like watch me work and I think that that is because. Light pink Astilbe. I think that’s because I
feel like I can tell you to put A here and B there
and do X and then do this but really the only way
you’re gonna be able to learn to make floral
designs is to practice. This is called Butterfly Ranunculus. It’s so pretty! It’s been around for a few years, but it was super, super
expensive when it first came out. And now they’re growing it
in a few parts of the world. I definitely don’t need all of this. I wanna try to find the more pinky. All right, so that’s a pretty good basis of grass and fluffy
things and spray flowers and that kinda stuff. And I do have my dahlias. I also have these incredibly beautiful, why is purple so hard to get on camera? They’re like this super, super pretty, sweet-colored lilac-lavender. (plastic crinkling)
(cardboard popping) This is how behind schedule I got today, I didn’t even take these out of the paper. So this is how roses come in
25-stem bunches for florists. All right, so I have prepped my materials. So I’ve got my couple
different kinds of foliage. I unwrapped and cleaned
some Lavender Snapdragons. I have got my Astilbe,
I’ve got my Lisianthus. I’ve got my Butterfly
Ranunculus, I’ve got some grass. I’ve got probably far too many of these roses that are called Andrea. Hey Ang! And I’m going to just
start making a bouquet. And then I do have some Delphinium but it might be too blue, so I’m not sure if I’m gonna to use it. And then if you see me turn
around and go like this, I have a mirror up on the wall, it’s very hard to see
in these monitors so, I’m gonna be looking
at the shape up there. And so yeah, I really don’t
know that I would consider this a “how-to” video, I definitely
will not call it that. I think that to get good at flowers, your best bet is to just practice a lot and you kinda have to just
mess around with stuff to see what you like. But I’m essentially just
grabbing the first couple of things in a loose handful. Can you see, I’m just
holding things very lightly? That piece is not happy. I tend to make a very
kind of forward-facing, meaning everything kind of spills forward. I probably can’t do it ’cause
of my table being in the way, but I always think of my bouquets
as model-off-duty casual. I really don’t like it when
you can’t see the person and they’re holding this giant bouquet. ‘Cause I really think
that a bridal bouquet should be an accessory. Generally people spend a lot of time and effort on their dresses so we don’t wanna detract,
but more, enhance. So the other thing you’ll
see me do eight million times is I cut my stems pretty much
continually while I’m working. It keeps the weight off the
bouquet, kind of off the stems and makes it a little easier
to turn things around. After I get kind of rough shape with a few of my foliage
elements, I like spray flowers. And you can see I’m still
kinda keeping things in that loose spiral. I’m feeding things in from the outside but keeping my stems kind of and I always turn the bouquet
in the same direction. You should really make bouquets
either looking at yourself or often when I’m not doing it for camera, I am looking into a mirror. Because you wanna think
about how it’s gonna fall. I don’t really like the
way these buds are looking. I may end up cutting all of those out. And I realize that it appears I’m doing this extremely quickly, I’m not really explaining every step, and what can I say? It’s why this video is not called How To Make a Bridal Bouquet but more like Watch Me Make One. You really just have got
to practice and do it again and do it again and do it again, I feel like I’ve done this
thousands and thousands of times, it’s probably more like
hundreds and hundreds. I don’t really know, I wouldn’t
know how to quantify that. But I do know that I had to make a lot of tight, round bouquets
before I could start feeling like I could loosen up and
start making different shapes and also getting my clients comfortable with the idea that they may not get, they might not know what
the bouquet would look like until I deliver it. I really try to let the
materials dictate the shape. I love this piece but it’s so. (voice squeaking) So the other thing that you can do once you’ve started
adding some stuff is see if it will stay in that shape or if it kinda wants to
be a different shape. The Lisianthus is kind of short so maybe, maybe I can’t do the kind
of tipped forward cascade. Maybe I have to, drop a flower on the ground, and then sort of start changing the shape so it’s more like this. We shall see. This Astilbe’s, this Astilbe is super wimpy. I’m glad I got the. So whenever I get a stem
that has an interesting curve like this, you wanna try
to find a way to use it ’cause when you’re trying
to make dynamic shapes that kinda stuff really helps you. And you can see I’m just laying
it on the outside of my hand so that I can even turn it
where I would like it to go. (clears throat) I never realized how much I touch my face or clear my throat until I
started making YouTube videos. So yeah, actually that was
gonna be one of the things I wanted to make a video about
the status of being too busy or over-extending yourself
or how everybody’s like, it’s like a status symbol
to have a side-hustle and to have so much going on and I was trying to
make this video all week and I kept getting busy
(chuckles), which is so poetic. But I think it does tie into making videos and I had to make space in my schedule to do stuff like this. Like, just to make flowers
for myself, or for a video, or make a YouTube channel, or I wrote a TV series and
I’ve been attending conferences and workshops and trying to
figure out how to make it. And I met some really, really
awesome women this past week who were super encouraging
and made me feel like, just keep going even though
it feels like it’s becoming a second full-time job. And so my original intent was to talk about making time for the
the things that you wanna do and making this bouquet
was one of the things that I wanted to do, and I really had a hard
time making time to do it because I needed to set up the camera, and I will need to edit it. You know, I like to think that my YouTube videos look pretty good. But I worked really hard,
I went back to UArts, where I dropped out, to take film classes and learn how to use a
camera and do all this stuff that I’ve always wanted to do and I just had to make space to do it and I was taking these
classes on Tuesday nights and getting up and going
to the flower market at 3:30 in the morning. So at the same time as I’m sitting writing this personal
essay that I was gonna do as a creative entrepreneurship talk which ended up being part
of the Just Watch Me Work and Listen to Me Talk video
that we’re having now, I realize that I’m (laughs). Come here, what are you doing? You ruined, ruined that shot! This is really pretty and since I know none
of you guys have worked in a workroom with me, I don’t say something’s really pretty to pat myself on the back. It’s just nice because you
look at all the flowers sitting on a shelf when you’re
shopping at the market or in a shopping cart online, depending on where you’re
getting your flowers from, and you don’t really know
if they’re gonna work. And this is really working. So. I couldn’t find the tape. (sighs) Being a one-woman show, there
is no crew that comes in and makes sure that you have
all your supplies everywhere. It would be so great if I could
teach the cats to do that. I’m using green stem-wrap tape, if you’re not in flowers, it’s sort of like a
waxy, thin, crepe paper. It tears really easily. I don’t like using rubber bands. Some of the designers that
I think are so, so good, like Ariella Chezar, she uses rubber bands in this really cool way,
in like a layered way that helps her keep
control of the bouquet. But I just get, I don’t know, I’m all butterfingers with the bouquet. So, (hands clapping) we’re
with the rubber bands. It’s kinda fun how many
of the dahlias look good with this palette. I don’t know how many
I’m gonna be able to use but they do look good. All right, we’ve suffered a loss. (slow piano music)
I just broke the dahlia I was very excited to use. Rose, what are you doing? But that’s not so bad. R-I-P Cafe Au Lait. I’ll wait ’til more of you grow and I’ll make another bouquet. I think that cream might be too cream. It’s definitely the end of the day, I have no more words
left to describe things. You’re in trouble when
you’re describing the flower that’s cream as too cream. I think this one is called Randy Dawn. It’s more pink than I would have thought, which seems to be the theme
of all my dahlias this year. They’re all slightly different colors than I thought they would be, but it looks really
good with this palette. So you can see even though I’m
kind of feeding the flowers into the bouquet, I’m still making sure that my stems are going on the outside so that I can move them around if needed. This is when they start
to get really heavy and hard to hold. There’s a chance that if you put it in, it will make bunny ears or google-eyes. Yeah, it’s like the end
of the day on Friday, Tim just came home so
we’re gonna wrap this up. All right, so I didn’t end
up using the Astilbe because, well it is really pretty, I
gotta wrap this again though. All right, so here’s how
you can rest your hands. I know there’s no water in it, but my hands, this hand is numb. Actually I didn’t think that I would be, well, I kinda need one
more piece of foliage here because the one thing
I’ll say about bouquets is that you never really know
how they’re going to hold them once you give them to a client, and if they decide to hold it this way, it looks like it has a bald spot. So, I could, this is why you don’t wrap it super tight. I could move that rose down
a little and add this in. It’s pretty pretty. All right I think we’re
gonna call that done. Now for half a roll of tape. All right so, we’re taped. Actually got some water in the vase now. But yeah, that is it
on this bridal bouquet. I will pick a ribbon
and wrap it off camera. “I’m gonna do my eyebrows off-camera”. “I’m gonna do my eyebrows off camera”. I’m gonna do my ribbon off camera just because it’s getting
dark and I’m losing the light and then we’ll do the finale
shots in daylight tomorrow since I was working on this for so long. The sun has set. (gentle orchestral music) (electronic beeping) And sorry, I have grass, like grass in the house So if I seem distracted it’s ’cause So if I seem distracted it’s ’cause I’m probably being
circled by a vicious clowder., that’s what a pack of
cats is called, clowder, like chowder with an L. – Do you like it? (cat meowing)

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