Erin Condren Planner Decor Review – Purple Floral Theme

Hi everybody, My name is Dru from Vintage
Glam Studio and I wanted to share with you just a quick review of the planner that I
created for last week it had a purple theme. I just wanted to go over some of the items
with you and some of them are available on my blog. Right here, for example, I have the
floral banner tags that basically cover up the dates and that’s a freebie available on
my blog. And for those of you who are familiar with my freebies I have this hydrate sticker,
this on I made purple to match the week. And the little heart checklists note stickers
that will basically fit within your Eclp or Erin Condren planner. Now some other things
that I added were stickers, because I love gold foil. Stickers from the Me and My Big
Ideas or Mambi stickers, others I made myself. And um, I really wanted to share these, a
little planner stickers that I am currently working on. They’re illustrations that I’m
trying to make so that they will be available in my Etsy Shop. And, I took one of those
designs and made in to a paperclip as you can see right here. The little cute kawaii
face and another thing that I wanted to discuss was this border, rather than washi, I created
this border. I hand cut this one and maybe I’ll be making them available in the future
either as stickers that I sell in my Etsy, excuse me, Etsy shop or as part of my freebies.
Anyway, this was last week, that layout for last week until the Sunday of this past week,
and I just wanted you to see it and have a quick review and that’s about it! So, talk
to you next time. I hope you subscribe to my channel or leave a comment and all of my
link will be in the bottom of this.. in the definition of this video. Okay? Thank you
and bye you guys! Thanks.

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