(ENGSUB) 현아(HyunA) “동시 컴백을 제안한 건..” @ ‘FLOWER SHOWER’ Showcase 쇼케이스 (던 DAWN) [통통TV]

I have a question for both of you. It seems like your label, P Nation, proposed a simultaneous comeback and solo. Please share with us in detail about how it all happened. Also, I’d like to ask how you felt when you first heard about the simultaneous comeback. So the question was about whether you two proposed a simultaneous comeback or your label did. How it all happened. It was neither, actually. We were just casually talking with our CEO about how we’ve been doing and our plans for the comeback. – Then it just came up. Who should make a comeback first?
– Yeah, that’s how it usually is. It was really funny because our eyes met each other’s for the three of us and none of us avoided eye contact. It was like a silent answer. We both said we’d like to make a comeback as soon as possible and the CEO said, “Really?” He thought neither of us was willing to postpone our comeback for each other. We then asked ourselves, ‘If we were going to release our albums on the same day, how should we do it?’ That’s how it all began slowly. We have a meeting casually in the practice room. So it wasn’t hard to talk about such things. So neither side proposed anything, and it wasn’t like a formal meeting, either. It all just came naturally. ‘Should we make a simultaneous comeback? How about we try this?’ kind of a thing. Not really a formal meeting, but more like a casual conversation. We got into small fights a lot, too. Neither of us was willing to give up for each other. Neither of you was willing to do so. We argued over who should shoot their MV first and things like that. We also fought over the directors for our MVs. – Directors?
– Yes, and… – Also over who was going to use the practice room.
– So fierce. Yes, fierce. You were just drawing a line between public and private matters. – You also cheer for each other, right?
– Yes, we do. But this is somewhat like a competition, so when it came to practice, it was fierce. I don’t think it was a competition. But he thinks of me as his rival. He does? Yes. ‘She’s my rival’. I think it’s a great competition, more of a friendly one. Please search TongTongTV online.

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  1. I'm just so happy that they are getting good press and that they feel really comfortable around the press and fans and know that there are plenty who support them no matter what and will continue too

  2. MAAAAAAANN….. Guys… do you see what PSY is doing??? He's trying to change the KPop industry… the taboo of idols dating… LOOK AT THIS!!! 2 idols, who's careers where destroyed by their love for each other… their company shunning them, dumping them out on the street… and then PSY comes in and scoops them up… signs them to his new label, works out new music, choreo, music videos, and has them do a SIMULTANEOUS COMEBACK, together! He's like, "fuck your taboos! Everybody knows idols date! Here, I'll even show you idols can date and work and have comebacks and be successful, all at the same time!"

    PSY out here saving the KPop industry.

  3. finally i see first k-pop couple open discussion about work, relationship, arguing, and loving each other. They are paving the way, good for them. My favorite couple.

  4. Actually, it's not being in a relationship that makes the scandal or destroys a career – it's in fact the stereotypes in the industry as well as the so called fans.

  5. That is so cute they fought over little yet important things gosh I love their relationship they know when to prioritize and when to also be a couple

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