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hello friends welcome to my channel
shimmery and glittery presenting before you a beautiful tray for the ring ceremony
look at this amazing piece shower of petals and blessings of Lord Ganesha
over the blissful natural bond we’ll be needing these things to make the
beautiful flower shower tray a mirror and cardboard of 12 inch diameter, glue gun,
dried painted petals, Lord Ganesha, lace flowers, beads and stones, foam,glitter sheet, CDs , tools and the tissue roll. we’ll be pasting two CD”s together
using white glue so as to get mirror finish on both the side now we will apply the glue all over the
edges and paste a single strand of stone lace now keep it aside so that it dries and
sets properly take a lightweight glass now we’ll be pasting stones on it using
white glue the symmetry and design you can decide for yourself while the glue was wet the red stones
were slipping off so I kept it to dry after the stones have dried now I am
pasting golden stones just to add on the beauty some stones, at the bottom of the
glass too once all this is done you need to keep
the glass aside to let the stones dry and set till then we’ll do something else now we need to cut the rings from the
tissue roll so next time when the tissue gets over don’t throw away the roll you
need to keep it aside for art and craft from the tissue roll we have cut four
and a half centimeters of base for Lord Ganesha and two rings of one and a half
centimeters for the engagement rings stuffing the Rings with the foam
of same size topping it with a round glitter sheet now we’ll be covering the cardboard with
the stone lace both the ring base pieces has to be
done similarly now the base of the Ganesha is also to
be covered with the stone lace using white glue using your sharp knife
cut a slit on both the pieces so that it can hold the ring we’ll be giving a
cardboard base to the mirror for firmness apply white glue generously on
the cardboard piece and paste the mirror keep it aside to dry
now the stones on the glass have dried and we’ll be putting some petals in it these are dry flowers that are colored
I’ll be using white glue to paste them just see I am pasting only on one side to give an impression just as the water
flows from the glass as if the petals are flowing from the glass in the meanwhile this has dried now
we’ll be putting stone lace to the edges for a beautiful finish now you need to keep it aside to dry these four pieces of one centimeter each
is going to form the base stand of our ring tray I am pasting them together
and then I will be pasting it to the cardboard at the base of the mirror now let’s decorate the mirror which is
going to form the base of our ring tray after pasting these flowers with the
glue gun I”ll be pasting half-cut beads at the center of each flower now the stands to hold the ring and the Lord Ganesha first the stand then I’ll
be pasting this CD that I have prepared on the stand and on top of it will reside
the Lord Ganesha now you need to pay attention to the
technical aspect I’m using fork to make a clamp just see how I am bending it the
one on the edges are in similar way and the two in the center are in similar
pattern once the fork is prepared now we get
back to our work on the tray we have to paste the fork like this using glue gun
and sorry guys I forgot to mention I’ll be using two pebbles also in this
project pebbles will be used to hold the fork we’ll paste it on the melted glue so
that the fork stays firmly once this is done we’ll be fixing our glass on the
clamp that we have prepared see how it holds now we’ll be covering the fork
using glue gun and flower petals so that the fork becomes completely invisible
and a mystery I have pasted a few petals near Lord Ganesha
and at the base of where the fork has been pasted so that it gives an appearance
of flowing flowers here comes the shower of blessing shower of blessing we need with the shower of flowers and blessing of Lord Ganesha how was the video friends
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