(ENG Sub)Nicole花藝教室|How to diy floral arch(仙氣花門婚禮佈置)

Hello, I’m Nicole from have a nice flower Today I’ll teach you how to create floral arch But I used a hanger to make a mini version. Fixing flower foam with cable tie Fix the left and right sides first Then fix it next to it Fix with a cable tie on each flower foam I used 7 flower foam Cut off the excess cable tie Can start to insert eucalyptus To make a flower arch, you must first insert the leaf material Insert in the same direction Inserted the sharp eucalyptus, then began to insert the round leaf Eucalyptus Mainly use these two kinds of leaf The state after inserting the leaves is like this Inserting leaves into the state of 70% Leave some space for inserting flowers Add the sharp eucalyptus makes the entire arch more lively put the waxflower In each flower foam, add 4-5 waxflower Continue to add waxflower on the other side waxflower should be inserted in different directions Look more layered Put the Eustoma It’s champion color of Eustoma There are light pink , light yellow ,green color of Eustoma Add the big eustoma, then add the small eustoma Insert next to the eustoma Finish!

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  1. 請問花泥是不是前一天要先泡水,這樣水分會不會很多水一直滴下來? 謝謝🙏

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