[Eng Sub] The Plum Blossom Scar Episode 2 – 梅花三弄(梅花烙)

(禎) Zhen This is the arctic fox’s tail that we cut off right? This is truly amazing. Isn’t it? Your mother used this cluster of fur. She made it in the middle of the night. That’s why it looks amazing right now. Mother went through so much trouble to make this. It was nothing. You don’t have to listen to Qin Mama’s exaggeration. I was thinking that your first hunting…. Was going to show a face
that came back empty-handed. But with your head and your heart,… It is inevitable to have so little regret. Besides, you have a gentleman’s
demeanor at such a young age. This first time, you released an arctic fox. Everyone will enthusiastically
talk about what you did. So, how about I give this
to you for commemoration? You see, it’s hung on the belt. It looks great, doesn’t it? Father gave me a fur-lined robe. In addition, he also gave me a bow and
arrows embedded with precious gemstones. But not this one, because it is from Mother. You put your heart into this. I will surely cherish it every time I wear it. You’re a really good boy. Born inside of the palace and is the eldest son. On your shoulders,… I don’t know how many people’s
expectations you will bear. And yet you still work so hard to
become someone worthy of respect. Every time that you see your Father,… Show a face of full pride. My heart feels very comforted. In that case, for Mother…. I will work even harder to
become someone worthy of respect. I will grow up to be smart and capable. I will never let Mother be disappointed. Madame truly loves and care for the young master. Listening to these bright and
sweet words is enough proof. Just look at the appearance of
this mother-and-child pair. It really warms my heart. It really makes me want to shed a tear. Mother and child? Supposing 12 years ago
when we swapped the baby…. Today, the happy one at my side….
should be another, should it not? If the child is still alive,
what would her fate be like? “Moving back and forth singing songs,” “This year is particularly strange”. “The ant has trampled flat the large tiger,” “The rocks in the river arerolling uphill, rolling uphill.” “Moving back and forth singing songs,” “The flower chases the butterfly over the brook.” “I yielded my uncle in the front of the door.” “I saw Auntie rocking Grandma,
rocking Grandma. “Moving back and forth singing songs,” “Big brother is the little sister
and the sister is the brother.” “Daddy is making waves from
playing with the drum,” “Grandpa claps his hands and chuckles,
clapping and chuckling.” “Moving back and forth singing songs,” “The moon is a small pearl
like baby’s breath.” “The mouse chases the cat around and round,” “The kitten takes a nip at the dog,
making so much noise.” Excellent, marvelous singing! Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you sir, thank you ma’m. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. My two sirs, is there anything
you wish to say? Of course! We precisely came to inform you! Both you old fart and
the little brat, seem to be well-off. You should be able to pay
the fee to work here, right? Of course! Well then, it’s no wonder… That you set foot onto our boss’s territory. It doesn’t mean that you can walk right in. Do you want to take away something? You think we rather be cold and hungry? Trying to crack a joke? This money is to support the beggars. If that is what you say,
then why take advantage of us? Alright, I’ll tell you right now. This city of Suzhou is ours. Trying to start conflict at the city gate. Where is the name of your
shop or restaurant? Until this street barber came along… We’ve all had followed Cui Liu Ye’s orders. This is the first day of your grand opening. How much have you earned?
How much respect? After the first day on the 15th,…
half of the profit must be turned in to us. These are the rules,
do you understand yet? Here’s the money,
it’s all in here! Don’t give it to them! It is simply a bunch of nonsense!
It’s preposterous! Dad..! This and other regulations are unbearable! Yinshuang, let’s get out of here! Let’s head to the city gate! No need to labor for and obey these two! Leaving now, are you?
Hand over the purse! Such talk in broad daylight! Don’t tell me you’re going to rob me?! Dad! Dad! Dad! Hand it over! You thieves! I’m going to report to the officials about you! You foul musician!
I’ll give you a taste of suffering! Dad! Dad! You stop hitting him! He is an elderly man! He can’t withstand such beatings! You let go! I’ll give you the money! Isn’t that enough!? Very good little girl!
You still hid money from us! Help me! Enough already!
Take the money and go! Dad! Damn gang of thieves….. Dad, can you get up? I know it hurts,
but we must get out of here. Let me help you go, okay? Those damn gang of thieves…..! Dad! Dad! Dad, hold on and take a breath. I still have some money here. I’ll head back and get a doctor for you. Forget it, I don’t need to. The pipa (lute) got broken. Keep the money and buy a new one. The amount of money is not even
enough for a meal for one person. It’s my fault for losing my cool. Throwing a few coins away
would have been better. It was Father who lost his patience. I also dragged you into my own sufferings. This uncontrollable temperament. There are times where I miss your mother. A little opera tune….. Drums, a wooden clapper… Everything back then was good. In the capital, the spirit of Su Cuihua lies there. There are several well-known bars and restaurants. At the capital, people were eager
to see your mother and me. Although the scenery won’t be
made for a theatrical troupe. People after their predecessors should
respect me as a master and my biography. Right now, being unimportant annoys me. Mother’s skills, I need to have half of it. And then the hotels, restaurants and
their shopkeepers won’t refuse us. We are unable to sing for money. It’s terrible that Daddy got hurt because of this. No, no. Of course not.
You misunderstood me. Dad! Dad, you should talk slowly. Dad! Dad! Dear child….. You really have been wronged. I blame myself for not taking
good care of your mother. A few years ago, she had fallen ill. Her life was unable to continue
and forced to end. You were so young back then. It created such a heavy burden. You do not know…… How regretful and guilt-ridden Father’s heart is. Your mother cherished you as much as life. If the Underworld knew this,
how can they rest in peace? It’s not your fault. When Mother was dying….. She told me over and over again…. “Be obedient and listen to your Father.” “Take good care and console him.” If I do not do good….. Mother won’t be able to rest in peace. Having lost your mother,
I didn’t care about myself. It’s because of you that
I can still keep on living. Don’t be sad. Do not cry. I’ll take good care of you, Dad. From now on, I will practice
hard to perfect my voice. In another two or three years….. We will be above everything. By then, we won’t have to worry about anything. We won’t be bullied anymore, alright? I wish I could grow up quickly. Grow up really quick. 8 years later in Beijing. Excuse me, is Shopkeeper Tong present? The owner is here but the
name isn’t Tong; it’s Xu. That would be me. Of course, of course. Shopkeeper Xu, I myself am a former
acquaintance of Shopkeeper Tong. I truly apologize. It’s been 10 years since I left Beijing,
so I don’t know what’s happened around here. If there is still residence available here,
I’ll pay you back on the 15th, if you excuse me. Of course, with pleasure. Yinshuang, come and meet Shopkeeper Xu. My daughter, Bai Yinshuang. Nice to meet you, Shopkeeper Xu. I’ll call the waiter to take care the both of you. Oh waiter! A moment please. Shopkeeper Xu,… We, father and daughter, are traveling musicians. Do you think it’s possible
for you to help us out? Allow the both of us perform a song or two here. Oh no, no, no. This place does not partake in such things.
Besides, the theater is not very far from here. This guest hotel is for recreational purposes.
It’s not that bad to walk a little further. Shopkeeper Xu, You say that you don’t want to be ridiculed. The capital is a place of hidden talent. I was raised in learning the arts.
I’ve sang in many places for a decade already. I’m confident that we will be the best. You sir, always have a large business. By doing this, it will also bring you good karma. You don’t have to take us into a good room. Alright? If the singing is not any good,… Then you can tell us and we won’t be staying. But if the singing is good,… You’ll have a more lively atmosphere here. You sir, will have another source of revenue. What say you? Well….. Shopkeeper Xu… You can help, you will help right? Alright then. Follow me. Uncle, where do you want me to place these? Over there, over there. Sure. Take a look. This is the cheapest room. The monthly payment is 10 taels. Done. Alright, you both rest first. Anyhow, there’s a place to stay. Things will start to run smoothly. Next people will naturally begin to feel enjoyment. Don’t you think so? Bai Yinshuang, ready for the dear listeners. “Playing the yueqin, I sang poems of
the moon over the Xijiang River…” “While you listened ever so carefully.” “Playing the yueqin, I sang poems of
the moon over the Xijiang River,…” “While you listened ever so carefully.” The musical troupe in the corner there,…
Have they always sang in the restaurant? They weren’t here yesterday,
nor were they here the day after. They probably arrived today. So pesky, quickly go take a look. Sir! “The mist are a light and graceful
shade of red and jade green.” “The gossamer flies away
with no destination.” “Ah…..” “Striving to see each other
as if we’ve never met.” “Being in love is so ruthless.” They don’t look familiar. We often pass by theatrical
troupes at your place. Just like the ones we often see. But this one is not…… But she does sing very well. She looks beautiful too! Just how beautiful? Young master should turn around. Your servant’s description of her should benefit. At least a hundred and ten phrases can be used. I’m afraid Master will be too impatient to hear it all.
So it’s better not to say. Then aren’t you getting out of the way? Sir! “Playing the yueqin, I sang poems of
the moon over the Xijiang River,…” “While you listened ever so carefully.” “Playing the yueqin, I sang poems of
the moon over the Xijiang River,…” “While you listened ever so carefully.” Marvelous! It wasn’t much, thank you
everyone for your praise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A gift from my Master. I truly thank you dear
brother and your Master. No need to be modest. Young lord, you’re here to visit. As usual, you want the western lounge right? Please, if you will. How dare you bump into me! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!
It was unintentional. My lord! I apologize. My daughter had just finished singing
and was collecting rewards from the guests. She wasn’t paying attention,
so please forgive her. Forgive her?
Ah yes, of course she’s forgiven! Bastards!
Don’t hold her like that! Yes sir…. Quickly, go and pick up the money! You said that you had just finished singing. What does that mean exactly? My lord, this father and daughter
are musicians for my inn. Musicians, eh? And what is her name? Bai Yinshuang. Very nice. Tell them to go upstairs and serve me. Go! Go quickly! That’s one of the aristocrat’s son, Sir Duolong. We mustn’t offend them. For a request to sing,
we will perform right here. Let’s go. What’s the matter? Your Honor can go upstairs by yourself. Even though you demand us up there,…. We will be staying right here. Go! Yes sir! You…..what do think you’re doing!? What are you doing!? Let go! You guys let go of me! We’re following regulations as musicians! You’re being unreasonable
trying to force someone! Even if you force me to go up, I won’t sing! Let go! Even if you don’t sing….. You will accompany me
when I eat and when I drink. Besides, I have other things in mind. You….! How dare you!?
You are really presumptuous! Don’t you now that I’m a young lord!? Zhen….! My lord! The young master
and I don’t like to brag. This tea and wine shop is a regional place. Better watch out for the young master
yelling at you,…In order to avoid disgrace! You…! Who the hell do you think you are!? You dare to insult me!? Everybody here knows that you are
one of the aristocrat’s son, Duolong. Not only are you careless about what you say…. You also oppress others,
causing trouble for no reasons at all! Indeed, there is certainly something
disgracing about your title. Huh? I cause trouble!? Who would utter such a thing!? On the contrary,….. I’d say you’re the one smashing up the shop! Everybody in front of us has seen it! You see! You see him!? Who would utter such a thing? Everybody had just witnessed what you did! My lord’s behavior can be seen. Truly, it is impressive. You slave dog, you dare to talk
sarcastically to me!? You’re going to get it! Hurry up you bastard! You want me to beat him? He’s the same as you are. He has gemstone badge showing his rank. You bastard! Your Master’s arm is about
to break off like a lemon! And yet you’re worried about his rank?! Quickly, help me beat him! Yinshuang! Yinshuang! Yinshuang! Sire, enough please! Enough! Do not fight!
No more fighting! Dad! – Are you alright!?
– I’m fine! I’ll fight with you! How did it end up like this?!
My eye! You’re all good for nothing, totally useless! I don’t want to go see the doctor! Why the hell should
I keep you useless guys around!? I’m so furious I could die! Ow! My eye! My eye! I told you both that this wouldn’t end well! He only wanted to enjoy a meal! So small-minded! Never has the world seen anything like this! And now I have made an
offense against a customer! Everything I have has been broken! Naturally, I’ll pay for the loss. Xiao Kou Zi, give a silver ingot to the Shopkeeper. Yes sir. Enough yet? It is, it is! Thank you, young lord! Thank you! This father and daughter truly do have integrity. Shopkeeper, please don’t be embarrassed with them. Yes, of course. Definitely, defintely. The young lord upheld justice,
helping us in trouble. We, father and daughter, are very grateful. Many thanks, my lord. No need for such courtesy. Until next time. Take care, my lord. Take care, my lord! Spectacular! Young master. Your servant have been
practicing here, waiting for you. Why haven’t you changed your clothes? There’s no need for
my practice today, just go and rest. Young master already finished practicing. Please rest, alright? Of course. Hey, “An Da”! What it is? Suddenly speaking in a Manchurian dialect,
it’s not that great. How do you chop a
man’s head in half with a nail? You’re a master of archery and martial arts
and taught the young master. You are also addressed as “An Da”
and responding to it. A bunch of crazy, young fans,
what a load of nonsense! Allow me. I wonder if you’re afraid of
your heart being bewildered. So I have a special solution to solve your problem. What problem? You have taken care of the young master
and watched him grow up. Diligent and hardworking since childhood,
when has he ever shy away from a book? As for not coming to practice today,
there are reasons for that. Didn’t you say that he had already practiced? Ah, yes! On the second
floor of the “Dragon’s Origin”. What!? At the local restaurant with a noble’s son, Sir Duolong And three of his lackeys. He’s fighting with people outside of the house?! He used “his fist” to help those who were wronged. Son of a bitch! Why, you stupid little monkey you! Out all day with the young master,
wandering around aimlessly! At what time did you visit that business? You wanted to have your brains for dinner, eh? I wanted to inform you! I did!
Please don’t tell anyone! I was afraid that my melon head
will no longer be stable on my neck! I wanted to consult this
with you before you beat me! You know of that fear!
How can you not be afraid?! Although, you do have deep influence on him. The young master doesn’t even
pay attention to these trivial matters! However we were outnumbered! Next time, we will have more people. A next time?! You still have a “next time”?! No, I don’t. I don’t. The young master said to
those in need, “Until next time.” You do realize that I try to keep things
under control with my own two legs, yes? Therefore, we have no other choice
but to ask for your assistance. Another day at the “Dragon’s Origin”. “An Da” will be escorting. It’s unlikely to have any trouble, yes? In order not to get into trouble…. You should immediately find a way
to persuade the young master from going there! That kind of local “Dragon-Serpent” place
is no place for him to mingle! You should go tell him. I couldn’t persuade him. If you can’t persuade him,
how will I be able to persuade the boy?! Exactly! Why not!? You always found things to say! Don’t be counting on me, I don’t care! You really don’t care? I don’t, I don’t! If the young master went somewhere and
ended up black and blue… Don’t you feel sorry for him? I won’t feel sorry for him. No matter what you say, it doesn’t matter! “The moon began to disappear,
the water has begun to overflow.” “The heart became uncertain,
the lantern is semi-bright.” “The wind is unsteady, the dream is not peaceful.” “At midnight, the drums are destroyed;
one person worries about others.” “Flowers begin to wither, the soul is intoxicated,” “The wine goes right into the eyes,…” “Creating tears of pearls.” “You don’t see Spring arrive…. ” “Yet you see Spring obediently following along.” “Never getting sick of wine,…” “Losing weight around the waist.” “Where do people return to,…
when their years fade away?” “Your gaze on the skyscraper breaks;….” “Someone goes far away into the mountains and trees.” “You don’t see them return, ….” “You only happen to meet them on the way back.” Excellent! “The autumn days grow longer,….” “Leaving behind red clouds and lonely ducks.” “One’s home town is so far away,…” “Being unable to fly to pass through.” “From Spring, Winter arrives;…” “Thousands of mountains leave behind trees.” “Sending words of affection,….” “But there’s no one who can live up to expectations.” “Desiring to transform into a poplar flower, ….” “And clinging onto the young man.” “Clinging onto the young man.” You finally came back. Mother, what is going on here? The Emperor has summoned us. The entire family is going to the Emperor’s palace. Your mother and your brother
have already readied themselves. I’ve sent someone out to find
you if you were unaccompanied. Xiao Kou Zi, Akedan; take the
young master to get changed quickly. Yes, ma’m! Elder brother’s clothes is fine;
changing will delay us. His outfit is not too bad and can get by. I also think that it’s not bad. Let’s all get going quickly. Your Servants respectfully wishes
His Majesty good health! At the blink of an eye,
all of your children have grown up. I myself would like to hear
an introduction from everyone. Your Servant, Hao Zhen, is the senior sibling. Your…..Your Servant, Hao Xiang….. Then who was it that caught and released
the arctic fox a few years ago? Your Majesty;
’tis was I, your humble servant. And who is that behind Hao Xiang? Bow down, bow down! Your Majesty, he is your humble servant’s son, Duolong. Duolong. Yes? I mean……..yes, Your Majesty? What happened to your eye? Your…..your humble servant’s
home was burglarized last night. Fortunately, your humble servant
was able to discover them early. I shouted at the thieves. I was in the courtyard by myself and it was pitch-black. Your humble servant then
decided to chase after the thieves. But I was careless and accidentally ran into a pole. It….bumped right into the rim of my eye. So that’s what happened. At night, one should not be without a lantern. Having only one person trying to save the palace. It must have been difficult. You flatter me, Your Majesty. Qian Rou. Yes, Your Majesty? Behind you is your elder sister, yes? Your Majesty has good memory. To your humble servant’s side is her elder sister. And next to her is my nephew. How coincidental. Recently, I’ve decided to sort out and
summon the children of the nobles. Inviting them to talk about
the daily lives of their families. Among the four juniors here today,…. Three of them are cousins. How very interesting. Everybody may rise now. Thank you, Your Majesty. I’m in a very good mood at the moment. I’m thinking about taking a walk. Everybody follow along. Yes, sir! No need to restrain yourselves. You four juniors can come over. Come over to my side. Yes sir! Everyday, I’m usually busy with government affairs. It’s a very rare opportunity
for you all to congregate here. For a long time, there hasn’t
been a tour of the studio. Today’s tour of the garden
is one that you should take advantage of. I will also be taking part in giving all of you a test. Of course. Your Majesty may select a topic. Alright, all of you listen. “With a mirror in each hand,…,” “A woman is able to comb her hair
rom three different angles.” May His Majesty be auspicious! “A lone bridge crossing the lake,….” “Two people bow and greet the other four.” Correct, very good. Your Majesty exaggerates. I have one! I have one! Your humble servant presents
a pair of antithetical phrases. Alright, you may speak. “With the sun overhead,….” “8 different sounds echo from a pair of horses running.” What pair of antithetical phrase is this? Your humble servant shall explain. Under the sun, there is a shadow. The horse has four hooves. Along with the shadow, there are 8 hooves. The hooves making the “clip-clapping” sounds. Therefore, there are 8 hooves making noise. That doesn’t make any sense. You clearly said there was a pair of horses. Which means that there should be 16 hooves. How come there are only 8 hooves? In response to Your Majesty,….. 16 hooves, the antithesis wasn’t carefully done. So, your humble servant has a reason for that. The so-called “pair” of horses,…. It is actually a mare that is with child. Yesterday evening, I had a dream. In my dream, I saw a senior monk
and we came together to discuss a topic. He said “How can one mold thick congee?” “What is plain and without purpose?
It is both easy and rare.” “Can you compose it into 4 poetic verses?” This I deemed to be rather difficult. After pondering for a long time, I finally woke up. But I am still unable to come up with an answer. I would like your assistance with this. Your humble servant has a solution to the 4 verses. Please listen, Your Majesty. Alright, you may speak. The Heavens molds fog like thick congee. The dew in the grass are plain and with no purpose. Both the fog and dew can transform easily. Both the fog and dew are rare. Good, very good! Truly worthy of being in
“The Book of Songs and History of China.” Your humble servant is unworthy for such praise. I have one! It is simple, I will answer. The defecation of reeds can
be molded like thick congee. The food on the table is plain and with no purpose. Food can change into feces easily. But feces changing into food is rare. Alright, enough. You’re all unrestricted here. Otherwise, everybody won’t be able to hold it back. Go ahead and laugh! A few days ago,… I took a walk around the Garden of Perfect Brightness. Along the way back, we came across a group of people. We saw them with a casket
and holding a funeral procession. There was also another group with a leader. They had a wedding sedan,
readied to take a bride. As a result, a thought had come to mind. I ask all of you….. How many people die annually within the Qing nation? Hao Xiang, you answer. Your…..your humble servant shall do research. After researching, I shall immediately
reply to Your Majesty. How shall you research? Where will you be researching? Your…..your humble servant does not know. Your humble servant requests
Your Majesty, to let him release an edict. I would like to know how you would manage it. What are the requirements needed? Well……… Your Majesty, may your humble servant
answer this on his younger brother’s behalf? Very well. You may answer. First of all, Your Majesty…. In the Qing nation, 12 people die annually. But there are tens of
thousands of people in this nation. How is it that a year before someone is born….
12 have already died? To Your Majesty,…. Because regardless of how many are born in that year…. They’re all born under one zodiac sign. So, no matter how many people die in a year…. They can never surpass the 12 zodiacs. Good! Very good! I surely can count on you. An assassin is here! Get him! Get him! Hao Xiang! Hao Zhen! A bold assassination attempt! You dare to assault His Majesty?! You cruel and immoral thing! I, your servant am afraid that
I have violated your decree. Trying to be realistic and frightening
Your Majesty in turn. May Your Majesty please forgive me. It doesn’t matter, you have done very well. Hao Zhen, you can let him go now. What I mean is that I let
him pretend to be an assassin. Yes. I have offended you. Master Zhen is very diligent. Your humble servant earnestly ask for your forgiveness. Let me see quickly, how is your injury? I’m fine, Mother.
Only the clothes got cut. Your humble servant was ordered
to be realistic as possible. I had to pretend to attack the young master. I was ordered to be accurate. I didn’t expect the bond
between brothers to be so deep. Master Zhen unexpectedly even risked his own life. Your humble servant was very shocked. Fortunetately, this “fake assassination” didn’t’ come true. Otherwise, it would have become a very serious offense. Alright, alright. Such arrangements were made in order
to test everyone’s courage and insight. Hao Zhen is both brave and wise,
risking his life to protect another. Indeed, it can be said that he is a young hero. This vermillion ink was from the
same time period as Emperor Kangxi. Your own fan had been damaged. I shall bestow upon you this fan. Well, then. Your humble servant kowtows
in gratitude to His Majesty’s kindness!

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