(ENG Sub) 꽃집 창업시, 꼭! 잘 만들어야 하는 [예쁜 웨딩부케] _ wedding bouquet

Hello, I’m a flower teacher. Today, it’s not a three-minute curry. We prepared a wedding bouquet diy video that will be completed in 3 minutes. It’s short time to build, and it’s very cheap to build. 8000 won for two Alstroemeria, 1000 won for tape, 1000 won for ribbon It’s a bouquet that can be made for a total of 10,000 won. Let’s make it real. There is only one kind of flower. This is Alstroemeria. I’ll hold it in a spiral. So, at this point, to make a dome, The higher, the middle, the lower. Hold the flower’s face down. Place the flower’s face so that it can be seen outside. All in all, check the face of the flower and hold it. When you’re done with the flowers, It now adjusts the height of the flowers to be domed in general. All in all, if the shape is made, Cut the stem. Tape the stem. You can use tape or use floral tape. You need to fix it firmly so that it doesn’t change its shape If the stem is fixed, decorate it with a ribbon. To prevent the stem from moving, pull the ribbon and work. Tie it up from the bottom. You can tie it down from top to bottom. If you’re up to the end, I’ll fix the ribbon. Use a pearl pin to fix it. Press the end of the ribbon with a pearl pin to secure it. I finished the ribbon. The wedding bouquet was completed in three minutes. It’s cheap, pretty, and easy to make. Beginners can make enough. I hope you liked the video today. Please press the subscription and good button. Your pretty comments are a big help to me. See you in the next video.

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