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Where are we heading to? Japan, Tokyo But first? London *leans back* *insert stereotypical vlogging montage music* [sorry] The flight was so exhausting, I immediately fell asleep *plays Für Elise* *plays SAO Swordland* We’re in JAPAN Okay, tell me about your flight I played Solitaire Sudoku for me The person in front of me I watched her and she couldn’t play Solitaire at all Which movies did you watch? – Boss Baby
– We watched it together And I also watched The Foreigner With Jackie Chan Was like watching my dad fight (lmao) *bird noises* It is currently ten to ten (9:50am) Almost ten We’re about to continue our way towards… “home”, Shinjuku We’re now going to a park Okay, German, English? We went to one park which was already closed, the second one here is also closed, – everyone is leaving
– This is still the first one Still the first one? lol srory ANYwaY we were strolling down the street And there were people behind us One guy, a white one And two… yellow women? Why don’t you just say “two asian women”? They were talking about Germans The guy said I would hold the camera a bit further up, so that one can see you We have finally arrived in a park Hello, I’m Nils! I’m Jenny’s sist- BROTHER This is the Yoyogi Park Are you recording, Jenny? – With or without sound?
– With Today is March 25th (next day btw) Shinjuku Garden here Today is the peak of sakura blossom cherry… trees… ANyWya We’re just walking around We just took ten thousand pictures – Right?
– A few [personally not my kind of music at all so i apologize] [but like i said before i’m too lazy to re-edit] *wheee* [Shibuya Crossing bisheeeees] It is half past eight After the park, we went to Shibuya And… Bought stuff [seriously tho] Wave!

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