[ENG]겹작약 플라워케이크만들기 How to make Peony flower cake

make yellow color by wilton Golden-yellow make Green color too by Golden-yellow and Moss-green. make peach color by Red-red, Golden-yellow, Brown color. put white and peach cream in piping bag and mix little. Make a thick column by 122tips. Tilt the green leaves a little bit to the inside. used 350 or 352. The bottom is thick, and it makes it thinner. Make yellow leaf by green leaf with number 13. Make it a little higher than the green leaf. Make the tip stick completely to the flower and cover the green and yellow leaves slightly They make leaves at a similar height, and then they make more than four leaves. Make it the same way a little farther away. Be careful not to stick to the bottom of the tip completely, because the leaves can get fat. It makes thin leaves similar height between the three leaves. From now on, we can make more leaves behind the original ones. You can also lay down a tip to make open leaves. Put 1-2 leaves open and express them as if they were blooming flowers. you can also make white color. I used 15*15 cake. place the big flower on the edge of the cake first. Place other flowers next to the flowers that were placed first. I’m going to put only one of these flowers. I’ll put three small flowers together. make lambs-ear by flower. you can also watch and practice my other lambs-ear making video;) of cours you can make basic leaf or berry. put wafer paper leaf. you can watch how to make waferpapaer leaf on my other video 😉 done!!! so beautifeul 😉 thank you for watching! please subscribe, like and comment! 😉

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