(ENG)東京的櫻花🌸 (每天換一支口紅) Tokyo Cherry Blossom Vlog 🇯🇵

Hello everyone! I have just arrived Tokyo! OUCH! It hurts! Yes! Tokyo! Let me show you guys my hotel It’s like this when you walk in You will see a bed first and then yeah a TV It’s a very boutique hotel But it’s cute Sofa area we have just arrived Meguro River to see Cherry Blossom it’s very beautiful it’s all Cherry Blossom in the back People are buying this. It’s pink and there’s strawberry inside it’s really nice here in Meguro you can see so many Cherry Blossom and little stores are opened till late, so Pretty good It’s actually already 12pm running late the lipstick I have on is Dior #976 And the color is very pink It’s pink It’s shiny after you put it on Because the lipstick is pretty moisturizing It’s not going to show lip line We’re at the Barneys in Ginza We’re eating inside the department store Imahan Because we love it so much and we’re eating sukiyaki today This time, we ordered Sakura set So it’s beautiful We’re at Shiseido’s Cafe Because last time I went to Dior cafe and it was great So we went to a different one this time It’s Shiseido Delicious and not too sweet It’s perfect I think the weather for April It’s too cold We’re going to the Pharmacy We’re going to BiC Camera To shop We’re at BIC camera And basically it’s You find all kinds of electronics and Pharmacy and also makeup products It’s a very nice place And it’s very big Yup we’re back at the hotel And we bought two bags Its a nice hotel there’s a hot tub on the roof And everyone who lives here could use it so we might go up and relax and see if we’re going to eat more We just went to Family mart to bought food Beef tongue Rice ball Kanto Hot lemon water My eyes are swollen because I might have ate too much last night Too salty I can’t eat late night food anymore The lipstick I’m going to use today is 976 It is more red Oh I used 976 yesterday, sorry sorry..I’m using 859 today 859 is more red yeah This is from yesterday and this is for today more red This one is a bit pink And I’ll put on two layers Because I like my lips more red Ok done! I’m going out now, going to see cherry blossom The weather is perfect today super good we have just arrived Naka-Meguro and we’re going to starbucks Reserve Because we love Starbucks Reserve Wow the wind We actually came here on our first night too see cherry blossom But that was cherry blossom at night And the one I’m seeing now Cherry blossom under light And it’s very beautiful..I feel like some cherry blossoms has fall Because it rained last night There are so many people at this Starbucks super You can see cherry blossom from the seats here I think it’s beautiful But it’s cold we’re going to Chidorigafuchi Green Way The park to see cherry blossom We have arrived Harajuku Takeshita Street too many people too many people We are here for dinner Rikyu Chuodori shop First time for me and we’re at Shibuya..because it’s closer to Takeshita Street One of their stores Taro Paste The waitress said to add a bit of soy sauce Mix it And pour it over rice This is mashed yam not taro I said Yam right? Yeah right, today We’re going home And my makeup Is almost done Only lipstick left My face is swollen lately Because we ate too much late night food But it’s the only way Thinking of putting on a orange lipstick It’s like this Orange, I’m putting it on Ok..it’s like this So the lipstick I put on today It’s more orange-ish today’s lipstick, and yesterday’s, and the day before yesterday’s Alright, I’m going to check out Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is super beautiful It’s a good place to see cherry blossoms A lot of the people are eating under the cherry blossom tree It’s super romantic You can see the flowers and eat here Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden’s Dorayaki! We just got to Kajitsuen It’s selling a lot of fruits and fruit cakes Anything related to fruits and even juices Super good

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