Encaustic Blumentechnik “Floral 2” / Encaustic Flower Technique “Floral 2”

Encaustic Flower Technique – Part 2 “Floral” Hello it’s me again!
Monika Romer of the Encaustic Academie. In my last video I promised to
show you how to paint a dahlia. Spring is near. So you have to be fit at drawing flowers. I’m going to tell you what we need: A painting iron. It’s great if you have a painting board at home. Of course our colors. Glitter colors. Encaustic colors. Painting cards. A roller. And a little sock. Let’s start. I’m taking a bigger paper. And now I’m taking the painting board. I want to show you how to paint the background without the painting iron. You can also use the painting board. For flowers I like to take bright backgrounds for more contrast. I paint the color directly on the paper. It suits really good. A little blue. You get a roller like this in a construction market. It’s a roller with a handle on top. You can buy it seperate and in different sizes. The simple onse without coating or structure. These are the best. You can easily put them on. It has to rotate easily. And with this roller I’m going to paint the background. It creates really tender and light backbrounds. Really delicate. It’s great if you have a painting board. It’s amazing to work with. There’s a hair. Again. But it’s okay we can remove it. If you don’t own a painting board you can also use the painting iron. Just remove the handle. And then use it as a small painting board. No we have an amazing delicate background. It’s a good base for flowers. We can put the painting board aside. As you can see it’s really tender. And now we need our painting iron. I’m cleaning it. I grab the iron at the bottom because I’m going to paint really close to the card. You can work much better in
this postition than in this one. Last time I showed you how to paint the
background with silk color. And today we painted it with the painting roller but the silk color is still standing here from last time. Now I’m taking some pretty shades. There’s still some wax dripping out of the iron. You always have to clean the iron properly. I don’t always manage to either. It’s comes out of the gaps. It’s not that great. Now I put color on the edge. Not on the bottom. Melt it directly on the iron. I’d like some purple as well. You can use two or three different colors. This amount is enough. Now we go here. I’m making a zig-zag move. This hand holds on to the card. And turns it. The important thing is to always come
back to this point. Those spots are okay you won’t see them later. Now we made the first round. Now we make the next round and take some fresh color. The second round is a bit shorter. The leaves have to be shorter than in the first round. The second round is over as well and I smoothly move on to the third. They are even shorter. Sometimes you have to put the card back in place because it moves from turning it. Let’s see how many rounds we can do. We already are in the fourth round. Until you reach the middle. Now the flower is filled. We still have space for another one. This one is quite sharp. We can paint the other flower with round leaves. I don’t make a zig-zag move. But I paint a bow on top and get back within an arc. Let’s try it. This one is getting a bit bigger. See? Open them a bit on top. If you paint a bigger flower or plant, of course you need to refresh your wax. Again we paint a few rows with shorter leaves. Put the card back in place. It always wanders in this direction. Second round completed and move
on to the third round. Fifth round. And at the end. Now you can see the complexity. Of course they also need stems. Also put it on the edge. Pull down. So they get a pretty stem. And again on the edge push it to the top
and pull it back down. It makes great leaves. These are a bit difficult but I’m going to show them to you in detail next time. A few fine grasses. For these I’m taking the bottom edge of the iron. I’m gonna leave it like that. And now I’m grabbing my big painting board. I can easily create a quick frame with it. Vertical up. Push in your direction. Done. Again. Now I’m pushing it back because we arrive at the edge of the painting board. And back again. Out dahlias are finished. We just have to wait a bit. And then you can polish it. You know For a beautiful brilliance. It makes the colors shine. A great thing about Encaustic is you don’t have to wait long for it dry. It’s pretty fast. I’m putting a white piece of paper underneath so you can see it better. This was todays dahlia. And believe me when I say there are countless flowers you can draw with this painting iron. I would love to show them to you! Just visit me at my studio or in my courses. Visit the homepage. There are going to be flower courses in spring. And next time I’m going to show you
how to paint the leaves. How to create a beautiful lief. Because you need them for a lot of things. The floral elements. I’m saying bye for today. Thanks for watching. And I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

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