[EN] 아름다운그대에게, For You in Full Blossom, EP14 (Full)

Where are we going? You’re really not going to go to the hospital? Wait here. I’ll call a cab. No. Don’t. Why not? Why are you wasting time? Your father collapsed. I get that you two don’t have the best relationship, but you still need to see him. It doesn’t concern me. How does it not concern you? Just leave me alone. Please. No. How can I just leave you alone…? When I can see that you’re
going to regret it? When I can see how much it’s
going to hurt and torment you. Just wait. I’m going to call a cab. You better come. Oh, I forgot. I’m not supposed
to come empty-handed. It’s fine. Maybe for you, but not for me. I was taught never to visit
someone empty-handed. You go ahead first. I’ll go buy some beverages or something. Hey. What are you doing here at this hour? Where’s Mr. Yoon? I told him to go home. He’s busy enough with company work. It’s no big deal, anyway. It was just a little dizziness
from low blood pressure. Should never have called you. You must have watched over
your mother in the same way. You took the role I was supposed to take. I imagine it must have been difficult for you. I have no excuse for you. I know what kind of father I was to you,
and I know why you are angry with me. I understand,
but can you still… No, you don’t understand. No matter what happens,
I will never forgive you. I’m glad to hear you’re fine. I will go now. Oh, right. It’s late, isn’t it? Go home. We’ll talk next time. I won’t be coming back here. Just for a little while. Can we walk like this? It just feels like if I don’t hold someone’s hand right now,
I’ll get lost forever. I’m getting discharged today. Congratulations. All the doctors were really surprised. I have a body of steel,
so I’ve been healing really fast. You must feel lucky to have a head of steel
and a body like an amoeba. Amoeba… Anyway, as I promised,
I’ll make you laugh today. I’m warning you.
I don’t laugh unless it’s really funny. Don’t you worry for I
did not come unprepared. All right then, shall we start? What do you call a dead almond? Diamond. (Die-almond) You can’t seriously think… I’m just warming up. Then, let’s hear the real stuff. What do you call a group of Poohs? Poodle. (‘deul’ is plural in Korean) A frog that eats octopi? A frog-pie. What happens when Nana
the teletubby comes to earth? Global Warming.
(Pun of “Nana came to earth”) When Po leaves home? Pop-eye. (Po-bye) What does Dooby (Tipsy) eat? Dooby-doo-bop. (Dooby-doo-rice) A dog steps on an ant, killing it. What do they both say? Sorry dawg. What is the opposite of
jaga-yong (private-use)? You don’t know this one, do you? What is it? Keo-yong. (It’s big.)
(“Jaga” means small. “Keo” means big). Let’s stop there,
because you’re not funny. I’m going to go. Han-na, I promise I’ll
make you laugh next time! Han-na! What are you doing? Writing on walls now? Come over here and look at this. What is this? It’s your goal for this
upcoming championship. I added one centimeter to your best record. How is this 2.31 meters? Whatever. In this room, this is 2.31 meters. So, look at this whenever you pass by it. That way, it won’t seem
like such a big deal later. What if I can’t even jump this height? Then, how is that high-jumping? You’d be squat-jumping. It’s practically been vacation time here! The nationals are just around the corner,
and none of you are focused. I can see what a mess you
guys have been while I was gone. Seung-ri, is this because we
didn’t visit you at the hospital? That’s nonsense. You think I would grind you guys
for something like that? Although, none of you jerks even
swung by with a piece of pastry. See, it is about that! What the heck! Kim Jong-min! I said it wasn’t! Do I look that petty to you? Anyway, you jerks don’t
have an ounce of loyalty. What are you staring at! All right, 30 more sets of sit ups, start! Seung-ri… Start! One! Two! Match the pace!
Three! Want to start all over? Hurry up! Five! Six! Do it properly! Seven! Eight! Hey, Transfer Student,
you’re full of energy today. Everyone saw Ku Jae-hee? With energy, like him! 100 more. Ugh! This is hard as it is.
Did he have eel for lunch or something? I hate him! Kim Jong-min! Focus! Seung-ri, I didn’t get to have eel for lunch. Hurry up. What was that… Does Tae-jun like me? He has been strangely nice to me. No, no. He thinks I’m a guy. Then, does Tae-jun like guys too? No, no way.
I can’t even imagine it. Can’t imagine what? Nothing. Hey, what do you think about this picture? What? It’s pretty. Where? How? What do you mean? Everything. The eyes, nose… Then, would you go out with this person? Of course. I’d be grateful. Kang Tae-jun, you like guys? What? You like guys like this? What are you talking about? You little punk. I was just joking around. Are you going to go to practice? It’s 2.3 meters. Starting with Hyun-jae. Still, a great improvement. I’ve told you this before,
but you rush too much. If your first step is rushed,
it’ll carry to your last step. Yes, coach. It’s fine. I’ll do it. It’s my job. With our current scores,
I’m your training partner. It’s fine. Go get ready. Tae-jun, get ready. Go. Instead of counting numbers,
try singing a song in your head. It helps with the timing. What song do you sing? Frog Boy. Again. Again. Yes, coach. What’s going on? Your balance is terrible. Is something wrong? Are you seeing someone? Nothing’s going on. When it comes to the high jump,
it’s all about those few precious seconds. If your focus isn’t accurately on that bar,
then you already fail. Again. Yes, coach. My form really is a mess. I wonder why you can’t find your balance. You were doing great up until a while ago. I’m not sure. And, physically, I’m in good condition. This isn’t good.
We don’t have much time. Do you think it could be… Could be what? If your balance issue is because
of something psychological, maybe it’s because your father collapsed… I told you, I don’t want to talk about that. I’m just saying… Let’s just drop it. You took some from behind, right? Yeah, hold on. I’ll do it. You have a text. Can you check for me? It’s from Eun-gyeol. Squishy, you want to go to
a soccer game with me? Were you planning to go
watch soccer with Eun-gyeol? No, but you know how
there’s a match today. And he did hurt his leg because of me, so I was going to go
watch the game with him. If you have plans today,
I can tell him I can’t go. I didn’t say that. What’s with your long explanation? Give it. What are you looking at? Nothing. Were you looking at Dr. Min-woo? No. But, isn’t he sexy? Sexy? He looks like a sekshi (bride).
Like a new bride. No, look at his arms. Those veins… Goodbye, then. Veins? They look the same… You should take better care of your body. You’re at that age now. Certainly. My body is changing by the day. I’m sure you’re busy. You should go. Right. I’ll get going now,
since I paid my visit. I won’t see you out. By any chance, has Tae-jun visited yet? He did, briefly. Are you ever going to tell Tae-jun
what really happened to his mother? If you just told him the truth,
he wouldn’t have such misunderstandings. It’s better that things just stay the way it is. Less complicated. Still… Please, do not say anything
unnecessary to Tae-jun. Yeah, of course. I’ll be right back. Sure, whatever. You sure you don’t want to go? I’m good. Why don’t you just come with us? You like soccer. It’s more convenient to watch it here. I wish you’d go. Then… Then, I’ll be back. All right. She could’ve asked one more time. Sometimes, she really lacks persistence. Pass, that’s right. Shoot! He should’ve… Aw, that was such a waste. I thought we were going
to a real soccer field. What, this is a real soccer field. And, we are watching
soccer at a soccer field. I know it would’ve probably
been more fun to watch it live, but I couldn’t get tickets. But, I still wanted us to have the atmosphere. Isn’t it pretty nice though? It’s a little disappointing,
but it’s not so bad. I’m really sorry, Eun-gyeol. Sorry about what? Whatever the reason was,
it was my fault you injured your leg. Why is everyone apologizing to me today? What? Nothing. It’s nothing. You’re my best friend. I thought I wouldn’t want anything more. I thought I’d be happy
just to be by your side. And, I shouldn’t want
anything more than that. But, I’m starting to. I don’t want you to feel
burdened by it or anything though. Eun-gyeol, I… I know. You don’t have to say it. Why do we both have to be guys? Cha Eun-gyeol. Hm? I’m sorry. What now? Just, for everything. I hope that even if I end
up disappointing you later, you won’t hate me too much. Disappoint me how? However. You’ll still take my side, right? No, I’m being too selfish. There’s no such thing between friends. As long as you want…
I’ll always take your side. That’s enough. Kang Tae-jun, let me talk
to you for a second. Don’t come back to the
gym until tomorrow. What? How many jumps did you do today? Around 20. You’re over-exerting yourself. You’re over-paced. I’m fine, coach. Is your Achilles’ tendon made of steel? Come back tomorrow fully
rested and refreshed. Coach, the tournament is
just around the corner… The way I see it, the problem
isn’t with your legs. It’s here. So, get some rest. I don’t know what it is,
but that needs to be resolved, before your record comes out again. I’m all right, coach. Man, why do you talk so
much! Just listen to me! Ku Jae-hee, it’s your
responsibility to take Tae-jun out today. What? Take this kid outside and get
some fresh air into his nostrils. Take pictures too for proof. Or else, it’s hell training for you too. Yes, coach. Min Hyun-jae, you too. What? You want me to go with them? You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to keep practicing with me. But, if these kids fail to have fun,
we’re all hell training together. Yes, coach. What are you doing? You heard coach. You can’t do any physical
training until tomorrow. This much is fine. It’s not fine. Get down. Guess I have no choice. I have to force you now. Can’t do it now, can you? You’re really not coming down? What? You’re prohibited from exercise. Fine, then stay there. What if I do? I give up. – Give up?
– Yeah, I can’t. I heard you were looking for me? Yes, I’ve been drinking a
lot of hand-drip coffe lately. And, I know how you like coffee. You drink hand-drip coffee? Yes, have a seat. All right. You look like a real barista right now. Barista? Really? Hey, you have really amazing forearms,
now that I look at it. Oh, my forearms? I’ve always had quite a mean
forearm since I was young. You’re actually a lot paler than I thought. Just your arms though. I naturally have good skin. It’s delicious. Right? What’s wrong? Nothing. Hey, I’ve been wanting to ask, what is this? It just… it helps me concentrate. I see. Ow, hot! Are you okay? Did something happen to
Tae-jun last week? His performance has been in
the gutter since the 22nd. The 22nd… That’s when his father was hospitalized. What are you doing? We’re going out. Aren’t we? Get ready. It’s fine. We’ll just say we went out. We can’t do that. Coach said he wants pictures. He wasn’t being serious. Besides, there’s nothing to
do even if we do go out. Don’t worry about that. I’m a trained athlete when it comes to getting fresh air into
Kang Tae-jun’s nostrils. You want to die? Hurry up and come out. The weather is awesome outside. And, there’s somewhere I really want to go. Where? The school that the person I liked went to. How many people did you like exactly? 100. I’m not going. Have you seen this? You have to stick it on. You have to put the clothes on. Should I get one too? Me too. They’re a couple. They are. Couple. Stop it. Don’t do that. What are you doing! Buy one. The flowers bloomed beautifully. Look at the face. This place… Yeah, it’s your elementary school. How did you know about this place? There’s nothing that I don’t know,
especially when it comes to Kang Tae-jun. If there was a subject test for you,
I would’ve passed with flying colors. What a shame. Let’s go inside. Come on. Hold on tight. Now, jump. Dad. Hey, Tae-jun. My boy. Have you been doing well in school? You’re growing so fast. You’re going to be my height soon. What are you looking at? Nothing. Lettuce probably hasn’t
eaten since breakfast. I’m going to feed him
and take him for a walk. I’ll go with you. Let’s drop off our things first. Okay. What are you thinking about? My old school. I haven’t been there in forever,
so I keep thinking about it. I wish I could visit my old school. What was your neighborhood like? It was just a small quiet neighborhood. There weren’t that many people. And, if you drove a little out,
there was this huge lake, and I used to love going there. I’d like to go visit it one day. I know. There are a lot of things
I want to show you too. Do you regret coming here? No. I’m happy to have
seen you jump again. It’s a really weird feeling sometimes. That my jumping…
can give you so much strength. I feel really weird too sometimes… that I can be so close
and talk to someone whom I always considered
to be so far away. If I can jump like I used to… You’ll probably go back, huh? Probably. It’s cold. Thanks. So… That was… Hey, do you think that chocolate
you ate contained alcohol? Oh, yeah, you’re right. I think I’m a little drunk. Okay, then, I’m going to head in first. How in the world… If Jae-hee finds out that
I know that she’s a girl… She’ll most likely leave right away. But, it gets harder for me to
pretend that she’s a guy. Lettuce, what should I do? How is that even a big deal? I do that with women every
single day on the subway. Sometimes, with intensity. Even if it isn’t a big deal,
in a way it really is. To accidentally brush hands? In any case, I was really startled. If Tae-jun knew your true identity,
what would you do? I guess, I can no longer stay here, right? I don’t know. It’s not like you ever asked
when you first came. If Tae-jun finds out, then I guess I
really do have to leave this place. But, it becomes harder and harder
to act like a guy in front of him. Sometimes, at least to him,
I want to be a girl. I don’t think you can just hide
that fact even if you wanted. What? Getting caught can happen at any moment. The reason I turned a blind
eye when you first came was because you had this sense of urgency. And, I was curious as to how
you were going to resolve it. I don’t plan to interfere in any way. You judge, and you decide. Even if I have to leave this place,
there’s something that I must do. So, he thinks that his mother
died because of me. You got a call. I wish you’d reconcile with your father. If you don’t stop,
then I’ll just go. You’re up unusually early. Yeah, I couldn’t sleep. You don’t have practice tonight, right? Don’t eat dinner.
Let’s go out and eat. Out? Is today some special day? Not really. Oh, then you must have
something to say to me. What is it? Do we really need a reason for
us to eat out together? No, but still, I’m curious.
What’s going on? Not now. I’ll tell you later. Can’t I get a hint? Is it animal-like or vegetative? Later. You’re not leaving on an
empty stomach again, right? You have to eat to have
strength enough to exercise. Give me a minute. I’ll mix you some grain powder. Thanks. Hey, Master. You seem lovesick, lately. How’s everything. Well, I’d say it’s just a dark dense cloud. Why? Not going well? You sure talk a lot for a slave. Slaves have mouths too. It’s a guy, isn’t it? Yeah. Is it by any chance… You knew? Me? Go away, you punk. I’m just worried about you, man. Who is it? Just, someone. He’s like a mirage. Even if he’s at the tip of my fingertips,
I can’t reach him. Even if I try to get close, it’s
like I’m marching in place. What’s this guy saying. Though I am curious to see who’s causing
the Great Eun-gyeol such heartache. The Great Eun-gyeol? The Great… Playboy, Cha Eun-gyeol. Seriously, man… Hyun-jae. Hm? I must like him a lot. My heart keeps turning tender. Cheer up, Master. Of course. Look at you, putting your hands
on your master’s shoulders. Follow me. Where did she go? 2.31 meters. Just one measly centimeter in one year. I can do that much. I wonder what she’s going to say. Is she going to confess that she’s a girl? Yes? Hello. What brings you all the way here? Did you come with Tae-jun? No, I came alone. I had a favor to ask you. Me? Wait. Squishy. Did something bad happen? Then? I just did something that
Tae-jun isn’t going to like. What kind of thing? In my defense, I did it for his benefit, but when he finds out,
he’s going to be mad. What is it? Something. I can’t say. Is it going to be bad for Tae-jun? No, it’s for his sake. Hey, then chin up. I’m against you walking around
with your head down like that. I don’t know what it is,
but Tae-jun will understand your intentions. And, if he gets mad and scolds you,
then no biggy. That’s everyday stuff for people in
the bottom percentile like us. He’ll know I was being sincere, right? Definitely. If I were Tae-jun, I’d see that. Thanks, Cha Eun-gyeol. But, hey, I’m not in the bottom percentile. It’s just math,
but for everything else, I’m in the top half. Never mind. Just go. All right. I’d rather see you smiling than myself. You said let’s go eat,
then you practically ran away. Why would I run away? I’m Ku Jae-hee. Yeah, you’re Ku Jae-hee. What are we going to eat? Something super yummy. Let’s go. Who’s coming? Reconcile with your father. I would like you to reconcile with him. Let’s just eat dinner separately. Hello. I’m sorry, I’m late. Sit. No, I’m good. Sit. I have something to tell you. I’ll be going then. Just stay. You may go. Have a good talk. Sit. Did you have to go this far? Do you really want to try and
excuse yourself that badly? Listen to what I have to say first. No. I’m not interested. Your mother’s death… What you know isn’t the entire truth. Your mother… She knew about her illness
from the very beginning. But, she had simply hidden it from us. She was diagnosed with
stage four liver cancer, and treatment was nearly impossible. The cancer was too advanced. In such a hopeless situation,
the chances were low, but they proposed getting
a liver transplant. But, your mother…
she didn’t want to burden you. The international tournament was
just around the corner for you. I just thought… that it would be
better for you to blame me. I know I’ve failed you as a father, but if that’s what it took
to ease your suffering… I thought that’s what was best for you. I’m sorry, Tae-jun. I’m really sorry. You’re quite meddlesome. I have nothing to say.
You may go now. Tae-jun still needs someone
he can rely on. He may act strong,
and act like he’s not hurt, but he’s just an average kid like me. If it were me, my heart would’ve
been bruised black. To lose his mother, then have to
hate his father on top of that… It’s so unfair. If you really care about Tae-jun,
please, don’t hide anything from him. I’m a little late, right? No. Welcome. Hey, Eun-gyeol. You better do well today. The national team coach is
coming by to see you. Of course, coach. I’ve been bursting with power lately. Is that so? All right, let’s do this. Hey, pass. Going straight for the shoot. Coach! Faster. Knees high. I recently visited my elementary school
for the first time in a long while. When I was young, your shoulders
seemed bigger than the entire schoolyard. Now, I know that that’s not true. So, don’t try to carry everything
on your shoulders alone, father. So, is everything resolved
now between you two? Not yet. What? Be real men. It can’t be helped. Things like that don’t resolve overnight. Anyway, I’m glad things worked out. Wow come whenever I buy, you get something
expensive like orange juice? There are a lot of other yummy
drinks that are cheaper. What? Hey, bum. It was all because of you. Thanks. Yesterday it was sorry.
Today it’s thank you? Be quiet. You always say that when you
have nothing better to say. Jae-hee, how come I can’t
just be natural like Tae-jun? Yeah, Cha Eun-gyeol. Who cares if he’s a boy or girl. They’re all human. Yeah! Still, he’s a guy… No, he’s a human being. Boy? Human? Boy? Human? I don’t know. What is this? I bought it that day we went out. Finally giving it to you. As you know, for a guy, I’m pretty interested in flowers. I just thought it would
look nice on your desk. What? Can I take this however I want to? What? Hey, I think we should tidy this place up. Should we set a day? When’s good for you? What? Don’t act like nothing’s going on. What? You still don’t know? I’m telling you that I like you. I’m going to go practice. Tae-jun likes… Okay… just be honest with him now. Tell him you’re a girl. Hyun-jae, that punk.
I am so switching rooms. No one’s here? Squishy. Ku Jae-hee, you’re a girl? Cha Eun-gyeol… Eun-gyeol, I’m so sorry. You’re sorry for playing me all this time? If you were even the slightest bit sincere towards me, you couldn’t have done this. Are you going to ignore me from now on? Is it because of Eun-gyeol? Let’s talk. A girl is living in our dormitories? If you want to help me… All you have to do is stay by my side. Because, I need you in order to be able to jump.

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