[EN] 아름다운그대에게, For You in Full Blossom, EP13 (Full)

Is there anything
you’re looking for? I came to see you. I have something to tell you. Me? Geez… Where did he go? Hey, Gu Jae-hee,
where are you? Eun-gyul seems
to be looking for me. Jae-hee! Hey, are you in there? Don’t go. But Eun-gyul is… Don’t care about Eun-gyul
when you’re with me. I won’t let you go back to America. Stay by my side. Geez… Why didn’t you answer me
even though you’re in here? Our cell phoneswere switched. I am sorry. Thank you for the ride. Thank you. Give it to me. I am okay. I am tired. Why don’t you take a shower first? No, you go first.
Since you’re the host of this room. I think you’re so sarcastic? That’s not true. If you’re not, then do as I say. You will be refreshed
after a hot shower. After you’re done with your shower,
I need to talk to you. Talk about what? A secret. Why don’t you just take a shower first? If it’s about a secret… Geez… Did he somehow
find out that I am a girl? I am not going to hide
my feelings anymore. Thank you. Give it to me. It’s okay. That careless brat… I am afraid that Tae-joon
noticed something. Gu Jae-hee! You should be more careful
in front of Tae-joon from now on. Not everyone’s a fool like you. What a careless girl she is! I am afraid that you sent
the text to a wrong person! It seems you sent a text
to me instead of Jae-hee. I made a mistake thinking
of Tae-joon… What should I do? I think there’s a misunderstanding.. Dr. Jang, you already
know everything, right? What do you mean? Jae-hee isn’t a guy. I knew it. I shouldn’t have gotten involved in it. Since when have you known that? I was doubtful, but I was sure when
Jae-hee’s brother came for a visit. Then you’re saying
it’s been quite a while. Then why did you keep it
a secret all this time? You really do have feelings
for Gu Jae-hee, don’t you? I’ll tell her everything and
laying it all out on the table. As long as things have
turned out this way, I have no more reasons
to hide it any longer. You think that’s the best way? If she realizes that
she’s been caught by you, how do you think Jae-hee will react? Don’t you think ultimately, she’ll
have no other choice but to leave? I’d like for her to leave this school
as soon as possible though… I am just going to go home now. Where have you been? Just out. Didn’t you want to talk? It was nothing.
I am pretty tired. If you’re not too tired,
I want you to talk with me? Talk about what?
Is it that urgent? What did you mean by what
you said to me last night? What do you mean? You told me not to care about
Eun-gyul when I am with you. If Jae-hee realized that she’s
been caught by even you too, how do you think she will react? Don’t you think that she’ll have
no other choice but to leave? It’s just as it sounds. Don’t pay attention to other
people while you’re talking to me. Because that’s the kind of stuff
that I usually can’t stand. Then what about telling me not
to go back to the States? I felt it would just be so uncomfortable
to have to get used to a different roommate. And I don’t know what kind
of a person will move in? Rather than that, it’s better
to have you by my side instead. Is that all? Then what else?
That’s all. Okay.
I understand. So, don’t think about anything else
and just stay by my side. Yes, sir. I said, just stay with me. Okay I got it. I’ll stick right by your side like
a piece of chewing gum. You promised, okay? You’re not supposed to work
out on an empty stomach. Even if you don’t like it, make
sure to drink it before you start. Thanks for the drink. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast either
just because you’re not very hungry. Also, you shouldn’t be drooling like
that even while you were sleeping. When did I drool? What are you doing?
Where are you pointing? It’s nothing. Next, it’s Min Hyun-jae’s turn. Min Hyun-jae!
Come here. Kang Tae-joon,
do me another jump. Yes. Isn’t there anything you
learned from him? You’re too hasty about it. It’s good to be offensive about it,
but if you get that close to the bar, you won’t be able to avoid the bar
before you reach the highest point. I am telling youto smoothly approach
the bar like Tae-joon does, instead of just attacking it. Yes. Don’t you know that National Sports
festival is right around the corner? You know that the chances of getting
into the Olympics ride on that, right? Both of you get your heads on straight. No matter what it takes, beat Kang Tae-joon
at the National Sports festival. – Pick three cards.
– Three cards? I picked them. Gu Jae-hee, come here. Jong-min knows how to read tarot cards,
and he’s totally good! Really? You know how to
do tarot readings? Is there anything I can’t do? God’s coming, god’s coming,
god’s coming! There is no other way? This is the only way for
something to come to me! Anyways, did you pick your cards? Yes, these three. At the upcoming soccer game
as a member of the National team, you’re going to score a goal. Really?
What else? Secondly, you’re going to pick
something for free in a near future. That’s incredible! Hey, I picked up a fifty-cent coin
on my way here this morning! And finally… This one represents love. Is there someone you like lately? I have no comment. I don’t want to do this anymore! Hey, read Jae-hee’s cards too. What?
I don’t want to! Why… Why are you acting like this?
Just do it! Fine.
Sit down then. He’s already gone, but if you want it that badly
why don’t you pick just one card? This one. That one? This is absolutely the worst card! Gu Jae-hee,
you should be really careful. My lips feel so dry. This card represents that there are
dark shadows all around you. How scary!
Take that back with you. I don’t want to! Gu Jae-hee, be careful. Hey, it’s all a charade. This doesn’t make any sense!
How can Jong-min read our future? Don’t you know that he can’t even
see what’s right in front of him? That’s why you shouldn’t believe him.
There’s nothing to believe. I am not worried about it. Of course you shouldn’t worry
about something as stupid as that. But I hope that he was
right about your things. He said you are going to score a goal at the upcoming game of
the National soccer team. No, forget it.
I don’t like such a thing. Why not?
Wouldn’t it be great? No, I definitely don’t like it. If I have to score, I am going
to score with my own skills. Cha Eun-gyul is not someone who puts all his expectations
on what a tarot card says. But what is that anyways?
It looks interesting. This?
Do you want to give it a try? Step on it, step on it. – Isn’t it fun?
– Yeah. That’s right. I’ve decided on the ceremony I want,
after I score my first goal. What is it?
Show me. Look!
Hold this for me. Goal! What is that? What’s wrong with your hands? Gu! Gu? Gu Jae-hee’s “Gu”! So what I am saying is…
just wait and see. I am supposed to meet up with
the guys from the soccer team. I should get going. Hey, Kang Tae-joon! Are you Okay?
Are you hurt anywhere? Yes, I am Okay. Why did this fall down suddenly? Are you okay? I don’t know if I should
be saying this.. What is it? I saw Hyun-jae on the
second floor earlier. And he kept watching down below. So? I hope that I am wrong, but I was thinking Hyun-jae is
holding some grudge against you. Gu Jae-hee,
are you writing a novel? That’s not it But you have no talent when
it comes to writing fictions. It’s just because
I am worried about you. It was just a coincidence and everything
is well since no one was hurt? Sherlock Jae-hee? Mr. Detective, whatever!
Let’s stop, Watson Tae-joon. Okay, let’s just hurry up and eat. This card says that there are dark
shadows looming all around you. Still, I think you should
be really careful for now. Okay. Hurry up and eat. I’ve never once thought about retiring.
I am going to take rehab training. Then I guess Tae-joon
will be helping you out a lot. Didn’t we agree not to
bring up Tae-joon? What’s wrong with this? This is something the
entire country knows. Even if the entire country knows about it,
that’s the privacy to respect. I broke up with Tae-joon. It’s okay. You don’t have to talk
about such a thing. Why? Even if that’s how kids are these days,
you guys haven’t dated for a long time! It’s not such a big deal.
We just broke up. I dated him briefly because Tae-joon kept
following me around everywhere, but he’s really not my style. I like people that are more interesting. But Tae-joon acts like an old man,
so I just dumped him. Can I write an article on this? – Go ahead.
– You can’t! Miracle is another
name for hard work. Whatever…. Hey, what are you doing? Hey! Who are you?
An elementary school kid? Why are you getting so angry?
You embarrassed me. Forget it. Here, take this. What is this? I know that it was your
birthday recently. Don’t get too emotional about it though. Since we’re sharing the same room,
it’s like paying taxes. Then why were you born?
Why were you born? Happy birthday. If you’re really grateful for this,
you know when my birthday is, right? There are exactly 182 days left. Are you going to take your bike? Let’s just walk together. You never really
took your bike anyways. This is part of my training. I think my lower body training is lacking
since I missed so much of it lately. I will be bored if I go by myself. I am late for my morning training too. Just walk with me. What’s wrong with you? It’s just that yesterday… Anyway, I’ll be too
bored to go by myself. If you find it that boring,
listen to some music on your way. I’ll let you borrow mine. Let me borrow your bike. Hey! Gu Jae-hee! I wonder if I am over-reacting. I guess Tae-joon is going to be
late for no reason because of me. There’s nothing wrong with it. What should I to do?
Get out of my way! Why is he coming down so fast? What should I do! Hey, are you okay? Huh? Yes. Check yourself
if you’re hurt anywhere. I am not hurt.
It’s Okay. Hey, you really saved my life. That’s a relief. Were you in a bike-race or something? That’s… Hey! Your foot! What should we do?
So, you were hurt! No, it’s no big deal.
I am okay. I am okay. You were really lucky. Luckily, you haven’t
been badly injured. See? What did I tell you?
Didn’t I tell you it was nothing? Then is Eun-gyul allowed to
play in the soccer match? When is the match? Next Thursday. You can’t play in that match. You’re not supposed to
overdo it for a while, and you should rest your foot. It’s a very important match! Even though it’s the
most important match, when I say he can’t, he can’t. I am okay. You’re not okay! I am sorry it’s because of me. I am okay.
Don’t worry. And who knows?
Maybe I’ll be fine by tomorrow. I am normally really quick
to recover from things. When I was little, I used to
get bruises everywhere, but I always healed very quickly. So, why did you do that? I should have been the one
to fall and get hurt instead. Hey, if you were in my place,
would you have just let me get hurt? This has nothing to do
with me liking you. This is totally natural,
just like water floats on oil. So don’t worry about it too much. Water doesn’t float on oil,
it’s oil that floats on water. Really? When did it change like that? Anyway, don’t overdo it
and get plenty of rest. Do you understand? Hey, this isn’t a big deal. Watch this. See?
It’s already better. I have to go meet the guys
from the soccer team. Why don’t you just go on ahead? Should I come with you? No, it’s okay.
I am perfectly fine. Okay, see you later then. Okay, go inside. Ouch, that hurts! However, it’s just a relief
that Jae-hee didn’t get hurt. Yes, Cha Eun-gyul! I wonder if I overdid it. Hey, Min Hyun-jae! I really don’t want to
have to say this to you… But don’t you have anything to do with all the weird things
that are happening lately? Am I right or wrong? Because of you, Eun-gyul is hurt! Hey! Stop talking nonsense. I sincerely wish that it were nonsense. But if something like this
happens one more time, I’ll investigate it to the end and see
if this really is nonsense or not. Geez… Min Hyun-jae!
What does it mean? What does it mean that
I got hurt because of you? Did you do that to the bike? How could you…?
Were you that pathetic of a person? Why can’t you say anything? Because of you, Jae-hee I mean,
even if it wasn’t Jae-hee… Don’t you know that someone
could have been seriously hurt? Instead of sitting there quietly,
say something! Make some excuses for it
or something at least! I am sorry. Hey, Min Hyun-jae! I am really disappointed in you. Are you okay? Huh? I heard you got in a bike accident.
How did it happen? So why did you take my bike?
You’re not hurt anywhere? No, I am okay. That’s a relief. But Eun-gyul got a little hurt while
he was trying to rescue me. Eun-gyul? Is he seriously hurt? He’s not seriously hurt, but he may not be able to play
in the match for the Nationals. Eun-gyul must be really disappointed. He worked so hard to win
his spot on the National team… But what happened with the bike? It hasn’t been that long since
I had maintenance done on it. Where did she go? Seol Han-na? Here I am running into you again! Don’t you think we run into
each other too often? Would it be okay if I sat down? You already sat down. Are you okay from
your second surgery? This is nothing. Even though I don’t look very strong,
my body is like steel. It must be nice to be made of steel. But your head must
be made of steel too? I beg your pardon? I thought I told you
not to talk to me. Well, actually… Here, why don’t you
drink some of this? I saw the article. I heard it’s a serious injury. I was hurt in a serious
car accident three years ago, and I was told that I’d never be able
to go back to the field again. But all that is nonsense. You can see that
when you look at me. I am living evidence. I started playing sports again
right away and I even won the 1500m competition
at the National Sports festival. Do you want to see? See what? Here the scar… How dare you are
sticking your butt out? I am not talking about my butt! Han-na, let’s be friends. I can’t promise anything else but I’ll make you smile at
least once every time. No thanks. Well… Since life at the hospital is boring, I’ll just think of you
like a cheap magazine. Cheap magazine? Han-na, I I’ll do my
best to make you smile! I’ll put my life on it, okay? I wonder if I should check out
the book-store? Kang Tae-joon and Seol Han-na,
they broke up! He should’ve treated her better,
Kang Tae-joon! I heard you were
dumped by Seol Han-na? Why did you do that?
You should’ve treated her better. What’s wrong with you guys? You don’t even know
what happened. What do you mean we don’t know? It’s all written on here. I don’t like boring men! Kang Tae-joon is not just boring
he’s the dullest of them all! He’s Grandpa style! Tae-joon, Grandpa style? What are you guys doing? I told you guys to remain
quiet during class! Get back to your seat! Where’s Min Hyun-jae? Hyun-jae’s not here. What? He’s ditching the class? That’s strange, he didn’t even
miss it during the typhoon. I saw Hyun-jae on the second floor earlier
and Hyun-jae kept checking down the stairs. Scandals and rumors… I don’t know where
his head is at these days. No, sir. Tae-joon’s record is almost
back to normal. And he’s almost back to
his previous condition, so please be patient and just watch. How are you? Oh Jae-hee, come here. This kid here is
Tae-joon’s roommate. Say hello, this is Tae-joon’s Father. Nice meeting you! I am Tae-joon’s friend,
Gu Jae-hee. Can I talk to you for a moment? He normally doesn’t want to
talk to me about anything. I have no idea what
he’s thinking lately. All he’s doing is splashing his name
around with some senseless scandals. Do you not trust Tae-joon? I think Tae-joon has
his own plans. If you believe in Tae-joon
a little bit more… There aren’t any parents in this world
wouldn’t trust their own child. Then why… It wasn’t him, but
I who made a mistake. I was just wondering
if it’s because of me. He thinks that his mother’s
death is my fault. He’s not wrong about it either. Hey, Cha Eun-gyul, you stupid boy!
I told you to be careful, didn’t I? Don’t you know how important
this opportunity is to you? You think another great opportunity
like this will come to you again? I am sorry. Just why on earth did he do that? Hey, kid! You’re not allowed to be in here.
You should leave quickly. Where is Tae-joon? Tae-joon?
Tae-joon is… Who are you? Are you Tae-joon’s
younger sister? Tae-joon’s not here? She says only what she wants to say. No one’s going to deny that she’s Tae-joon’s little sister
with that rude attitude. Hey, your brother isn’t
answering his phone. Why don’t you just go back home? Even families need permission
before they can come in here. I said, go home, little Kang Tae-joon. No! He thinks that his Mother’s
death is my fault. He’s not wrong about it either. Hey, is it okay for you to be
walking around like that? He told you not to overdo it for a while. No, I have to move around
like this for quicker recovery. But where’s Tae-joon? He’s not back yet. Really? Tae-joon’s little sister is here. Tae-joon’s little sister? Where? I thought I was going
to be bored to death! She said she was
Tae-joon’s little sister. I thought she’d be in big trouble
if she got caught, so I brought her. I am not Tae-joon’s little sister. Tae-joon is my boyfriend. And my brother’s name is… – Get in there.
– Get in there! Is no one in here?
Why didn’t anyone answer? – Hello.
– Hello. Cha Eun-gyul,
What are you doing here? No one’s in your room
right now, right? Yes. Min Hyun-jae, just where
the heck did he go? Where’s Tae-joon? – At the gym!
– At the library! – At the library!
– At the gym! What are you saying?
Where are you saying he went to? He was headed to The library,
but just called to say he’s at the gym. When Tae-joon gets back in, tell him I want to talk to him
about Hyun-jae. And if Min Hyun-jae comes back
to the room, send him to see me. Yes. I am going. – Bye, be careful.
– Yes. I thought we were
going to be caught! I said, it’s hard to breathe in here! I know, it must have been
suffocating in there! But if you’re not Tae-joon’s sister,
who’s your brother? My brother? Min Hyun-jae. – What?
– What? Where did everyone go…? Geez… You’re here! I went all the way to
your dorm for nothing. I was going to practice
jumping some more. Have you heard anything
about Hyun-jae? You know maybe his family problem or
with his girlfriend or something? No, I haven’t. With the competition looming ahead… His record just keeps dropping!
It’s hopeless! But it’s a relief that your condition
seems to be good at least. I’ve still got ways to go. Oh my…
Look at you being greedy. Want to have some
ramen before you go? No, I am okay. Your Father was here earlier. He seemed to be very worried about you
with that whole Canada deal and all. I am going to get going now. Okay… What’s wrong with him? Hyun Ji, have some of this too.
Here. What a good eater you are. I am going to eat this later. Don’t worry, there’s a lot there. Hyun-jae! How did you get
all the way here? I told you, I’ll come
see you at home. You say that you’re going
to come every day! But where’s Tae-joon? Didn’t you say you were in
the same room as Tae-joon? You said you were
really close with Tae-joon. Call him and tell him
to come quickly. Tell him that I am here. That’s… Don’t worry. Hyun-jae and Tae-joon
are real best friends. But I think Tae-joon’s
training right now. I know that’s too bad. I know that Tae-joon really wanted
to meet Hyun-jae’s little sister too. Really? Yes, he did.
I’ll get you his autograph later. You’re serious, right? Hyun Ji! Let’s get going.
I’ll take you home. Bye! Hyun Ji, here. Here, it’s heavy. Eat this and wait at home
until Mom gets home, okay? Go on in. I am going to
get going now, okay? Already?
You don’t want to go inside? You always do that. Next time, next time. Your hair looks so pretty! I am going, okay? Hyun-jae! When are you going
to win the gold medal? You said when you win the gold medal,
our whole family can be together. Wait just a little bit longer. Then Mom doesn’t have
to go to work either? I hope you win the gold medal soon. You’re not scared being
at home by yourself? It’s okay. I can wait until Mom gets home from
work if I have the TV on. Since you’re going to win
the gold medal soon. Okay… Promise. Promise. Copy. Copy! Stamp. Stamp! Okay
I am going to get going now. Go inside. Thanks for being nice
to my little sister. After what I’ve done to you… What I did… Your sister was really cute. I won’t expect to be
forgiven for what I did. Just why in
the world did you do it? Because I had a reason
for having to win. Because all I could think of was winning. I believed that there was nothing that
you can’t do as long as you worked hard. If there was a wall I couldn’t jump over,
I felt ecstasy when I made it over. Maybe that’s why I chose
High Jumping as my subject. Since it’s something where
you have to jump over yourself. And…? While watching Kang Tae-joon, I realized for the first time
that it wasn’t going to work. All my hard effort was too
pathetic compared to his talent. Kang Tae-joon to me is
a wall that I can’t jump over. Well I ultimately showed
how low I hit the ground. There’s no such thing as fruitless effort. I don’t know whether
you’ll be able to jump over Tae-joon or not but in the end,
all of the effort will pay off. As much as you try, I mean. I committed an
unforgivable mistake to you. What I did, I won’t try
to just glide over it. I’ll take responsibility for it all. Of course, you will. You know what’s going to happen
until my leg is all healed up, right? You’re going to be my slave. I am going to order you around
all I want from now on, so it would be wise to
prepare yourself for it. Hey, do you understand?
Why aren’t you answering, slave? You can come in.
There’s no one else in here. You really are working very hard. You’re practicing in
the evenings too now? There’s not much time left
until the competition. That’s very cool. When everyone’s working
so hard like this, I feel like I am the only one wasting
my time like a fool sometimes. So I feel a bit bad about it. The bike… Hyun-jae did that too, didn’t he? Huh? I don’t know… Knowing that, you purposely rode my bike
because you thought I would get hurt. That’s… Thanks.
I am always imposing on you like this. Hey… But don’t ever do that again, okay? You getting hurt because of me…
I’d hate that so much more. Is this the first time you’ve
been hugged by someone? Why are you so uncultured
when you’re from America? Huh? I am hungry, let’s go get
something good to eat. About Hyun-jae,
his little sister was really pretty. Really? Yes, she’s so cute.
She looks just like Hyun-jae. When did you meet her? Sorry for calling you out like this. I am the one who is responsible for
everything that has been happening lately. I know that I need to take responsibility
and quit the Athletic team… I know that, but I can’t do it. If you tell me to quit, I’ll quit. Did something happen? But I am sure you’ve heard everything. The flowerpot and the bike,
I did it all. I have no idea what
you’re talking about. That aside, there’s not much time
left until the competition. You think it’s okay for you
to be so at ease about it? I noticed you missed all
the practices today. I even did an individual
training tonight by myself. Didn’t you say this
to me the last time? Not to be so relaxed about it. You seem to be too relaxed… Because I don’t want to hear
I lost because I didn’t train enough. If that’s all you came here to say,
I am going to head back inside. You have a phone call. What? Do you have something
to say to me? No, I have nothing to say. Nevermind then. But why don’t you ever go home? It looks like other kids
go home every weekend. It’s just a hassle to
go back and forth. Even if it’s a hassle,
I am sure your father waits for you to. By any chance,
did you meet with my Father? So the thing is… You did meet him. Yes, earlier today. I know that this isn’t my place but
since I’ve already crossed the line, I’ll cross it a little bit more. I think you should make up
with your Father. How long are you
going to avoid him? He’s your one and only Father. Stop it. I don’t want to talk about this. After listening to your Father speak, I think you’re mistaken
about some things too. About your Mother’s death… If you don’t stop, I’ll leave. I also know it’s not
Gu Jae-hee’s fault. Why isn’t dad coming? He called to say that
he’ll be here soon. If you’re hungry,
want to eat first? No, it’s okay. It’s your birthday,
we should all eat together. Okay. Looks like he’s here. Our boss suddenly was
called into an urgent meeting. He asked me to get this to you. Mom I am home. Mom I am home. Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom? Mom!
Mom, are you Okay? Mom was in the
emergency room today. Yes, I heard.
I heard it was the flu? I even had to call 911! But you’ve been out
drinking all this time? You still haven’t gotten
rid of the cough? I told you, you should
go back to the hospital. This cold is lasting awhile. Tell your Father to
come down and eat. Father. Yes? You should take Mom to the hospital. She just won’t listen to me. But if you were to tell her,
you know she’ll listen to you. Didn’t the hospital tell her
that it was just a cold? It would be good for her to go to a big hospital
and get a whole physical exam. Okay. Yes, it’s me. When did you say that
it was going to get passed? I noticed that the file was missing. Have you eaten? Why did you lie to me? You said that it wasn’t
any illness to worry about. Why did you lie? I am sorry. You had plenty of opportunities. If you had just listened
to me in the beginning… If she had gone to
the hospital then… If she had gotten a proper exam… If she had just gotten the surgery… Tae-joon Even if you showed an
ounce of interest in Mom… You killed Mom. Yes, this is Kang Tae-joon’s
cell-phone. Tae-joon! What is it? I think you need to
get out of here quickly. Your Father collapsed. I heard that you took care
of your Mom like this. No, you wouldn’t know. I won’t be coming back
to the hospital again. Can we just walk like this for a while? Why do you think that
both of us have to be guys? No matter how I look at it,
he’s still a guy. If he catches on to the fact
that I know she’s a girl, I am sure she’s going to leave. But it’s getting harder and harder to
watch her pretending to be a guy.

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