[EN] 아름다운그대에게, For You in Full Blossom, EP12 (Full)

Ku Jae-hee. I have something I need to tell you. I was planning to tell you
if I made the national team, but… What is it? Don’t get shocked. What is it? I know that I’m a guy and all… But, I like you, Ku Jae-hee. What kind of prank
is it this time? I’m not falling for it. I’m not joking. I really do like you. You two were together? Yeah, we’re coming
from my house. Your house? I was worried about him, because he hasn’t been
coming to school. Let’s go inside. Did something happen
between you two? It seemed like you guys were having
a pretty serious conversation. What was it about? What conversation? We weren’t talking about anything. Then, why is your face
a cherry all of a sudden? What are you talking about? Do you have to go back
to the hospital? No. Then, you’re sleeping here tonight? It seems like you’ve forgotten
who the owner of this room is. You, of course. I guess you haven’t forgotten. And, Han-na and I… we’re not what you think. So… Anyway, it’s not what you think. If there’s nothing going
on between them… Ku Jae-hee… What were they talking about? Could Eun-gyeol… I’m not joking. I really do like you. Yeah, it was good that you told him.
Good job, Cha Eun-gyeol. Was it good? Hey, what are you doing?
Wait, stop! What? Why? I know we’re roommates,
and I’m really sorry, but from now on, can you not change
or walk around in your underwear? Why? Don’t ask me why. Just, cooperate with me. Cooperate?
Yeah, whatever. You never listen. Maybe he’s just not
that attractive. It’s like I’m looking at a rock. Maybe his attractiveness
level is zero… Yeah, whatever! Ku Jae-hee, I like you. What the… Why are you calling me? I couldn’t sleep. Are you sleeping? How would I pick up
if I was sleeping? What? I realized, I’ve been here
for a while now. I’ve been real bothersome
to you, haven’t I? Even this room was
supposed to be all yours, but I came barging in. And, I’m constantly
nagging at you too. If you think about it, you carried me quite
a few times too. And, I’m sure I must
have been heavy. Very. But, I never thought
you were bothersome. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever
said this to you. What? Thank you. What? For helping me jump again. Hey, what did you just say? Not that I’m really
curious or anything, but what were you and
Eun-gyeol talking about? The blood’s rushing to my head.
I’m going to sleep first. Good night. What the heck… Fantastic! You little rascal…
I’m finally starting to like what I see. At this rate, you’ll have no problem
qualifying for the Olympics. Min Hyun-jae, don’t you feel anything at all
when you see your partner improving? You always do fine until the
crucial moment approaches. Your performance has been
getting worse and worse. It’s needless to say but
high jumping is about concentration. It’s a battle against your mind,
not your body. Do you understand? Yes. Did something happen? Don’t worry too much
about your performance. If you think too much about it,
it’ll just get worse. Are you already letting it
get to your head? I can take care of myself. I don’t need your concern. That’s not what I… I’m sorry if you were offended. The reason I wanted to meet with you is because we’re interested
in becoming your sponsor. Initially, we were planning
to sign with Kang Tae-jun. But, we thought it would be better
for us to go with a fresh face. What do you say? That sounds like
a very good opportunity. You seem to be more
reasonable than Kang Tae-jun. In terms of your contract,
we only have one condition. Beat Kang Tae-jun at
the upcoming nationals. Leave the rest to us. You’ve heard the saying…
To become a star overnight. We’ll make that happen. I’m so hungry. Aren’t you hungry? I’ll treat you out,
let’s go to the bakery. I’m not really hungry.
I have to use the restroom. Hey. How’s your leg? Are you kidding?
Can’t you see? It must hurt and
feel uncomfortable. Whatever. Let me just ask you one last question. You said you weren’t sharing rooms with Tae-jun because
you like him, right? Can I trust you? Of course.
It’s nothing like that. I won’t tell anyone you’re a girl. What? Isn’t that why you’re here?
I’ll keep your secret. So, you can stop pretending
you care, and leave. Or, are you here to gloat? No, no, not at all. Then, why are you here? You better not give up on gymnastics. Because, Seol Han-na is the most
beautiful when she’s on the floor. So beautiful, even I’d fall for her. What would you know… You’re right.
I don’t know anything. But, there’s this quote that
really gives me strength. I’ll pass it on to you. Get some rest. I’ll be coming over often,
even if you don’t want me to. Miracle is just another
name for Effort. If you’re going to watch porn,
then at least lock the door. I wasn’t watching porn. Calm down. Now, it seems like
you really were. I really wasn’t! All right.
We’ll say you weren’t. No, not “we’ll say you weren’t.”
I really wasn’t. Yeah, not “we’ll say you weren’t,”
but really, we’ll say you weren’t. I really wasn’t. I said, all right. You’re just making fun
of me right now, aren’t you? I’m going to shower. Seol Han-na? We meet again. You don’t remember me?
We’ve met a few times. We ran into each other
at my mother’s estate, and at the camping site… even when you snuck
into our school, and now again here
at the same hospital. That’s quite a few coincidences,
don’t you think? Is it? They say that too many of the
same coincidence means fate. Pardon? I never formally introduced myself. I’m Ha Seung-ri,
captain of Tae-jun’s track team. I see. Did you need to see me
about something? Not exactly, but since
we run into each other so often, I thought we could be more
friendly from now on. According to my sources,
you’re two years younger than I. Yes, and? Then, I’ll just speak
informally from now on, Han-na. I’m also Tae-jun’s senior,
so you’re okay with it, right? If not, then I can speak formally. Do as you wish. Could you please move? Should I, then? Seung-ri, have you farted yet? You have to fart in order
to start eating again. That’s really strange,
you should’ve farted by now. Why are you doing this? Seriously, why… There it is. Congratulations. I… Guess you can eat now. I’m not going to eat! Aren’t you glad?
Now you can eat whatever you want. Mister, this is… Han-na… You’ve been
working out a lot lately. I like it. I’m not doing it so
that you could like it. Anyhow, keep it up! What’s she saying… Tae-jun, did you buy this? No. They gave it to me as a gift,
when I went to buy mine. They give these things as gifts? Yeah, at this one place. I was really upset that I wasted
the last one when it was brand new. Thanks. Since, I was planning to
save that one for 500 years, I’ll use this one for 1000 years. I’m going to check in a 1000 years. Anyway, happy birthday. Thanks. I didn’t know what to buy,
so I just got whatever I wanted. Ku Jae-hee, I like you. I’m going to step out for a bit.
Do you need anything? Where are you going at this hour? Just. Somewhere. Wait. It’s pretty chilly out there,
and your hair’s still wet. Thanks. I’ll be back. They didn’t even fix
that streetlight yet. I’m officially off. It’ll just be a moment. I have to consult you
about something. Cha Eun-gyeol… that fool…
So what happened after? I still haven’t given him any response. What do you think I should do? This is my 8th year as a single man. And, now I have to give
you relationship advice? I’m not asking for
relationship advice, but of all the people here,
Eun-gyeol has helped me the most, and I really don’t want to hurt him. Since, you like Tae-jun. No, not like that. Eun-gyeol thinks that I’m a guy. And, I just feel so bad for him. He’s probably having
a hard time because of me. So, now you’re running? You have no feelings for him? I know that I can’t have feelings
like that while I’m here. Which is why I’m really trying my best. Since, I’m here as a male student. Good, you do know. I would have never accepted you in to
our dorms if you had thought otherwise. Like I said before, the people around
you will start finding out one by one. You’ve been lucky until now,
but it’ll get harder and harder. You know your time is
running out here, right? You should start getting
ready to say goodbye. In a way, it’ll probably be harder for you
leaving this place than it was entering it. What are you doing over there? Why are you doing this when
you can just tell maintenance? I did, but I think they forgot.
It’s easy to fix, anyway. Who cares if it’s a little
dim around here… Hey, you know yesterday? What were you guys talking about? Nothing special.
Why? Nothing.
Don’t worry about it. I knew it wasn’t anything special. On that day… I told Jae-hee that I liked him. I confessed to him. Jae-hee is a guy. I know, but it doesn’t
matter to me anymore. I want to see this to the very end. Though I’m not really
sure where that end is. Let me just ask you one last question. You said you weren’t sharing rooms
with Tae-jun because you like him, right? Can I trust you? You know your time is
running out here, right? You should start getting
ready to say goodbye. Yeah, don’t be weak.
I have to stay strong. Oh, and I forgot to say this earlier, but there is a way to avoid seeing
Eun-gyeol for the time being. A way to avoid seeing him? Oh, the light has been fixed. It was scary for a while. Ms. Lee, what are you
doing over the weekend? I’m really busy. You are?
Oh, well, then never mind. It’s next week. Why? Would you like to go
somewhere with me? Why? Are you going to
treat me out to lunch? No, to work. Work?
What kind of work? If you’re uncomfortable,
you don’t have to. Who said I was uncomfortable? Tomorrow morning at 7,
in front of school. There’s a late fee of
$5 per minute. Late fee? Because, the kids
will be joining us. The more the merrier. Then, I’ll join you guys.
I’m free over the weekend. What are you doing here? Don’t mind me. How can I not mind you when
you’re standing in front of our room? Are you going to go in or not? I am going in. Hey, Jae-hee. Oh, you came? Drink this. I bought it. It seemed like you like
strawberry milk. Yeah, thanks. No problem. Just say the word,
and I’ll bring you one everyday. Like in that movie,
A Dog of Florence. You mean A Dog of Flanders. Not Florence? Then, what’s Florence? Why are you packing? Are you going somewhere? We’re going to go do volunteer
service over the weekend. Really? I want to go too. You do? I used to volunteer a lot,
but lately, I haven’t. Let’s go together. You want to? Me too, I want to go. You too? Yeah, my nickname used
to be King Volunteer. The King of the… Yeah, right. You don’t believe me? I did a lot of volunteer service
when I was young. I didn’t want to be petty and ask,
but how many times exactly? You don’t want to be petty,
but you ask, anyway. Like three or four times? Three or four times? No, like once or twice? What about you? Ever since I was young, I… Forget it. Let’s just stop. You’re the one that started it. Just give me a minute.
I’ll go pack my things too. Ku Jae-hee, if you go, then I go. You don’t want to go with us? No, I didn’t say that. Check your e-mail. Are you guys
seriously kidding me? Is this all some kind
of big joke to you? I’m sorry. But, I thought that
I should tell you… You just told me that
you two were dating. Why? Did you fight? It’s not that we fought… I broke up with him. What? He was boring, and
I got sick of him, so I broke up with him. Don’t cry. Like you did anything to be proud of. What is the matter with everyone? What?
She broke up with Tae-jun? But, how did that happen? Why did you bring the dog? Imagine how frustrated it is
to be stuck in school all day. You’re here. Please, take good care
of us as always. We should be saying that to you. Please, come inside. Let’s go inside. Why are you so sluggish? Also, you see that
house over there? That’s where the teachers are staying,
so hurry up and move our stuff there. Teach, we’re not bellboys… This is all part of physical training. Let’s just go. Here, I’ll carry it. I’ll carry this. No, this is light. Let me at least carry something. Thanks. Let’s go. The thing I said to you last time… You must have been pretty
shocked by what I said. I know that none of it makes sense. And, I know that of all people, I really shouldn’t have
said anything to you. But, I decided to just be honest. Hey, Eun-gyeol… And, I know it must be hard, but can you just treat me
the way you always have? Unless the fact that
I like you is killing you, can you just be easy on me? Nothing’s going to change. Even before I told you,
I liked you just as I like you now. My husband. He’s very handsome. What use are good looks,
when they cost you as much as his did. He’s my nemesis. Where is he? He went to a better place. This village is really beautiful. Yes, and you’re uber! Uber? Anyway, feel free to treat
this as your own home. Yes, ma’am. I’ve never been to a
Korean country home before. But, it’s really nice. Everything’s a first to you. You should change into
something more comfortable. I’m fine. I’ll go with Eun-gyeol to the town hall
to get some things for dinner. Why do I have to go with you? Just come with me.
Hurry. It’s nice to be outside, isn’t it? Even if I’m leaving, I should try to get along with
everyone as best as I can, right? Yeah… I shouldn’t be a party-pooper.
Just be cool and fun. Hurry up. This is good. I’m sorry but can you
give me a back wash? Back what?
Back rub? Oh, never mind.
They sound similar. Back wash. Back rub. They’re not similar at all. Anyway, I bet grandma will be
happy that you fixed her home. You’re amazing. How’s that amazing. By the way… Never mind, it’s nothing. I’m good now.
Thanks. Hey, your pants ripped. I guess it got snagged on a nail. Take them off. Come on, take them off. I’m okay. I’ll sew it for you. Just as you know how
to use a nail and hammer, I’m pretty good with
a needle and thread. What kind of guy knows how to sew. I learned it from my dad. There’s nothing else? Nope. Hey, can I take a picture? Never. Just one. I need some memories
to look back on later. You say that as if you’re
about to go somewhere far. I just need to sew this part, right? What?
She broke up with Tae-jun? Han-na, no! No, don’t! What are you doing?
Move. – I won’t!
– I said move! Han-na, please, don’t die. There are so many guys out
there other than Tae-jun! Who said I’m going to die? Who else?
Right now, you were about to… Weren’t you going to ju-… Are you crazy? You weren’t, right? But, you elbowed me right
where I had surgery… I’m so sorry! Oh, no… I’m really sorry.
It’s all my fault. No, I’m all right. Han-na, there are
plenty of guys out there better than Tae-jun. For example,
guys like me… Eat lots. This chicken is a
real native chicken. Different from the kinds
they sell out there. Thank you. It looks so good. Leg for me. Happy dinner everyone. Hold it for me. – You want some?
– This is so good. Hey, how come you’re
just eating the rice? I don’t eat chicken. Our young master is
so picky about his food. Jae-hee, here, take a leg. It’s okay.
I like the breast meat better. Really? You and I have
perfect harmony. What do you mean? Our chicken harmony. I only like chicken legs,
and you like drier parts, so all together,
we have the whole chicken. Then, you can have this leg too. Thanks. Awesome. You can have this dry part, then. – Okay.
– Take all of it. – Okay, I’ll eat it.
– Okay. That’s a bit confusing. Want me to help you? I think it’s better if
I just do it by myself. No, I’ll help. Hey, let’s do it together. Pull. What do we do? Grandma said this
was one of her special ones. Who is Jae-hee to you? Just your friend? Or roommate? Why do you want to know so bad? Because, he doesn’t seem
like just some friend to you. If I’m misunderstanding something,
then just say so. Because, I may think that you’re more
than just friends, when you’re not. Forget it. Are you going somewhere? Restroom. Hey, tae-jun. What? The restroom is outside…
and I’m a little scared. Want me to wait for you? Sorry. But, I’ll stand guard
when you need to go. I’m fine. Wait. Bugs! Are you okay now? Sorry.
Bugs are my weak spot. And, don’t stay so close. Go stand over there. All right. Here? That’s too far. Here. I don’t really like
the restrooms here. Are you planning on going
back to the states? What? I accidentally saw… You were looking for flights back. No? Yeah, so… Truth is, I don’t really
know what to do. I came here to see you jump again,
and you’re back to doing well again… there’s not really much
I can do for you. Anyway, I’ve been
thinking about it. Because, it’s not like
I can stay here forever. Yeah, that would be
inconvenient for you. Do what you think is right. Yeah. Tae-jun, that grandpa…. Isn’t that the grandma’s
deceased husband? Right? Spirit, be gone! The hell you saying. When did I say that
my husband was dead. You said he went to a better place… I meant to a hot springs. I couldn’t go because
of a skin condition. What? So, these are the kids
who came to volunteer? Little punks… turned a fine living man into a dead one. Do I look like a living corpse? We’re sorry. Go on in. It looks like severe indigestion. Take this, and if it gets worse,
then just tell me. Thank you. Here, water. Plum extract is perfect
for this sort of thing. It’s all right. So salty.
Definitely soy sauce. So spicy! Salty.
Soy sauce again. Man, fermented soybeans. Squishy, what are you doing up? Just.
Couldn’t fall asleep. That’s new. You’re worried about
something again, aren’t you? No. The air here is so good. You know about the bamboo forest? You know…
“The king’s ears are donkey ears!” Whatever it is that’s troubling you,
I’m a real good listener. I, Cha Eun-gyeol,
am your very own bamboo forest. Seriously. What is it?
Tell me. Cha Eun-gyeol is…
A big dummy! That’s your big concern? Yup. I’m very concerned
that you’re such a big dummy. Ku Jae-hee,
I have something on my mind too. What, that I’m a dummy? No. Listen. Come on, listen to me. Ku Jae-hee is…
A big dummy! I knew you’d say that. How? – You didn’t know.
– I did. It’s not here. How much soy sauce
did I just drink. Man, my stomach… I should’ve checked
the fridge first! This should help
drain your stomach. Thank you, Mr. Baek. No problem. Looks like you don’t have a fever. Um… Yes? Your hand smells like a restroom… My hand? Oh, this is because of
the fermented beans. I’ve been sticking
my hand into all the jars… I wash my hands very often. Smell it. The smell is from the beans…
not what you think. I’m telling the truth! Got it. It’s so hot. – Is it?
– So hot. Let’s see here. Hey, want to take it with me? Sure. One, two, three. It’s your coach. I didn’t say I was coming here. What if he says something? I’ll turn it into a good call.
There. Take it now. All right. Yes, coach,
I’m terribly sorry, but… Cha Eun-gyeol,
you made the national team. Excuse me? Song Min-gyu is out
because of an injury. And, you took his place. There’s a game next week,
so be extra careful, understood? Where are you? Why?
Are you in big trouble? Squishy, can you pinch
me here real hard? Your cheek? What the…
This isn’t a dream? Squishy, I made
the national team. Really? Yeah. Teach, I made the national team. Really? I made it! Hey, hold on. I like Ku Jae-hee. So, watch it. You guys were together? Yeah, we were at my house. What are you doing here? Don’t mind me. I confessed to Jae-hee. I told him that I liked him. You’re leaving? I have to. I have to go see
the coach tomorrow. Congratulations, man. I knew you’d get that
flag on your jersey. Thanks.
It’s all thanks to you. How? You used your super powers. You’re right.
It is all because of me. It really is, Ku jae-hee. Thanks. Oh, yeah. Bye. Be careful. Okay. See you. You must be hungry. Let’s hurry and eat. Thanks. What the… This is Jae-hee’s. Are you looking for something? I came to see you. I have to tell you something. Me? Where did he go? Jae-hee, where are you? That sounds like Eun-gyeol. Squishy. Are you in there? Don’t go. But, Eun-gyeol… Don’t think about Eun-gyeol
when you’re with me. I won’t let you go back to the states. Stay with me. Give it. I’m okay. You knew all along that
Jae-hee was a girl, didn’t you? Why didn’t you answer
if you were here? If Jae-hee found out that you knew,
what do you think she’d do? Wouldn’t she have
no choice but to leave? You have feelings for her,
don’t you?

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