[EN] 아름다운그대에게, For You in Full Blossom, EP07 (Full)

So… Did you get first prize? No, they say I’m lacking
femininity whatever. Am I that bad? Well… Not too bad. I have to exercise. Alright, I’ll go. Do you know
how shocked I was? I thought you were
there with some woman. Today might’ve been
my last day on earth because of you. Stop joking. But what were to
doing with Gu Jae-hee? Why were you two like that? What do you mean, just slipped. From now don’t slip
without my permission. Can’t I follow you
to the after party? No way. Our dorm is really strict. It’s past visiting
hours for the guests. Can’t I stay little longer? I was busy today,
I missed the festival. – Please let her stay.
– Just once… My personality separates
the personal and business stuff… Please do me a favor.
Seung-ri… Then just a little. Not too late… The time right now… Why do you nag
so much like old person? Look at Seol Hanna acting up. I’m sure even the Earth gets destroyed;
Seol Hanna and cockroaches will survive. It’s the bright personality
and being optimistic. Is that being optimistic? Double the optimism she’ll pretend as a boy and sneaks into our
dorm like a cockroach. A cockroach is… Definitely a cockroach. Squishy, I… Decided to date carrot girl. Really? That’s good, congratulations. No need for congrats… But objectively looking
she’s at goddess level. I know… Even I as a girl might fall for her. What?
Even as a girl? I’m dressed as a girl now. Let me get changed first,
you go ahead. That fits well. What? I should keep this to tease him later. Actually boy Gu Jae-hee
fits well in men’s clothing. Here I’m a man. Tae-joon’s guy friend. Fighting! You’re here. Look at them. I’ll sing a song also. No filming and
don’t cut in the front. Hurry. Date her! Eat this. They look good together, right? I can sing well too. You don’t believe me? Want a see? Sang-chu, you sing well. What are you doing? I’m here to feed Sang-chu. Why are you out? It was too loud. When did you get changed? It was uncomfortable. Dressing like this is
comfortable now. Aren’t you uncomfortable
dressing like that? Dressed as a girl. Even it’s uncomfortable
if it needs to be done… Anyway, thanks. About what? You put good words
to Seung-ri for me. But, you don’t need to overdo it. Right now,
dorm 1’s toilet has over flown as Pacific Ocean without
the tuna and whale. What’s with all the commotion when
it hasn’t been long since it was fixed? What will happen if our
Director finds out about this, how will you handle the situation? I’ve already talked with director. Really? Then you should’ve told me
that before, I’m the dean… The current piping is so old, we’ll replace with the new ones
while under annex construction. – Really?
– Yes. Then it’ll be a big construction… Let’s see, then for a while
dorm 1 needs to be empty. Then…
Do I need to put 3 in each room? Tada. Cha Eun-gyul, I’m using this room. Where’s Eun-gyul? Eun-gyul went to different room. I switched the room with him. So where did he go? Hi. What’s with all the stuff? I’ll be living here for a bit. Three of us are using? Yes, you didn’t hear? Three people needs to share a room until dorm 1 is completed
with the construction. Can I use that bed? Says who. Dude so prickly. Do you think I came here
because I want to? I’m also uncomfortable. Can’t I beg like this to work? Bro, please change just once. Hey, fine.
It’s no big deal to change… Forget it! This is captain
Park Ji-sung’s signed ball. This is all I have. Find, change it. Hurry and give it. Then which bed do I use? How come this place turned
into accepting everyone? Not me.
I came in with right procedures. Faithful by yourself… Then since Tae-joon’s uncomfortable using the bed alone
I’ll share the bed with Jae-hee on top. – With me on top?
– Yeah. Just use here. I’m okay…
You’re big so you’ll be uncomfortable. There’s a way. I got this to use it for camping
but you wouldn’t be uncomfortable. How can I in here…
I can just use the top. Then I’ll use this,
Eun-gyul can use the top. That’ll work. No, no… I’ll just think that
I’m on camping. I’ll use here. – Are you okay?
– Are you okay? Hey how long is the construction? It’s hard living with three then two. It’ll take about a week since annex is evacuated and they’ll also
finish fixing the plumping. I wish they can demolish annex fast.
I heard there’s a ghost. What ghost… You’re more of a ghost, you. Don’t follow me. Hey, I’m in your class also. Let’s go. Gu Jae-hee…
Having fun. Kang Tae-joon and Cha Eun-gyul…
Ridiculous. But that necklace, what is it?
It seems like you wear it every day. It’s my mom’s. Hey, squishy.
What are you doing there? This is fun.
Where did you get this? From the swimming security guard,
he uses it when things are lost here. I didn’t know he had such. Then you’ve been riding
this to search for the necklace? It’s really important;
I don’t think I can give up easily. What a great necklace is it…
Does it have a diamond? Not that but… Hey, if it’s that important then
it’ll be better to search in the water. I have swimsuit, want to borrow it? No, no. I want to but you know…
I’m allergic to chlorine. Ah, right. And Cha Eun-gyul… Sorry. Where are you trying to come up. Hey, you seriously…
Want to die? If you call me older bro. Older bro who’s older bro.
You come here, hurry here. Then live there forever. Hey, I survived here with
my pride as a man Cha Eun-gyul. I’d rather die than
call you older bro. Do you think I’ll call you, older bro?
Please help me out, older bro. – Alright.
– Yes. Do any of your friends work
in private investigation? There a friend that
you have to find out about. Which friend? You don’t have
that many friends. What! I’m being picky who
I consider a friend. Anyway, can you find out or not? I’ll find out but who is it? It’s Gu Jae-hee who shares
the room with Tae-joon. What do you want to find
out about that friend? Anything about him…
Everything spotless. Hey, squishy. Aren’t you hungry?
Don’t you want ramen? Anything’s fine but where’s ramen. I’m a man who’s ready
for everything and anything. Hold on. Even the Earth gets destructed
cockroach and Cha Eun-gyul will survive. Hey, after hearing what you say about destruction of the earth
then cockroaches, Eun-gyul and Seol Hanna will survive. So Eun-gyul you and Hanna… I rather live with cockroach. It’ll be delicious. Open this. Thank you. You’re blessed with food. Come here and eat some,
its cooked well is best. Don’t you know cooking
in the dorm is not allowed? I know but…
Rules are there to break. Can’t we just finish this?
We can eat it fast. It smells so go eat somewhere else. You aren’t eating? No, I don’t like it. Hey, we don’t have extra room to
go to so where do you want us to eat? He’s not even a
dictator of suite 303… Do we have to eat ramen
in the bathroom? To think about what Tae-joon
said there’s nothing wrong. But still we can’t even cook ramen? That dude…
I should teach him a lesson. Tae-joon?
I don’t think so. Hey, squishy. I guess you don’t know
I’m a full gage on fighting skills. Are you okay? Hey, fine…
Let’s just eat the ramen. Let’s enjoy it. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s good. What are you doing? What? No why are you here… That’s because… The bathroom door
seems to shake a little. It looks fine.. What’s fine?
I’ll decide if it’s fine or not. Aren’t you doing that because
you want to eat ramen? I made enough so let’s eat together. I don’t want to. I’m going to use
the bathroom, get out. Hey, you told us to go to the bathroom,
now out so do as you please. We’re done eating, use the bathroom. Hey, let’s clean up. Doing this, I miss you Cha-dol. Me too. Hey, Gu Jae-hee… What are you, really? Everyone’s up early. Thanks. Now, start 30. One… Two… Three…
More faster. These days I’m happy
about working out… For the first time. It’s all thanks to you. I’m asking just out of curiosity… Is it true about you
having Yips syndrome? Why, do you want it that way? I’m just concerned as a member… You’re being too guarded. Don’t say it if you don’t want to. At least you’re not
the reason I’m running. But you don’t seem that way. Did you hear about the story? The senior who killed himself
in the annexed building… Why do you keep touching
other peoples stuff? I wasn’t toughing thoughtlessly. Besides will it tatty if I touch it? Never mind. That movie I also like it…
Didn’t you like the ending? I don’t know. You don’t know?
You didn’t watch it? I haven’t finished it. Why not, I can’t do that because
I’m curious about the ending. Hey, anything cold to drink? I’m dying since I ran all day. I’m on the move with Hanna. We’re at Kang-nam road so at latest
we will arrive in studio about 30 minutes. Stop eating, stop it.
You’re supposed to be on a diet. You’re mean…
I ate like sparrow’s meal for dinner. Like sparrow’s meal… Michelle Kim? It’s a great work and contract
was completed last month. Jackpot…
There wasn’t any victory in LPGA. It’s been awhile
since she’s in from L.A. Dinner? Are you food goblin?
Stop eating, stop! No, I didn’t mean to
say it to you director. You can eat director, eat a lot. Yes, bye. I told you to lose 3 kg
before the competition. Alright. You always make me yell. Hey, let’s live with
some manners amongst. By the way, the thing you wanted me to find it’ll be
faster to ask Michelle Kim. They went to same Junior high school
while they were in L.A. Pardon? What are you talking about? Who went to same
junior high school? I heard about the
ghost story in annex. That’s a legendary
story in our school. Really?
Does it really make sense? Well, does it make sense? Keep it quite. I can’t read a book
because of all the noise. Sorry, were we too loud? Hey, you said that
book wasn’t funny? Do you read a book for fun? Silence. How can this
person laugh like this? I know. Are you exercising? Were we too loud? You know and keep like that? Sorry, we won’t bother. Is this better? Hey, look at this. It’s awesome. It’s funny to look again. I’m going to go bowling with
Eun-gyul so let’s go together. Don’t bother. Let’s go, it’ll be fun. If it’s because you don’t know
how to bowl then I’ll teach you. My game of ball is the best. Why do you think I can’t bowl? Right. Shall I warm up my body? Should we warm up? Senior. What, you guys are here to play? Yes. That’s good; let’s bet on a
snack 3 against 3, how about it? Sounds good. Then let’s play
3 against 3 like this. No, I’ll be with Eun-gyul and
Gu Jae-hee can go there. – Dude, already betraying…
– Senior, that’s not want I mean… Yeah, let’s just play 3 on 3 like this. Go bring the shoes. Fighting! The ball’s weight is 13 pounds. The shoulder and the
ball should be parallel, suddenly change the
speed of the energy. Here’s the ball. Your posture looked cool. Is the ball slippery? I’m not warmed up yet. It’s okay. It’s okay,
I’ll cover up your hole. Hole? Yeah. Fighting. Kang Tae-joon, fighting! Good job. Gu Jae-hee What are you doing? I came to take my swimsuit
and use the bathroom. But Jae-hee.. well how many times a day
is he taking shower in a day? Isn’t she being too off-guard? Mister, I’m here. You’re here again? I haven’t seen Jae-hee for few
days and are you covering him? Yes, I’m covering for him. Have a good day. Where is it? Friendship sometimes needs
understanding loyalty, jealousy, and wasting time. I’m wasting time under
the name of friendship. Found it! Hey, who are you looking for? Looking what… But that necklace you
dropped in the pool, it’s really important right? It’s really important. Really? Last time Tae-joon
lost it because of me. At the pool. That’s Tae-joon’s? If it was mine, I would’ve
given up already. I wanted to find it somehow
since its Tae-joon’s. It has valuable meaning for him. Hey, I’ll buy a drink. Buy me some bread. Okay, sure.
Let’s go. Cha Dol. How’s this? I think it’s good as
a couple shirts… Is it bad? Yeah. No… It’s pretty, it’s the prettiest. Is something bothering you? No, nothing. Your face had worrisome
expression since while. Tell me, what is it? That’s… I don’t think I’m a good friend. What? I just think that way. There’s this thing that would
make him happy but I get envious. What’s wrong with me? Who… It’s that Jae-hee again? Yeah. I did something to feel bad about. I’m getting jealous. About what? Because you always talk about Jae-hee. Did I do that? Hey, why would you feel
jealous towards a guy friend? That’s what I’m saying…
So don’t make me feel that way. Anyway today’s a no Jae-hee day.
Okay? Okay. There’s a really great
ramen restaurant nearby, do you want to go eat? Sure. We’ll go with this couple shirt. Decided! Hey, Gu Jae-hee. Did you lose a necklace
in the swimming pool? By chance did you find
a necklace in the pool? I did find it…
But what to do. Why? While I was running the errand
I might’ve dropped it there… I think I dropped in the art class. Tomorrow they’ll demolish so if you’re going to find it
you should go now. Move my bangs to the side. No need, your face itself is horror. Now, done. Done? You said you’re not good at girl’s make-up but
you do have skill in ghosts. Gu Jae-hee…
Will faint and scream. Isn’t this bit too much? Hey, your face is too much.
It’s for fun. It’s fun. Where’s Gu Jae-hee? Let’s go. We might’ve buried all this. This is our dorm’s treasures. Is this all? Yes, this is all. Hurry and pack everything. From while ago dude. What did you have for dinner? That’s not important right now. Smell’s so… What’s with fart
without a manner? Who is it?
Who released ammonia? – It’s not me.
– Me either. Did you hear something? One, two, three… It’s true, I was in the marines. You must’ve caught some ghosts. Don’t even mention that. Once a marine always a marine,
have you heard about that? Well… I saw your picture before
and looked pretty handsome. Its bit awkward to say it
with my own mouth… But honestly, it was awesome. Do you know why people
say marines catch the ghost… Jae-hee… What is she doing? Hey, Jae-hee.
Where are you coming from now… What are you talking about? It’s nothing. Gu Jae-hee’s not back yet? Is he at the library? He said he had a lot
of homework today. I’m in front of the dorm;
can you come out for a moment? Hey, I think I’ll be late tonight. Cover for me at the roll call. Hello!
Is anyone out there? Hello! What do I do… Hello!
There’s someone in this room! Gu Jae-hee! Gu Jae-hee! Kang Tae-joon. Gu Jae-hee! Gu Jae-hee! Kang Tae-joon. Are you okay? – You’re not hurt?
– Tae-joon. Hold on, stay back. You are that scared… Aren’t you scared of ghost? Why would a man
be scared of a ghost? Mommy! It’s a cat. You said you weren’t scared? I thought I was really
going to die in there. Let’s sit here for a moment,
my legs hurt. You’re really clueless. Give me your legs. Thanks. It would’ve been nice
to find the necklace… Just forget about it. Still… Nothing’s going to change
even the necklace is found. It’s useless obsession. The movie you asked me
about if I’ve seen it… I was watching it with my mom. It was her hobby to watch a movie. You must be tired,
go and get some rest. You’re leaving tomorrow. It’s almost finished
I’ll just watch it. You wanted to see it. I’m bit tired.
Got home, I’m okay. Then… Shall we watch the rest later? Actually I’m bit tired also. Okay. You can’t watch it alone
because you’re curious. Okay. Do well in the competition,
don’t get hurt. Get some rest. I’m happy that you are my son. I love you, son. What’s with that.
I’m getting goose bump. I’m going. Let’s go straight to the hospital. Go home. Yes. I want to go see mom first. Mister, please go to the hospital. You… I didn’t call you because
it’ll affect your competition. Your mom… I don’t know how many times
I’ve thought back to that time. At least that movie… I could’ve watched it with her… Here. I brought it but
why do you need my yearbook? I have something to confirm. Can I see it and return it to you? Where is he?
They went to same school. For sure he was a playboy…
With all the piercing. Just one picture. Why? Me?
I’m home. What’s on the internet? Hold on a second. Eun-gyul’s not in yet. He must be having
good time with Da-hye. He said he’ll be late. This…
Want to watch it together? Kang Tae-joon, I was just on
my way to drop off the packages… I should charge you for the packages;
it’s a lot of work. Okay. This is for Gu Jae-hee. I think it’s from abroad. Thank you. And bring this cart
to the office later. Sure. You must’ve suffered sharing a room
with three due to plumbing construction? No, it was fun for me. Cha Eun-gyul, I thought you were only good
at sports but you’re very diligent. I’m a type that does well
if I put my mind to it. You know me… While you are at it,
organize this by dates. All of this? No, there’s more. This also. Okay… But you have to give me
a pass to go out. Okay, then I’ll be right back.
Cha Eun-gyul, I trust you. Yes, be safe. I picked the wrong day. When will I finish all this? What, today is his birthday? That friend is my girlfriend. Really? I’m her father. Father… You’re her father? Hello. You really don’t have to but it. I really want to get you something
and saw a good performance. And well… To celebrate us being couple. Then I’m really buying one. I’ll get an expensive one. Sure…
Get the most expensive one. Here’s something
good and cheap. Wait a minute. By chance…
Can you wrap this? – Yes, sure.
– Thank you. Yes, now it’s for sure. I like carrot girl. Give that to Gu Jae-hee and end it. Should I sell it? No, still it’s his birthday… Are you looking for something? Just a make-up like… Is it a gift for your girlfriend? No, it’s not that… Just a gift. But, is there a make-up for
a girl but not for a girl? Since it’s summer how about
a moisturizing cream for unisex? Sure. Hey, Gu Jae-hee. Haven’t you seen Gu Jae-hee? I haven’t seen him. Haven’t you guys seen
Gu Jae-hee? No, we haven’t. Have you seen Gu Jae-hee? Don’t know. He seemed like he was
going to the laundry room. Laundry room? Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you?
Isn’t thank you informal? Senior, you have to play the game. Cha Eun-gyul, how was the date? It’s your birthday? This. You’ve been here? Am I always behind Tae-joon? I was curious from the beginning,
but why do you hate me so much? If they go off-season training,
I’m going also. Just wear underwear and
10 laps around the camp, okay? I’m going to finish this kind of game. There’s definitely something
between them that I don’t know about. Not all men like other men. There’s no way Tae-joon’s like that.

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