[EN] 아름다운그대에게, For You in Full Blossom, EP05 (Full)

What are you doing? Give me your hand. It looks good on you. Ever since I was little, I hate my face. I looked different from the
others and my hair color… I hated myself. I wanted to become like them. But if miracles didn’t happen,
it would’ve been impossible. An ugly duckling wouldn’t have turned
into a beautiful swam in a heartbeat. Because in reality, miracles don’t really happen. Just then I saw Tae-joon. He flew up into the sky and told me this… “A miracle is another name for effort”. For the first time in my life I
decided to believe in miracles. That’s how I decided to join
the track and field team. And I decided to face up to reality
instead of keeping myself hidden away. And “A miracle is another name for effort”. Then…
A miracle happened. Nothing changed in reality,
but everything else changed. If you don’t give up, then you will be
able to make a miracle happen. I learned it from Tae-joon. Miracle… is another name for effort. Hello Mr. Horton. My name is Jae-hee. Just like I step out into the world again by finding courage, please help Tae-joon so that
he may fly again. I haven’t even returned the ball
that I borrowed from you yet. I am afraid that I have to go back to America. I shouldn’t have come here from the
beginning. Don’t you think? That’s okay… Take care Lettuce. I’ll see you again. It must have been very hard for you too. Thanks to you, I was okay… Anyways, you shouldn’t quit high jumping. You didn’t mean it, right? I kept thinking about what you said. A miracle is another name for effort. I’ll make sure to see Tae-joon jump again. Tae-joon! Didn’t you say that you were
going to see me jump again? How can you leave like this after saying that? Tae-joon! Don’t go Gu Jae-hee! Why have you been acting like that?
You kept getting on my nerves. Hey you… Nevermind. What is it? Why did you stop in the middle of a sentence? Nothing… I am just going to go to sleep. Hey, are you by any chance… By any chance what? Well what I was saying is… Somehow being pulled into an atmosphere… I mean… Do you want to kiss a boy… What did you say you do with a boy? Nothing… What the heck is he talking about? Life is like an espresseso without any sugar. Espresso. He’s so distracted… Tae-joon is going to jump again. Where did he go so early in the morning? You’re going to watch over me right? The speed it takes to take off: 45 miles. The time it takes to reach the bar from
the start line is a less than 5 seconds. Keep your body straight parallel to the
ground throw your whole body into the air. The shock it puts on your left foot at that
moment is 10 times the weight of your body, which is about 750kg. In that moment, you transform
that weight into height. Hey Gu Jae-hee…
Are you in there? Open the door. Why are you locking the door all of a sudden? You’re normally supposed to
lock the bathroom door. That’s not what I am saying… It’s urgent. Stop playing around and just open the door. This is not a public bathroom! Go find somewhere else. Step aside… Who’s in there? Gu…Gu Jae-hee. Hey! Gu Jae-hee! Open the door! Why are you doing something
you didn’t used to do? Open the door! Seung-ri, my respected senior
and my beloved friend… If you’re here to use the bathroom,
please go find somewhere else to do it. I am really going crazy! Because of you this morning
I went in my pants… You didn’t pee on your pants…? That’s a way of speaking… But why are did you suddenly lock the door? Because the door was broken all this time. Did you really believe that I liked you
guys to let you use my bathroom all this time? Are you okay? You should be careful. Yes I am okay. Excuse me!
But would you let me in? It’s time for the athletic team to practice now. Didn’t you hear me asking you to leave? I don’t think this is something to do with you? You’re not as smart as I thought. You seem to have forgotten already… But only the athletic team members
are allowed to use the gym in the mornings. So would you like to get
out of here immediately? What the heck! What are you two doing over there? Didn’t you quit the athletic team? I would like to come back. Hey Kang Tae-joon! You think that everything is okay for you since everyone just accepts
everything you do… Do you think you’re allowed to
quit whenever you want… And to start again whenever
you want to start again? That’s not what I am saying. You said you were going to quit the team… And I processed it according to the regulations. You should leave now. Since it’s time for the team to practice. Listen… Did you get close to Lettuce
from you feeding him or something? All he does is growl at me no
matter how hard I try. But wasn’t it Tae-joon who takes
care of feeding Lettuce? I have a feeling Tae-joon
will get a little busier now. Hey, aren’t you going to answer your phone? I don’t need to take this one. There is no phone call you
don’t have to take. Aren’t you going to answer it? It’s a phone call I don’t need to answer either. Didn’t you say that there
aren’t such phone calls? Who was it? It’s from Da-hae.
So why didn’t you answer it? You don’t know anything about dating! Hey… I am playing hard to get. Guys usually have to stay a little cold
like this to be more popular with girls. If you like her,
why would you play hard to get? At that rate, you’re going to
lose her and end up regretting it. You’re so naive. Gu Jae-hee, do you know anything about girls? Well I think I know them a little bit. You do? Seriously… Whatever. Hello? Hi Tae-joon! Have a seat. What brings you all the way
here without any notice? No, I am glad you’re here. I was actually going to
come to see you anyways. Because I have something
to talk with you about. What do you think of going on a TV show… I am sorry to say this… You’re scaring me! Say about what? I am going to go back to
my high jump team again. Wasn’t it difficult for you with your injury? I am sorry. To be frank with you, I am opposed to it. Even though it doesn’t seem to be… People think that you
suffer from Yips Syndrome. If you say that you’re
going to go back to jump… And if, by any chance,
you can’t jump like you used to before… It may get even harder for you then. Have you thought that far ahead? I just want to jump again. Wouldn’t that be enough of a reason? Have you talked about this with your father? He has nothing to do with this. How…? Are you sure of this? Don’t smile at me like that. You know that is my weak point. Let’s give it another try. Instead you know that I am greedy right? You should do much
better than you used to be. If we go around on our whim like this,
Boss will kill me. How can a man have so much fear? Since it’s already too late to go back
we just keep going forward! I wonder if his class isn’t over yet… There’s not a single picture of me… What is this? This tacky bracelet? Seol Hanna! How did you get in here again? So what?
What? You’re going to report me? Of course I won’t but… What are you going to do if you are caught
when you continuously sneak in like this? Do you really believe that
I come in here because I want to? Without Tae-joon, I wouldn’t want to come into a den of perverts like this even if a
red carpet was rolled out for me. A den of perverts? Someone even stole my school
uniform the last time I was here. The more I think about it the
dirtier and filthier it feels. I guess that person just borrowed it briefly
because of an inevitable circumstance? What inevitable circumstance do you mean? Now that I think about it,
you seem to be a little suspicious. Why are you taking the pervert’s side? What do you mean taking sides? It’s not like that. That’s enough. I am going to lie down in Tae-joon’s bed. If I happen to fall asleep, please wake me up. Okay… Why? Cockroach! Where! You’re choking me! I am sure that Carrot Girl must be awful scary. Why are you so late? What’s this? Have you been waiting for long? You bought something that looks like you. I recognized you at first glance. Eun-gyul, right? Carrot Girl? Why did Tae-joon go to his publicist’s office? I should have gone there too… Are you still not finished? Huh? Wait a minute.
I think I’ll be able to fix it soon. Do you even know what the problem is? I think the battery may have died… I hope that everything will be okay
now that I’ve returned it to her. Jae-hee! Daniel! Have you been intentionally
avoiding my calls all this time? That’s not even true… What brings you here? I told you that I would transfer
you to somewhere else today. What did you say? Please listen to me. I am afraid I no longer need to listen to what you have to say, and I think
we’ve already reached a conclusion. I guess I just need to find my way there. What? What are you doing? Please don’t do it Daniel! I’d like to ask you something. Please… What’s wrong with you? What does he keep talking about? I feel like he’s trying to ask me where the… The bathroom.
He’s asking where the bathroom is. The bathroom, follow me! Oh, he needs to go to the
bathroom very urgently. Bathroom is a toilet. Where is the bathroom, huh?
He could’ve simply asked that. Please, talk to me first instead
of acting so recklessly! I don’t think we have
anything further to talk about. Hurry up and take me to your teacher’s office. Otherwise, I am really going to get angry. Tae-joon said he’s going to jump again. Please lower your voice. Fine. Go talk to them. Teacher! Who is he? He’s my homeroom teacher. Hi, how are you? How have you been? My name is Charles! Charles, whatever…!
It’s Cheol-soo. Why didn’t I figure that out from the beginning? What did you say? No it’s nothing. Listen, was his name Gu Jae-hee? He’s really good with English. His pronunciation was so…
It was near native. So you understood what he said? What was he saying? Well… he seems to have Eastern accent. What did he say? He didn’t understand it either. Be quiet. I am busy so let’s just get to the point. Our school is going to enter in the
regional athletic championship. Since it’s quite a big event for our school
I’d like for everyone to cooperate. The school radio station will be
broadcasting it live too. Let me take care of myself. This is how you always are. We have handled this for now,
but what about next time? I am not even sure if you’ll be able
to take care of this situation. Dr. Jang, Please. You’re the only one I can ask. Please… So what do you want me to do? I’ve been curious about it since earlier… But what kind of perfume do you wear? I can tell that it’s a little fruity… But I am sure you must have mixed it
with a little bit of floral scent right? Do you think I am here to talk
about cologne with you right now? Please take care of my sister’s
transfer request first. Do you like to drink? That fat guy really used to like you back then. Do you mean that he liked me at the time? I didn’t know. He’s studying in America right now. Do you mean he went to study in America? Did you move back here
for good from America? It’s going on almost a year since
I’ve been back for good. I see. But I never even dreamt that
you’d actually go into music. Then what did you think that I would do? Since you were so good at fighting,
I thought you would have gone in Martial arts? No, I mean Arts. You may not believe me,
but I am a pretty good musician now. I’ve even received quite a few awards. Really? Since you say so, I’ll take your word for it. But hopefully you’re not carrying
around your lunch in the violin case. I am not! Eun-gyul you really don’t
believe what I told you about me. Of course not.
I will believe you. You’ll believe me? Wait a minute! Hey what are you doing? Wait a minute! Please don’t do it. Just what is going on? Why isn’t anyone answering their phones? Did you hear that rumor? Kang Tae-joon tried coming back to the
Athletic team and got kicked out. The Heaven’s Kang Tae-joon got kicked out? For some reason I feel rather glad about it. He’s been getting pretty cocky lately
since he’s been doing pretty fine. How can he be infected with rabies? I have no idea. Anyways he looked pretty pathetic. What is this? It’s a sneaker looking cake to celebrate
your decision to jump again. Please don’t exaggerate. But still you have no idea how
much I ran around to get this cake. At least taste it. It’s really good… Are you okay? Geez… In fact, it’s not bad. What the heck?
This is such a waste. It’s totally ruined! What were you actually going to do with this? Are you satisfied now? You’re going to jump really high
without getting any injuries from now on. Stop it. Please don’t. Okay. What the heck? Come here right now. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating
a little bit over a little frosting? Wait a minute! Do you want me to carry that case for you? I am okay. I find it a little weird to see men
carrying a woman’s bag. I think it would be okay for me to carry yours,
since yours is much heavier than others. Since I got used to carrying this,
I was little it’s no big deal. If it gets to be too heavy, I’ll ask you. The bus is coming. I’ll be going. I had fun today. Okay.
Bye. That’s right. It’s espresso. Huh? What is? It’s not espress but espresso. I am one of your followers. Hey, that’s a typo.
A typo! Eun-gyul, we’re going to see
each other again right? I’ll call you. Okay.
Be careful on your way home. So even Carrot Girl becomes
a woman when she grows up… What a total hopeless stubborn mule you are! What did you say? You… You’ve never put yourself in
your sister’s shoes right? Just like you said it’s absurd for
Jae-hee to have come here. But haven’t you ever thought about
what made her do such a thing? To a country where she doesn’t know anyone… And to a boys’ dormitory on top of that. It’s a story that seems like it’s
straight from a comic book. But I am asking if you ever thought about
why your sister had no other choice but this? You don’t trust your sister. What about you?
Do you trust Jae-hee? Let me see… Even though I don’t trust her, you should trust her. Is there an unknown benefactor in my gym? Who… What happened to Daniel? He’s still not giving me even a phone call… Come with me. So what is that necklace all about? You seem to wear it every day. This belonged to my mom. So that’s why you treasure it so much. This will replace me. I want to see you compete so badly,
however since I can’t be out there… This is not you. It’s okay. Once you’re all better come to see me yourself. Of course…
I need to get better quickly. But still this… Will replace me okay? Are you okay? I shouldn’t have said something like that right? What if I am not okay? At this rate, we’re going to be late. I am going to get going. How can you go by yourself…? Wait for me! So you’re saying you really want
to see Tae-joon jump again? Then do so. Are you serious? You’re the best! – The best!
– But… Instead once you’ve seen Tae-joon
jump you have to leave with me. I heard there’s a qualifying round next week? Once that’s over you should return with me. This is the best I can offer. Once that’s over you should return with me. I can carry this myself. Give it back to me. I can handle this. Let me carry this for you. Anyway, you’re going my way. Thanks. The truth is, I thought my
arm was going to fall off. Your arms are too short. Do you even have any arms to lose? Even though my arms may be short,
they’re strong! But why are you still wearing your school
uniform instead of the gym clothes? Well someone soaked my gym clothes… No… Since you helped me out with that,
I’ll treat you to some cola. Don’t you know that I don’t drink soda? Make that a 100% orange juice. You’re always drinking something expensive. Hey wait for me. Good job Cha Eun-gyul! One more time. Cha Eun-gyul! Hurry up and come here! You’re working so hard in this hot weather. You must be hot. Of course I am hot. Here eat this later. This is really expensive chocolate. Why don’t you eat it yourself?
Why do you give such a thing to me? I have more for myself. Take it. I brought it for you. Cha Eun-gyul! What are you doing?
Hurry up and come back here! Yes! Thank you for the chocolate. Go for it! Instead once you’ve seen Tae-joon jump,
you should come with me. What are you doing? Are you smelling something now? Geez you’re so weird! I wasn’t smelling it. You think I am Lettuce or something? I am going to go do the laundry. If you have more laundry, bring it to me. No, thank you. Eun-gyul, what are you doing this weekend? There’s a movie that I want to see! What are you doing? You almost scared me to death. You were watching something
erotic on your cell phone right? Nonsense! You think a man who’s as innocent with such a pure heart as myself would
watch something like that? You’re totally wrong! Hey Cha Eun-gyul, how do you think you’d feel about pretending to be a girl
and living in an all-female dormitory? Female dormitory? How are you? It’s time for gym class. We’re all going to go change together. Why don’t you join us? Me? Hey, that would be like a total paradise. But don’t you think I’d be
caught easily and get kicked out? It would be too much wouldn’t it? Of course. By the way, how did your date with Da-hae go? You tell me! She’s totally into me! You’re totally exaggerating! I am not exaggerating at all! Whatever…! I almost forgot… Do you want some of this? This is pretty expensive chocolate. Are you sure that I can have some? I got it as a gift. – Let’s share it.
– Okay. You’re crossing the line way too far. Hey Seol Hanna. You know what day it is today? You tell me. We’re supposed to go on a group date with the guys from Han-kuk foreign
language High school! Hey, why would I go on a date like that? What about my hubby? What date did you say today was? Your clothes. Are you going somewhere? Do you have a shoot today? I am just going out for a bit. If you’re not particularly busy
can’t you stay with me today? It’s not for a special reason or anything… But why don’t we just go out and
eat spicy rice cakes together? Eun-gyul told me about a really good
spicy rice cakes restaurant in front of school. That will be my treat. I am going to be late so don’t
wait up and go to bed first. Do you really have to go? If you don’t like spicy rice cakes
we can get something you like. I’ll be back. I heard that you’re going back
to the athletics team? You made the right decision. This time you shouldn’t take this
lightly like child’s play and… Thanks for the meal. Have a seat. I am not done talking to you. Since I don’t really want to hear it, let me just consider that
I have already heard it. Do you think that your
mother’s death is my fault? Uncle, it’s me. Tae-joon! It’s been awhile
I’ve seen you at home. Why does the atmosphere
feel like a soap opera again? Did the two of you fight again? Tae-joon you should get along with your dad. Whenever the two of you see each other,
you’re always fighting. Especially on a day like today… How worried do you think your mom
would’ve been if she were here? I am going to get going first. Are you leaving already? I just got here! Wait for me! I guess Coach Horton must’ve read my email! But why didn’t he reply yet? Are you just getting back? Let me borrow some toothpaste. Toothpaste? I’ll go find some. Wait here. Is Tae-joon not home yet? No, he’s not yet.
He said he’s going to be late today. Of course I am sure. Seung-ri told me that today is
his mom’s memorial day. Listen I don’t like that salty tasting
toothpaste so give me that sweeter one. That’s why… I didn’t even know about it. Come meet me at the swimming pool.
From Tae-joon. The toothpaste is somewhere
around here so help yourself okay? Where are you going? Tae-joon wants me to meet
him at the swimming pool. He could’ve just come back to the room. Why does he call him out to the
pool in the middle of the night? Kang Tae-joon! It’s me. Where are you? Listen why are you coming back alone? Where is Gu Jae-hee? What are you talking about? What happened to Gu Jae-hee? Didn’t you call him out to meet
you at the swimming pool? Did I? What are you talking about? Why would I call him out to the pool…? But why are you still
wearing your school uniform? It’s time for gym class. Well someone soaked my gym clothes… Hey where are you going? Wait for me. I’ll be right there. Gu Jae-hee Gu Jae-hee! What is it?
Where is it? Gu Jae-hee! Hey Gu Jae-hee! Gu Jae-hee! Are you okay? Geez what do we do?
He’s not breathing. Move! Gu Jae-hee! Gu Jae-hee, can you hear me? Gu Jae-hee! Thanks. Thank goodness, you’re okay. You really scared us back there. So why did you go there? Just who played such a bad joke like this? You can’t even think of anyone? If I catch whoever did this I’ll… No… I am afraid I just slipped or something. That doesn’t make any sense. If you let something like this slide again,
it’s just going to get worse. Later. You should do this later. Anyway… If you find anything
questionable about someone just tell me. Okay? Thanks. Please don’t mention it. It’s not like I even did anything. Take some rest. Tae-joon your necklace… Did you lose it? What do we do? Didn’t you lose it
at the swimming pool earlier? I am sure I will be able to find it back.
You don’t have to worry about it. Your alarm is on! Hey Jae-hee! The 40 decibel rule… Are you that stupid? I told you not to worry about it! But it’s something very precious to you… And yesterday was your mom’s memorial day. Even still how could you try
to look for it in the water? Get out of the pool. Why don’t you ever listen? I told you it’s okay about the necklace. Even if I must really find it, who’s stupid
enough to look for that at this hour? How do you think you’re going to
find something that’s lost in the water? I am sorry. It’s all my fault… It’s not your fault. I am telling you it’s not your fault. It’s my fault for losing it. There’s no need to keep worrying about it… Or even any reason to be sorry about it. I was wondering who the unknown
benefactor of the gym was, but it was you? Don’t you think that you’re too
muscular to be an unknown benefactor? I am sure I told you that I didn’t
want to see you in here anymore? I really want to jump again. So why is it that you’ve come
to want to jump again so badly? Because I have found a reason to jump again. Then you didn’t jump because you
didn’t have a reason to jump this whole time? It’s interesting. Fine, then you should pass a trial test. Try beating Hyun-jae at the
qualifying round that’s coming up. Then I’ll accept you in my team. The way I see it, right now you will
never be able to beat Min Hyun-jae… Then that’s what I’ll do. How are you? Hey Jae-hee. Tae-joon’s competition is tomorrow isn’t it? I want to go too but I have an appointment. But make sure to cheer him for me too okay? Okay. Then good luck. Hey Cha Eun-gyul! Without you, I really would’ve had a hard time. Good Bye! I am going back to America. There’s a chance I may not even be able to stay for the competition
because of the flight. These shoelaces are the ones that I used when I won the track and field
competition for the first and last time. Even though my luck isn’t even
worth a handful I’ll share it with you. Take good care of you. What do you take a man for? Are you a girl? Geez stop talking nonsense! Then you are a pervert. I do want to help somehow… but he doesn’t like anyone taking care of him so it’s more difficult. What about Kang Tae-joon? Please help him so that Tae-joon can get back into the athletic team. Instead he will be Min Hyun-jae’s training partner. Since she’s your friend and she’s a girl doesn’t that mean that she’s your girlfriend?

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