hi, this is Sandra Juarez this time i will show an arrangement with european tendency i hope you like. The materials that I will use previously I have my foam moistened and my base aralia leaves rouscous of Israel mini-leaves of anthurium little ones that I want inserted between my flowers cala lily i will use moss or liken is so natural, that you can used with your arrangements also, sunflowers, celosia flowers cockscomb flowers, roses and live forever flowers or called, immortals flowers basically, that’s what I need at the moment and I have another varieties of live forever flowers pardon, i forgot to say i will use some clips for flowers to help us to hold our flowers i start to place the moss only in some areas i will put in some sections, is not necessary to cover every where because I will place flowers only I pretend to give a tone of antique to my arrangement this arrangement is very beautiful for your events in antique places are cute if you see, i have where I want the moss only I have covered the area that I need it now I will place my flowers this is my frontal area i star with with the sunflowers i have to cut very short i will placing the flower by groups or is a compact arrangement if we sectioned the flowers by variety, it looks nice inserted very well the flowers in the foam this is will be my frontal now I place the aralia leaves to emphasize this area I have two leave of aralia, i placing the second one at the other side of sunflowers now, i will place the roses i will use the roses so short i placing one after another very short one after another thinking is compact my arrangement, i placing very short all my flowers without design i have an area with moss, i can place my rose i have successfully place my roses you know, you can use the stems of roses to make divisions this stylized this arrangement the sort of this arrangements , we use the stems of flowers, branches we cans use all the elements of our flowers they are simple things that complement our arrangement I did a little screen with these stems with this is enough i will pas another flower if you look, i have place all my roses without shape, free style you can place like “S” how do you want I sorry, i forget to mention this flower is cabbage ornamental flower is cabbage decorative i sectioning by flowers variety now I place the cockscomb flowers i cut the others cockscombs in other place of way to cover all my arrangement you can see the textures now I placing the celosia flowers i will cut very short to give style i will placing and cutting more short every time this one i see this one so long thus i cut a bit i accommodate where i had thought now i will place the anthurium leaves it is to give a different touch among the flowers see how is different you place your leaves where you want here i have the live forever flowers only embed where you have a free area is a free design you can check how it looks the avantage of this live forever of this flower it not necessary to be humid however is appropriate to this antiques flower arrangements it is very appropriate when we preparing antiques flowers arrangements or rococo style this kind of flowers lay down very well if you see the form that my arrangement looks if you see my mechanic. I have already explained which mechanical means please, there is the link to check how to work the mechanic to follow the video where i explained what means cover the mechanicals how you can cut your foliage to have the maximum profit to your materials same i cut my foliage also will be the other link where I have explained about to maximize the folliage i finish to complement as well my mechanical is covered please, trying to covered very well those are important details to take into consideration in their flower arrangements i have almost finish my arrangement this technic is very important with cala lily flower the cala lily is a flower, that their stem is very soft if you do a mild pressure the same, is taking a shape curve only give it heat with your hands. If you check how i do, one hand do a mild pressure inside the stem and the other one at the top, give the shape by pressure, without breaking it. When i have the shape curve that i need i accommodate in the place that I want if you see, i have a second one, i do the same. I proceeding to heating the stem to give shape curve same i accommodating my flowers where i want take clips to assure them if you want, you can add more foliages i cover my mechanical because when you check the finish you will see if our arrangement have all the areas cover very well and your arrangements will be adequately finishes what do you think ? I hope you like if you really like personally, i love working flowers i love to shape with all of you Have a great one !!!

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