Elegant Glam Dollar Tree Ice-Bucket Vase & Floral Arrangement!

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel this is
Erica the new housewife so today I wanted to show you how I made a vase and
a floral arrangement okay and I made this vase from a ice bucket that I
picked up at a Dollar Tree okay so this is a very quick and fairly
simple DIY okay alright guys so let’s get started alright all items that
I used are that ice bucket from dollar tree dollar tree foam which I am using
flowers and a few gems as well as the big clear gems from the dollar tree I will
be also using e6000 glue the wire cutter and hot glue okay alright let’s begin
alright so the first step I will be gluing these two gems glass gems
together like doubling them up as I’ll be using these as legs for the bottom of
the vase so I’m going them together and then I’ll let them dry once
they adhere together then I will then spray them silver to match they match
the vase okay alright for next I will be adding on the gem on to the the ice
bucket soon to be vase right alright so yeah so I’m just adding the gems
attaching them on to the to the bucket and I leave an equal amount of space in
between each gem alright so I continue to add the gems all around the entire
rim of the bucket alright guys so while my legs
are trying I will cut my flowers alright till next I’ll be adding on the
legs onto the to the bottom right so when I was getting ready to take off
that tag on the bottom then I noticed that the bucket had a crack underneath
so I figured the tag will serve as reinforcement to keep it intact
so now I’m just using some of the e6000 glue as well as a dab of the hot glue to
attach the legs now I after I was done I realized me that it
was a circle that three legs could have been could have been used as well
instead of four I used for but I figured three whatever well also alright guys so
now I only making the whole arrangement I have decided to use a rectangular
shape block size for a foam instead of a circular one as I felt like the taller
one would be best so I just added a some hot glue on the bottom of the foam and
I’m just randomly placing my florals into the into the foam alright guys so this is how my vase and
for arrangement turned out so tell me feel like if you like it, to leave me a
comment down below as well asked to hit the like button alright and I do like
the way how it looks I don’t think anyone would know that it was a ice
bucket unless I told them. and I also added a ribbon on it as well so tell me if you
like it with the ribbon or without the ribbon
okay all right after this video was pre-taped and pre-scheduled and i know
this is but um thanksgiving day i want to wish everyone a happy blessed
Thanksgiving with your family okay once again this is Erica the new housewife saying thank you all for watching and I’ll see you soon bye guys

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