Elegant Elegans

OK, let’s face it, I really like the way
zinnias grow in our hot Mississippi summers. A favorite of mine are the Zinnia elegans
with their long stems and large and colorful flowers. Southern Gardening is back at the South Mississippi
Branch Station in Poplarville and I’m pretty amazed at the gorgeous zinnias. Queen Lime zinnia is an attractive pale green
infused with warm lilac. This flower has a subtle elegance and, in
my opinion, resembles a watercolor painting. The flowers are three to four inches in diameter
and these blooms serve well as a foundation in cut flower arrangements. A nice companion to Queen Lime is Queen Lime
Blush zinnia. The large, up to three inch, dahlia shaped
flowers display an incredible lime green to red ombre shading with red centers. Queen Red Lime produces maroonish red tinged
flowers that are crowned with lime green. This plant has gorgeous thickly layered double
flowers that are uniformly colored and create a flowery flurry. The flowers are up to three inches across
on stems up to 40 inches tall. Another zinnia to consider is the 2006 All-America
Selections Zowie Yellow Flame. The flowers of this selection are a fiery
bicolor and change color as the flower opens. The multiple layers of petals open to reveal
a scarlet-rose center tipped with yellow stamens and all the petals edged in bright yellow. You can’t go wrong with any of these zinnias
in your landscape or a vase. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll
see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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