hi guys it’s Em and for todays video I’m
very excited to be working with Val hi guys so for this video we’re going to be
showing you how to make an edible rose bouquet and this is also for
Valentine’s Day birthday Mother’s Day or any occasion so what about it before we
start the video Val you introduce a little bit more about yourself sure so my name
is Valentin French pastry chef I love baking I’ve been doing this since nine
years so if you want to find more about my work you can go to my Instagram page
and I’m posting every week I’m very excited for this video let’s do it now lets get started okay guys first to make flowers we will have to dip strawberries into melted
chocolate then put it on the plate and let it
chill in the fridge while the chocolate is setting we will
make petals for this we need fondant a knife a spoon and a ziplock bag cut on
the side first we will roll the fondant to make a
baguette then cut it on little pieces
it doesn’t have to be equal leaves are not all the same for one flower we need
between 13 and 15 petals for the next step we will roll every pieces into our
hands to make balls and put it on a zippered bag once it’s done we will use this part of
the spoon to spread the fondant thinner and make the petals let’s take strawberries out of the
fridge we need a bit of fondant spread it like this then we make it thinner in
the ziploc bag we roll it it will be the center of our rose now we can start the rose and add petals
one by one next to each other every time make sure the thinnest part is on the
top for the last four petals we’ll add them
more open than others so create a nice effect and then to finish we have to pinch the
last petals and work just gently with knife on order to open them the last step will be to put wood stick
into your flower to create a nice bucket when you have all the roses ready let’s
wrap the sticks with green tape to simulate the stems of the roses for
these let’s start from the top and then roll the stick to cover it all
the way to the bottom now let’s start the wrap let’s take parchment paper and
bring the bottom right corner passing the top of the middle and let’s put some
leaves on top of it now bring a second parchment paper and bring the bottom
left corner to the right of the middle side let’s put what we have to a side for now
and grab our brown craft paper for the third layer we will fold it on these
lines for the next layer we decided to use
black tissue paper let’s bring the bottom right corner to
the left side then let’s take another piece of brown
craft paper folding it on these lines and let’s place it on the back of our
bouquet making sure to leave an extra piece hanging on the bottom this piece
were gonna wrap it around and tape it for the last layer let’s take another
piece of brown craft paper and both of the bottom corners were gonna fold them
front and back as many times as you prefer then let’s place it on the back and with
thick twine we’re gonna make sure all the papers and stems are staying in
place wrap your twine around the stems and
finished with a knot at the end then you can make some small adjustments
to your arrangement from there lastly cut the stems to make them all
the same length now for an extra touch we’re gonna make
a little card for the front pocket for this you will need to cut some cardstock
and then fold it in half pace a smaller piece on top you can leave it like this or you can
decorate it for that I just use gold tape and cut three little pieces for it now let’s place our roses be very careful so you don’t damage the
fondant I will recommend starting with the low
roses and working your way to the top and this is the final result and if you do the bouquet send us a
picture on Instagram we would love to see the result you really hope you have
enjoyed this video and if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and
subscribe see you in the next video bye bye


  1. This deserves so many more subscribers and views as well. I just joined your channel in hopes of seeing more. Hope we can support each other. See ya around:)

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