Edible Flowers

Hi I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. I grow
organically for a healthy and safe food supply for a clean and sustainable environment for an enjoyable and rewarding experience Eating flowers goes back thousands of years to
the Greeks Romans and Chinese Today I’m going to share ten tips on eating
harvesting and storing flowers first positively identify the flower that
you’re gonna be eating if you cant identify it don’t eat it check out our blog for a list of
commonly eaten flowers some favorite edible flowers are borage
rose viola calendula and the flowers of most culinary herbs Next tip don’t eat any flowers that have been
contaminated by pesticides and don’t eat flowers from the florist or that you
found alongside the road grow your edible flowers organically and don’t use any pesticides even
organic ones if you must use an organic pesticide make sure that it’s labeled for edible
crops Tip number three eat only the petals of most edible
flowers herbs pansies violas and johnny jump ups
are the exception to this remove this stems anthers stamen
sepal and pistil usually you want to remove the white base
of the flower too these parts are all bitter and number four taste test before you harvest
the test of the flowers can vary from year to year based on cultural practices
the weather the kind of soil and fertilizer Five harvest the flowers late in the morning
after the dew has evaporated number six pick the flowers at their peak after they have opened before they start to fade day lilies are an exception to this they
taste better before they’ve opened number seven introduce flowers to your system slowly
to avoid digestive upset and use small quantities of flowers one
variety at a time this is especially important if you
suffer from allergies pollen can aggravate some allergies so try
not to eat the pollen along with the flower Eight to prepare your petals eating
rinse them gently and then let them dry on a paper towel Nine store your petals in the refrigerator
until you use them it’s best to use the flowers as soon as possible they vary in how long they keep some like orange blossoms keep only
four hours after picking Ten drying and hydrating your petals is great
for long-term storage use your edible flowers as a garnish for a
fun attention getting dish another fun use for edible flowers is to
candy them with sugar these are fun and unique treats If you want to try your hand at
growing edible flowers we have collected ten of our favorite edible flowers into
this garnish with style seed tin eat some flowers and grow organic for life

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