Edible Flowers in Plant-Based Cookbook

23 thoughts on “Edible Flowers in Plant-Based Cookbook

  1. So excited Markus, I just purchased the collagen kit and energy formula! Can't wait try them and go on my path towards healthy living.

  2. i have both books so I can attest to the amazing quality of work that went into them. I've given Love on a Plate a couple of times as a gift and it's been very well received.

  3. Just received the Uncook Book. Looking forward to trying the recipes and love the fact that they are small portions serving only two to three people and not a crowd! Beautiful book and inspiring recipes. Thank you.

  4. @Markus Rothkranz if i buy the actual book, will the digital version of it be free? In case i loose the book or i travel ant dont want to carry the whole book? Thank you!

  5. I have the book Free Food and Medicine (and the other 2 books Heal your Face and Heal yourself 101) EVERYONE should have them : easy and fun to read and TONS of information (even if your raw for many years). Ilse from Belgium

  6. Es wäre wundervoll, wenn es alle Deine / Eure Bücher auf Deutsch gäbe. 🙂 So großartige Ideen, die sollten überhaupt in jeder Sprache erhältlich sein 😉

  7. ab soul utely beautiful — sharing and sharing– as wild savages- let us show the way-peace km :karen

  8. Hi I bought your book love on a plate from Amazon and I know I put that I wanted the hardback not the ebook on line and they gave me the on line one but I REALLY WANTED THE HARD COPY , can you please tell me how to get the hard copy without having to pay again. Thanks Rhonda

  9. Sorry, that's the one I have that is on line and not the hard copy if I would have know that I would not have bought it there.Rhonda

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