Easy method to string sampangi flower | பிண்ணல் சடை method | Easy garland making

Hi Viewers, today lets learn how to tie sampangi flowers This is method of flower stringing is known as pinnal poo jadai.This is one of the traditional methods to tie flowers its a very easy and different method and the completed flower string looks beautiful too I an using woolen yarn to tie this flower string as it will be soft Take flower and place the stem of the flower on the thread Bring the thread around the flower and make a loop and insert into the stem and pull the thread to tighten the knot Place the next flower closer and at the same height of the previous flower Take the thread around both the flowers and secure it with a knot around stem of both the flowers Take another flower and place it on the thread and bring the thread around this flower along with the previous flower and secure both the flowers with a knot In the same way tie the flowers of your required length Make sure you place each flower at a same height so that the flower string looks beautiful Beautiful sampangi flower bridal hair decoration is now ready secure it with another knot at the end and cut off the excess thread

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  1. hi mam iam Soumya very beautiful and useful video neenga romba nalla videos upload pannalai en madam please many more video upload

  2. My name: Ram
    எங்களிடம் (சம்பங்கி பூ) (சம்பங்கி கிழங்கு) (கோழிகொண்டை பூ) (கோழிகொண்டை விதை ) இருக்கு வாருங்கள் குறைந்த விலைக்கு தருகிறேன்
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    My name: Ram

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